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Inspired by Tate Taylor's Lost Races of Aetherius, this is an extention to Simon Magus' Aetherius race overhaul to add the Lilmothiit to Skyrim.

Permissions and credits
Now that Tate Taylor released his Lost Races as an extension to Simon Magus' Aetherius - A Race Overhaul, I got inspired to add another of my obscure lore races in the same vein, the Lilmothiit.

Like many other mod included lore races, there are many narrative and lore issues with the Lilmothiit being present in Skyrim so it is up to you to roleplay how your character got there.

Originally hailing from the southern coasts of Black Marsh, they have long abandoned their cities and taken to a nomadic existence. They are reclusive and prone to standing alone from those of the other races.

Major Skill: Sneak
Minor Skills: Alchemy, Light Armor, One Handed, Archery, Smithing
Nomad: You jump 10% higher and spend 50% less stamina when sprinting. You also spend 25% less stamina when power attacking with a weapon.
Recluse's Strength: When not accompanied by a humanoid companion, you move 10% faster and have 50 more carry weight.
Night Eye: Improves the caster's night vision for 60 seconds.

Survival Mode:
Raw Diet (No food poisoning)
Resist Cold

Thanks to Tate Taylor for his Lost Races of Aetherius which inspired me to make this mod and his input on their abilities.
Dreamcuphk for head and tail meshes.
Charismoon for letting me use her V2 MaTera tail.
IconicDeath for upscaling and adding detail to the textures.