Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

A conversion of all Argonian NPCs to High Poly Head with custom faces, new horns & feathers, diverse skin/eye colors & markings, and a lot of love. Patches for AI Overhaul, Cutting Room Floor, and Argonian Fins available! Fully compatible with SSE 1.5.x and SSE 1.6.x

Permissions and credits
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Because Nexus won't let me update my pinned comment or make a new one, I'll put update/news right here.

  • (1/14/2023) - Added a patch for Save the Dark Brotherhood and updated all the AI Overhaul patches to reflect changes made in the v1.8.2 update. If you haven't updated AIO, you don't need a patch. You can install the updated patch over your current CNPCO install (you can select merge in MO2, but remember - if you reinstall with the FOMOD at any time you'll need to remember to reinstall the updated patch! I guess I should add these to the FOMOD but I'm lazy... pls forgive me ♥). If you're a new downloader - hello! - you can skip the AIO patch options in the FOMOD and just download the one you need from the Update tab. Patches for AIO v1.6.7 still available in Optional Files.
  • (1/15/2023) - The file for the Fins and AIO patch had the wrong esp in it; I have fixed that now! I also posted some desaturated body textures so you can see the colors of the characters better - this will also affect your player character! They are 4K and fit the vanilla male/female bodies.
  • (1/15/2023) - KABU'S FINS ADDITION ADDED!! :) The files are bit of a mess, I need to fix it. Anybody wanna make a new FOMOD for me? :') But you can get the Kabu versions if you scroll through the Optional tab.


Complete NPC Overhaul -- or CNPCO as I've taken to calling it -- is my love letter to the Skyrim modding community, taking what I consider the best it has to offer and creating new visuals for every NPC in game. This mod is the first chapter of that. Earlier this year I released my first mod, dubbed the "Not Quite Vanilla NPC Overhaul - Argonians", and this is basically version 2.0 of that. Better resources, better modding techniques, Papa John's -- er, better mod. ;)

  • All plugins are ESL flagged ESPs, aka ESPFEs, meaning they are manipulable within the load order without taking up one of the precious 255 plugin slots!
  • This time around I made the mod completely standalone, minus the USSEP changes forwarded because, frankly, I think everyone should use that in their modding setups; however if you don't use USSEP, a standalone plugin is available. :)
  • If you have a lot of NPC overhauls I HIGHLY recommend EasyNPC by focustense!



  • "Which NPCs does this cover?"
    All the Argonians set to spawn in the vanilla game. Check the Docs tab for a list.

  • "Does this work with body/texture replacers, such as Flawn's Argonians?"
    Indeed. This uses your installed body mesh and whatever Argonian textures you have in the vanilla paths. If you like Flawn's Vanilla Argonians Redux & have funky feet textures, check out my patch for that!

  • "Does this interfere with the mod Finding Derkeethus?"
    Nope! That excellent quest expansion doesn't affect Derkeethus' actor, therefore is fully compatible! If you have mods that change the "Non-Player Character (Actor)" records directly, then a patch is needed. Let me know if you find any, patching them is pretty quick work in xEdit.

  • "Can I submit screenshots?"
    Please, please PLEASE do! I want to see how they look in modding setups better than mine ♡

  • "Will you do more races?"
    Oh yes! Khajiit are first up, Orcs will probably follow that, Children are on the menu- I mean agenda. Et cetera! It just may take a while, after all it took me nearly 10 months to finish this one up, however I've learned a lot since then and the generous support y'all have given me certainly helps with motivation!

  • "I love the Beast races, thank you!"
    That's not a question, but so do I, and thank you for being so nice in the comments ;) also feel free to endorse so we can share our Beastly agenda to the rest of the Nexus *evil laugh*