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Patch that adds MCM and all other stuff from 2.0 version of Relationship Dialogue Overhaul (Oldrim).

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Patch that adds MCM and all other stuff from 2.0 version of Relationship Dialogue Overhaul (Oldrim).

Requirements: Relationship Dialogue Overhaul - RDO Final (Main File). 

If you want to know more about 2.0 version, check Readme (Docs tab) in oldrim mod page.
Not everything was tested (there is simply too much stuff), so if you'll see problems let me know. There is always a chance that I missed something.
Right now, treat it as a work in progress project.

On top of all 2.0 changes, there are also some bugs fixes that weren't addressed by original author (probably because he's no longer working on RDO).

Fixed wrong condition (xx93E824); big thanks to lilebonymace for reporting it;
Fixed crashes caused by Traveling Noble encounter (reverted WERoad02 quest changes to vanilla);

If you're one of these people that are thinking that RDO Lite is actually better, because it removes "bloat" then I got a really sad information for you. It's just a placebo. Because of the whole "vanilla+" trend, some weirdos wants to have "vanilla", "lite", "less bloat" version of every mod that exist. The thing is - you can't really do that with RDO. Almost everything that RDO does is related to dialogues (aka. the thing that the mod supposed to do).

"Bloat" aka followers may be disabled via MCM. YEP.
All Lite versions that you can find on nexus misunderstands how some values are working. Basically - they are removing NPCs added by RDO and all related to them stuff. The thing is... these edits are COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY. As long as you'll disable NPCs (via MCM or custom patch), values related to them are not used by the game. These edits can exist inside plugin and they won't cause any issues. 
So, if you expect that RDO Lite will make your game more stable or whatever - I have bad news for you.   

"But removing these things entirely helps! It will remove conflicts!"
Another bullshit made by people without proper knowledge. Literally, almost all these records are UNIQUE. It means that they won't cause compatibility problems with other mods, because they are simply NOT REFERENCED BY ANYTHING ELSE besides RDO itself.

cloudedtruth for Relationship Dialogue Overhaul - RDO
According to his permissions on RDO mod page, he's okay with using his assets and making patches as long as: credit is given, file is not reuploaded on and steam workshop, whole plugin is not reuploaded.
My patch adds back stuff via new plugin that additionaly require original plugin to work, so it should not violate cloudedtruth perms.