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Adds a slew of options for your characters skin, regardless of the texture you use, things from adding freckles to their body and face, adding some birthmarks, or adding some nasty scars to your characters body! Freckles come in a variety of patterns and coatings. Scars vary from large scratches, to other features such as stretch marks.

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---If you like the mod and think it deserves it, feel free to leave an endorsement as it helps me to know what people want to see more of, and I also really appreciate it! Though, seeing how people have used these to enhance their characters is even better!---

This mod aims to increase the options people have to customize their character, without having to switch out their skin textures constantly. The mod adds a variety of Freckles, Scars, and Birthmarks, likely with more to come in the future. Another option you can add to your character with this mod, are some gnarly stretch marks, in a few areas. Freckles can be placed on all parts of the body, and a few patterns and coating densities are available. Facial scars can look a bit odd if you do not have FacePaint enabled, but should you should still be able to find some use from them. Some textures have UUNP and CBBE versions to better fit those seems and body features. 

Mod works completely well for females, and everything but 2 or 3 of the scars fits men perfectly well also.

In RaceMenu, to access the textures, press T over one of the default values to bring up a list of textures you have installed. Press E to change the color, and pressing T within the color selection menu will allow you access to the Glow setting (excluding makeup). (For a Vitiligo effect (on the face) it will not work very well currently with lighter skin tones, but for darker skin tones, it should work fine.)

When applying the textures to your character, I highly recommend playing around with the opacity (transparency), as it will allow you many more options. This is especially the case with the scars, as at full opacity they will look out of place. A decent setup for human freckles is a Dark Red color, with an opacity that suits your needs. Play around with them, and see what you can accomplish, and as always, you have full color control.

All overlays can be found with the prefix SFO at the start of their name in RaceMenu. If you feel so inclined, feel free to add your own images of them, as I have not had enough time to add images of them all.

Previews can be found in the images, though I cannot document all of them, so there will be more when you use it in-game.

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Current Features
3 Thicknesses of Freckles for your characters body, hands and feet. (Also included are UUNP and CBBE versions that better suit their body features)
10 Additional Freckle patterns you can add to your character, should you not wish the whole body to be covered.
15 Freckle Patterns for the face, as well as 2 Freckle patterns for the neck, to help with the transition from the body to the face.
15 Birth Marks for the body, and 12 for the Face, to give your character that unique feature.
9 Scars for the face, these should work to some extent if you do not have FacePaint support, but the makeup versions will lack shading.
29 Scars for the body, all of which appear to be long past, and vary from Chest slashes, Slashed arms, to Long scars running down your characters leg.
6 Burn scars for the body.
3 Scars for the Hands, and 3 for the Feet.
13 Stretch marks for the body, these ought to give your character a hint of realism if you so desire.
12 Moles for the Face
And a couple of prototype Foot features. (Coloration, Cracks, and Wrinkles)
Requires RaceMenu SE (and by extension SKSE)

Extract the contents of the 7Zip and move the contents to your Skyrim Data folder, or use the Nexus Mod Manager to install.
You should then be able to access the Body and Face Paints through the RaceMenu, under Makeup, Body Paint, and Face Paint.
If you are installing over a previous version, simply replace all when asked.

Remove or disable the .esp (SFO_SkinFeatureOverlays.esp) in your data folder and the content should no longer appear in game. To delete the textures, you should delete the folder Data\textures\actors\character\Overlays\SFO in your skyrim directory.
Otherwise you may just uninstall via Nexus Mod Manager if you used it to install.

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