About this mod

A mod package for the beast races boasting thousands of possible outcomes for player character creation with exciting new vanilla based models accompanied by a complete npc replacer for all Argonians and Khajiit, named npcs and leveled lists, with glorious reimagining.
And beyond: optional unique npc replacer addons for other mods

Permissions and credits
  • Ukrainian
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Mandarin
  • German
  • French
Beast Hair Horn Beards and Brows

What the mod offers for Argonians and Khajiits:
  • A visual overhaul for npcs
  • Character creation options

Countless new hairs, brows, facial hair options with new vanilla-based assets.

Compatible with body/head mesh/textures mods.

To note:
Khajiit and Argonian now have brow and facial sliders in the character menu.

Do not re-export facegen for this mod. Doing so loses all the racemenu face edits and tints made for each npc.

About the replacer
excluded hooded Khajiits, p.e. M´aiq - a visual trait reference - Hircine Hunters, one-timers, dead npcs, visions and ghosts.
Argonian npcs in Riften are lush, in Solitude, crooks, in Windhelm, weirds.

Requires the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch
Changes to spells, perks, levels, stats to the beast followers (3) - basically uncapping the level without turning them op.

 Backported version on LE by TheScytale here

There´s a twin mod named iBeasts which replaces all beast race npcs in Interesting Npcs mod and also has many new assets for the player character.
also BeastHHBB with hair physics for some Khajiit 



Ai Overhaul
Cutting Room Floor
Immersive Weapons
Armor and Clothing Extension
Jaysus Swords
Pirate Cutlasses
Save the Ice Runner
The Lost Masks
Immersive College of Winterhold
Ultimate College of Winterhold
(other winterhold mods do not need a patch)

BeastHHBB content addon

The addons are visual replacers for mods that add their own beast race npcs

More bandit camps
Obscure´s College of Winterhold
Relationship Dialogue Overhaul (updated)
Immersive College Npcs
Immersive Patrols
Immersive World Encounters
Better Docks
Riften Docks Overhaul
Capital Windhelm
Skyrim Revamped

All the addons together have 33 Beast race npcs replaced.

That´s it.
Have fun!

minor unimportant things to help troubleshoot

 1) Do not change hair in console commands, especially as a vampire. The hairs reset with saves and the face sculptor does not work properly with vampires
 2) The owl brow will be invisible from behind. Does not affect any other option. Unoticeable.
 3)With the increase of the brow section options for Argonians, the sliders for mouth and nose give additionally 40 empty options. The first ones on the slider are the ones that matter

Two of the Khajiit beards don´t show up (?) 34i has double earrings; minor clipp on a hairstyle with some rugs; 31d with very slight horn clipping (viewed from above). very few options with horns have a brown base colour for the horns, meant for females, vice-versa. 

Incompatible with:
mods that add new hairs for the beast races with names such as, p.e. hairkhajiitfemale10 and so forth, because those names are in use here. 

If by some reason you have Argonian feathers that are not vanilla and can´t remember where they come from and want to delete them (this mod does not have any) delete these 3 files from data folder to restore them to vanilla:  argonianhair_n.dds,  argonianhair.dds and argonianfemalehair.dds

The eye deviating from its centered orbit is a vanilla issue. It happens with all races but it is most common and noticeable on Argonians.
Things that affect this:
  • spamming pushing to talk to the npc causes them to get stuck
  • games with stuttering present.
Argonians (et all) that have had the eye width and depth altered in racemenu suffer from this more often, again, if the game stutters and with exported heads.
This can be "interrupted" by pushing to talk, or leaving the present cell and allow them to re-load. This happens between expression transitions and they get stuck between them. In my game I rarely have this with high fps and mods. Again it happens potentially with all races. I use the expressive mod. Steps have been made for the most conversational npcs here to be on par with vanilla in case of complaints. In short, its too much eye edits (vanilla or not) +lots of mods and struggling fps. 
Other than that chunky desynced argonian expression articulation is nothing new, the eyes just go mad trying to match it.

Xbox version - no idea if it is updated or not
Other mods
Beards of Power Sons of Skyrim and BoP - SoS - hair physics - VHR SMP
Vahdin - Female npc replacer and Vahdin - hair physics -VHR Smp
Definite Serana - Npc replacer/url]
Ulver Reshade
Lost Masks
Beards of Power
IBeasts - 3dNpcs
Markarth Side - Resort City
Solitude Paintings
Paintings for Breezehome
Paintings for Honeyside
Paintings for the Bannered Mare 
Paintings for the Temple of Dibella 
Paintings for The Winking Skeever and Candlehearth Hall 
Paintings for Cities of the North 
Whiterun Trees
Windhelm trees with Mighty Talos 
Paintings for Dragonsreach
Paintings for the Palace of Kings 
Paintings for Dragonsreach
Paintings for the Palace of Kings 
Paintings for Cities 
Paintings for the Temple of Kynareth
Paintings for Jorrvaskr
Paintings for the College of Winterhold
Paintings for the Temple of Mara 
Paintings for Thrisk Mead Hall 
Paintings for Hjerim
Paintings for Proudspire Manor 
Beast Vampire Fangs Adjustments
Paintings for Mistveil Keep 
Paintings for Inns Shops and Misc 
Paintings for the Dark Brotherhood
Paintings for the Thieves Guild 
Clouds All-in-one - All the Clouds over X mods merged
Clouds over Cloud District 
Clouds over Markarth 
Clouds over the College of Winterhold 
Clouds over Bonestrewn Crest 
Clouds over Nightcaller Temple
Clouds over Solitude 
Clouds over Solstheim 
Clouds over the Red Mountain 
Clouds over Skuldafn
Clouds over Riften 
Clouds over High Hrothgar 
Clouds over Riverwood 
Clouds over Morthal Swamp  
a lot more at this point

Saerileth for letting me use the mod assets from Khajiit Hair
Anuiel for the Dwemer Beards and NVNNN for the port
Ghosu for Helmet bone shield borrowed from his skull mesh the skininstance
Bdyslide and Outfit Studio
Cathedral Assets Optimizer 
FOMOD Creation Tool by Wenderer

Credits for BeastHHBB -  loading screens
Brumbek for SMIM  wSkeever for Load Screen Shading Fix

Npc replacer - Thanks for letting me use your assets:
sfts for Argonian - Khajiit FabULook Eyes SSE
DomainWolf for Vanilla Makeup HD - HD Racial Colors and Makeup for All Races and Genders
and Vanilla Warpaints Absolution HD 2k and 4k Vanilla Warpaints - Every Warpaint Adjusted for Every Race and Gender - Special Edition
and Beast Race Bodypaints SE - Khajiit and Argonian Themed Bodypaints Facepaints Racemenu Overlays 
NightroModzz for the original mod Khajiit Overhaul - assets based on its resources used in Feminine Female Khajiit
Khajiit overhaul resources ported