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This mod add a female Argonian follower wich is also marriable.

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About the mod:

This mod adds a female argonian that can be either a follower, a spouse or both.

She is a Warrior level 5 with the AI tweaked to use melee attacks whenever the ennemy is near and range attacks whenever the ennemy is far. (A very minor tweak, I admit.)

This character uses a human female voice (wich is called Even-toned) since there was no follower female Argonian voice. The default voice pack for the female argonian does not support follower dialogue altough I might do something about it (unconfirmed).

You will need an amulet of Mara to ask her to marry you.

She is found in the Sleeping Giant Inn at Riverwood. Look around the place, She might be interacting with some things in the room.

She comes equipped with some Miner's Clothes as her default outfit, but She does carry an Iron Armor, some Iron Boots and an Iron Sword. I believe followers all have bows and arrows by default, but you can give her a better one.

-This is only a small port from Skyrim Legendary Edition to Special Edition, but I tested it on Special Edition while having it installed manually and with the old NexusMod manager. It should work perfectly.


Keema is the daughter of a former Fighter Guild member who recently died in a mission near Bruma. She then decided to leave the guild and go on travels across the land, helping people who were in need since that's how She grew up.
Eventually Keema travelled to Skyrim.


-Extract and copy the data folder in your Skyrim folder (wich is located in Computer/(C:)/ProgramFiles/Steam/Steamapps/common/Skyrim)
-Check the box "Keema.esp" in the menu.


- Uncheck the box "Keema.esp"
-Delete all files related to Keema in the Data folder (these are placed in the Textures and Meshes folder.)