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Adds 4 fully-voiced, marriable khajiit followers (3 male, 1 female) to the world, each with their own unique quests, backstories, personalities, and playstyles. Also includes a semi-hidden quest with a unique reward.

Permissions and credits
You can find the non-SE version of Khajiit Will Follow by clicking the link here:
KWF for Oldrim
UPDATE (12/21/18):
Khajiit Will Follow has been updated to 4.0. This update introduces Ma'kara, the fourth follower (and first female follower!), who is voiced by the talented Elissa Park, aka Adoxographist! See below for what's new in KWF 4.0.


***Questions? Please take a second to go through the readme in the Docs tab
and the walkthrough videos in the Videos tab before asking questions.***

New in this Version (December 2018)

1) Introducing Ma'kara, the newest follower and marriage candidate! She is a dual wielding alley cat who has come to Skyrim in search of her brother, and was last seen just west of Darkwater Crossing.

Help Ma'kara on a massive new quest with a new dungeon, a new vendor with high level goods, and a handful of unique loot, including new armor, robes, clothes, foods, and books.

More than 730 lines of dialogue added for Ma'kara, voiced by the exceedingly talented Elissa Park, aka Adoxographist!

2) More than 200 new lines of dialogue added for Bikhai, Nanak, and S'ariq:
    - New Location-based Hellos
    - New Goodbyes
    - More varied lines when opening inventory
    - New Conversations

3) Rerecorded ~50 old lines for increased quality

4) New Outfit System for spouses -- Tired of the default outfit your spouse is forced to wear? Choose from a selection of new outfits that your spouse can wear around the house, and hear what they think of your choice too! Think you have good taste? Nanak probably begs to differ! Plus one or two outfits unlocked as you progress in certain quests and join certain factions.

5) Summoning system implemented -- Talk to your follower while out in the wilds of Tamriel to receive the Khajiit-attuned Horn. Using this item will summon your follower to your side whenever they wander off, get stuck on rugged terrain, or just get too far behind you while you’re out on your travels. Note: The horn summons your follower to a spot *just* behind you, so make sure there’s a little room around you when you use it. If your back is to a wall or a cliff, they may not be summoned to a safe spot. Being summoned to inside a wall is not good for a cat’s health, so use with caution!

6) Added skill perks to enhance the experience.
-Followers will no longer trip pressure plates in dungeons.
-S’ariq, Nanak, and Ma’kara now have muffled movement to help with stealth. Bikhai is still a leadfoot, bless his heart. S’ariq has the Silence perk from the stealth tree because he’s an overachiever.
-Bikhai, S’ariq, and Ma’kara now have potential 1h finishers to decapitate enemies in combat (Bikhai also has a 2h decapitation finisher).
-Nanak now has a chance to paralyze or disintegrate targets with low health.

7) Squashed some bugs and cleaned up a bunch of wild edits.
    - Adjusted priority of Follower and Marriage AI packages. This should fix issues where spouses would not leave the house when recruited as followers, and should prevent spouses from leaving your side if you change houses while they are recruited as a follower.

8) Tweaked conditions of some hellos and goodbyes to adjust their frequency. Tweaked conditions on follower conversations to
    - raise the cooldown on conversations from 12 hours to 20 hours
    - reduce the number of repeatable conversations to encourage the game to select new conversations
    - increase the regularity of each follower's "specialized" conversation (i.e. Bikhai's weapon-use tips)

9) Tweaked the ending of Chatur'jo's quest to include a minor unique reward. If you've already completed his quest, you can find a duplicate copy of the book that leads to the reward in the rightmost window of the front of High Hrothgar. DO NOT read this book if you have not finished Chatur’jo’s quest, as it will break things.

10) S’ariq has gotten tired of shaving the tips of his ears,
and has decided just to let his ear tufts grow out. Khajiit au naturale – not as great for stealth, but much more debonair.

11) Added the first part of a planned feature to induct Bikhai into the Companions once the player becomes Harbinger.

-Several of the new features in this patch require Skyrim’s DLCs in order to function. Basic follower and marriage functionality should still work fine without them, but various aspects of Ma’kara’s quest and the outfit system use DLC assets, so they may not work properly without them.
-Marriage quests are designed to run with VANILLA Skyrim marriage. If you have other mods that alter how marriage
functions, chances are very good that there will be a game-breaking conflict with KWF.

-This mod does have an SEQ and should be good to go upon installation. However, I always recommend a clean save, followed by loading the game with the mod installed, saving, and reloading. Better safe than sorry! The only exception would be if you're already married to a KWF follower, in which case a clean save would remove them, and probably prevent you from remarrying. Yeah.

Video walkthroughs are available if you can't figure out how to get your cat husband's/wife's attention.

Khajiit Will Follow is a mod that adds four fully voiced, marriable khajiit followers, each with their own quest, backstory, personality, and playstyle:

Bikhai is a sword and board warrior type who is currently in Whiterun looking to join the Companions.

Nanak is a magic-using scholar
 who takes great pride in being more intelligent than you. He is currently
in Solitude reading up on the history of Skyrim and its people.

S’ariq is a dual wielding sneak thief who is currently awaiting execution in Riften after a not-so-successful heist.

Ma'kara is a dual wielding alleycat who grew up on the streets of Balmora in Morrowind.
She has come to Skyrim in search of her missing brother, and was last seen leaving Darkwater Crossing.

-- Fully voiced, with over 2800 lines of dialogue, each follower with lines unique to them.

--Full support for both follower and marriage events.

-- Comments on the weather, locations, weapons and magic you have out, items you have equipped, factions you’re in, and on and on. The more you talk to your follower, the more new things they’ll have to say, but critically, they’ll mostly only speak when spoken to (I’m looking at you, Mjoll).

-- 2 new weapons, 5 new armors, 1 semi-hidden quest, and 1 new spell for you to find and save the world with!

-- Unravel the mystery of Chatur'jo, but whatever you do, don’t make him angry! 

Note: Installs like most other mods: Use NMM, open game, play forever!

Let me know what you think! I've tested this mod pretty extensively, but let me know if you have any problems, and I'll do my best to help you out.

Current plans for the future of this mod: Additional female followers; Additional quests specific to each follower; additional conversations for Ma'kara; Horse riding or something. IDKLOL?