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Adds 4 custom-voiced, marriageable khajiit followers (3 male, 1 female) to the world, each with their own unique quests, backstories, personalities, and playstyles. Also includes massive content patches for both The Forgotten City and Vigilant quest mods.

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  • Portuguese
  • Mandarin
  • German
  • French
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~~~Recent News~~~

Main Mod Update (9/18/22):
Khajiit Will Follow has been updated to Version 4.6.5! Notes behind the spoiler.

Vigilant Patch Update (10/27/22):
The KWF x Vigilant patch has been updated for Vigilant 1.7.1! You should now be able to download it and play with the latest version of Vigilant without any issues. Hooray! Notes behind the spoiler.


~~~Notes and Compatibility~~~
KWF Notes:
KWF x Vigilant Notes:

KWF adds four custom-voiced, marriageable khajiit followers,
each with their own quests, backstory, personality, and playstyle:

Bikhai is a sword and board warrior type who is currently in Whiterun looking to join the Companions.

Nanak is a magic-using scholar
 who takes great pride in his intellect. He is currently
in Solitude reading up on the history of Skyrim and its people.

S’ariq is a dual wielding sneak thief who is currently awaiting execution in the jails of Riften after a not-so-successful heist.

Ma'kara is a dual-wielding alleycat who grew up on the streets of Balmora in Morrowind.
She has come to Skyrim in search of her missing brother, and was last seen leaving Darkwater Crossing.

-- Custom voiced, with over 8300 lines of dialogue, each follower with lines unique to them.

--Full support for both follower and marriage events.

-- Support for bringing your follower with you through The Forgotten City mod by TheModernStoryteller. ~1000 lines of dialogue and three endings depending on how you play!

-- Support for bringing your follower with you through the Vigilant mod by vicn. ~3600 lines of dialogue and eight endings depending on how you play! (Vigilant Voiced mod by Aelarr highly recommended)

-- Lots of customization options: Enable horse-riding to allow them to ride at your side. Multiple combat styles and waiting behaviors. Choose to make your follower essential so that you don't accidentally murder them when the action gets intense. Set custom dismissal waypoints so that followers hang out where you want them to.

-- Context sensitive comments on weather, locations, weapons and magic you have out, items you have equipped, factions you’re in, whether you're sneaking or not, and on and on. The more you talk to your follower, the more new things they’ll have to say, but critically, they’ll mostly only speak when spoken to, in order to avoid becoming a noisy nuisance (I’m looking at you, Mjoll).

-- 1 custom dungeon, 3 new weapons, 5 new armors, 1 semi-hidden quest, and 1 new spell for you to find and save the world with!

-- Unravel the mystery of Chatur'jo, but whatever you do, don’t make him angry!


User Created Mods for KWF

~~~Compatible with KWF 4.6.5~~~

-- Fresh Start Series: Khajiit Will Follow by dahveed. A patch to give a silent start to the Khajiit Will Follow mod. There will be no journal entry given for the mod, and the Khajiit Will Follow FAQ book will be removed from the player's inventory. Compatibe with KWF version 4.6.5 Located here:

-- Legacy of the Dragonborn - Khajiit Will Follow Patch by gutmaw that adds custom rooms for each follower with custom decoration models, textures, etc. Compatible with KWF Version 4.6.5. Located here:

-- Snazzy Items for Khajiit Will Follow by gutmaw that replaces KWF item models without the dependency on Legacy of the Dragonborn above. Compatible with KWF Version 4.6.5. Located here:

-- Khajiit Will Follow Unique Perks by origamifan that overhauls KWF followers perks to give them a unique feel in and out of combat. Located here:

-- Eeekie's Khajiit Will Follow Replacer by eeekie. Replaces default KWF follower appearances with high quality, custom-made replacements to help give each them a more unique character. Located here:

-- Khajiit Will Follow: Khajiit Overhaul Patch by jr1970 that adjusts the models of the KWF followers to use headparts from the Khajiit Overhaul mod. Compatible with KWF Version 4.6.5. Located here:

-- Khajiit Will Follow: French Version by jihan02. A comprehensive translation of Khajiit Will Follow into French. Compatible with KWF version 4.6.5. Located here:

-- Khajiit Will Follow SE 4.6.5 - PTBR by Jarl1. A comprehensive translation of Khajiit Will Follow into Portuguese. Compatible with KWF version 4.6.5. Located here:

~~~Compatible with KWF 4.6.2~~~

-- Khajiit Speak for Khajiit Will Follow by VaraNara that modifies player dialogue to khajiiti speech patterns for khajiiti players. Compatible with KWF Version 4.6.2. Located here:

-- BA Khajiit Speak Redux by shiiholude. Replaces player dialogue with khajiit-themed speaking conventions. Khajiit approves of this, and thinks the support for the main Khajiit Will Follow mod and the Forgotten City patch (among many others) is a great bonus, yes? Compatible with KWF Version 4.6.2. Available here: 


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