Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

New vanilla based models for hair,horns, beard and brows combined with vanilla options - Beast races only
Player character only - esl flagged, no slot on load order.
And/or a npc replacer (with the pc options) for all Argonians and Khajiit named npcs and leveled lists - an esp.
Plus a content addon - a npc replacer for other mods

Permissions and credits
If you are looking to make a beast race (Khajiit and Argonian) character and/or want a npc replacer for the beast races then this mod is for you.

Player character creation
BeastHHBB.esp (esl)

Uses hair,brow and beard sliders (+80models)
(don´t miss Khajiit and Argonian new eyebrow options)
Thousands of possible combinations.

Some ornaments on this mod will use installed textures (or vanilla). These refer to (there are mods out there specifically for these)
human skull bone, amulets, dwemer ruins, apocryph,  horns, feathers, teeth, body/face meshes and textures

There are around 20 new models for Khajiit and many more options by combining them.

Beast race npcs replaced only with the new models


Replaces 64 npcs with new assets including all the beast npcs in the leveled lists.
It is a complete beast npc overhaul

All 33 Argonians in the game.

31 Khajiits (caravans, J´zargo,solitude Lighthouse keeper and all Khajiit in leveled lists (18).
excluded hooded Khajiits, p.e. M´aiq - a visual trait reference - Hircine Hunters, one-timers, dead npcs, visions and ghosts.

Changes the character landscape by bringing variety and uniqueness.
The beast race npcs will look more dashing than any npc.
(Argonian npcs in Riften are lush, in Solitude, crooks, in Windhelm, weirds - all in the image section)

Other than that now requires the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch
Also changes spells, perks, levels, stats to the beast followers (3) - basically uncapping the level without turning them op.
Argonian tints are often overbrightned and mudded in vanilla. This was made to match an enb and it has colourful interpretations.
Nothing else.

This facetint mod is recommended.
Search for beast/claws/Argonian/Khajiit keywords - many great options.

 Backported version on LE by TheScytale here with ck vanilla head exports

BeastHHBB content addon
BeastHHBB - Content Addon.esp

This addon replaces modded npcs - including leveled lists with this mod assets for the following mods - recommended

You need all these mods and the main file for them to work
22 Khajiits and 11 Argonians.

All the addons together have 33 Beast race npcs replaced.

potential issues
1) You are a vampire when you want to change the hair in racemenu - the game will load the hairstyle that was registered when you first changed into a vampire. Any new ones will reset on a save. What you can do, is re-select current race and choose the changes and return to the vampiric stage with console commands. This is a known issue on how the game handles these kind of assets in general and not something this mod adds. I recommend you cure it, use the face sculptor, and get vampirism again. It works for vampires alright.
Use the face sculptor - changing racemenu options via console on an existing save is not recommended - The face sculptor does not work with vampires and never has.
Minor minor things below
2) The owl brow will be invisible from behind. This is because feathers are not rendered from the backview and I did not mirror it for aesthetic reasons. Does not affect any other option.
3)With the increase of the brow section options for Argonians, the sliders for mouth and nose give additionally 40 empty options. The first ones on the slider are the ones that matter

Argonians made with a changed eye depth(+width) tend to get their eyes stuck slightly out of orbit. This happens in facial expression transitions and rarely. Resets normally or being pushed to talk. This sometimes happens to sculpted humans as well.

Some models are a bit rough. Two of the Khajiit beards don´t show up. 34i has double earrings; minor clipp on a hairstyle with some rugs; 31d with very slight horn clipping (viewed from above). some horns have a brown base for the horns, meant for females, vice-versa.

Incompatible with:
mods that add new hairs for the beast races with names such as, p.e. hairkhajiitfemale10 and so forth, because those names are in use here. 

Xbox version is now ported (player character only - v 2.0) by Gentle_Mittens and is available here
current version is 2.1 plus updates
Thanks Gentle_Mittens.

Vahdin Female npc replacer
Beards of Power
Beards of Power Npcs Male npc replacer
IBeasts - 3dNpcs  An extension of this mod with new models
The Lost Masks ; Ulver Reshade

Saerileth for letting me use the mod assets from Khajiit Hair
Anuiel for the Dwemer Beards and NVNNN for the port
Ghosu for Helmet bone shield borrowed from his skull mesh the skininstance
Bodyslide and Outfit Studio

Npc replacer - Thanks for letting me use your assets:
sfts for Argonian - Khajiit FabULook Eyes SSE
DomainWolf for Vanilla Makeup HD - HD Racial Colors and Makeup for All Races and Genders
and Vanilla Warpaints Absolution HD 2k and 4k Vanilla Warpaints - Every Warpaint Adjusted for Every Race and Gender - Special Edition
and Beast Race Bodypaints SE - Khajiit and Argonian Themed Bodypaints Facepaints Racemenu Overlays
Cathedral Assets Optimizer for facetint compression

Npc replacer addon - a visual replacer for the ck vanilla generated npcs - has the following mods as masters
Thanks to:
zebra0 for Better Docks
Scrabullor for Immersive Patrols
SomethingObscure for Obscure´s College of Winterhold
SetteLisette for Immersive World Encounters SE
cloudedtruth for Relationship Dialogue Overhaul
skillest for More Bandit Camps SE
VorpalRunner for Immersive College Npcs SE
Nightman0 for Skyrim Revamped - Complete Enemy Overhaul

Argonian feather retextures - Thanks for letting me use your assets:
KrittaKitty for Hott Argonians with Argonian Feather Hair and nerdofprey
Blackwolf24for Argonians Enhanced - feather hair texture rework