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This mod adds beards and mustache options to humans, elves and orcs. Now with limited Khajiit support.

This mod is player character only.
This mod is also an open resource for anyone wanting to use it for npc mods.

Before use:
Some models were made with teh value of 0 in character creation: for mouth forward, mouth height, chin lenght, chin forward.
Most examples for this are the mustaches (closer to the skin), although all these models are flexible, they have a range with these sliders. Which means positions(/mispositions) may differ.
You can avoid minor clippings (with accessories as well) by tweaking these sliders to 0 or close to that.  
This does not affect the beards the same way.

Racemenu or enhanced character edit sliders won´t affect these models. The vanilla sliders will. Its compatible by all means.
Works for vampires.

Requirements: None

Made with/for expressive facial animations - male. Works without/just vanilla.

Conflicts - None

Issues and clipping - none that is known of, clipping is the same as vanilla, crouching

The main files are esps with esm-esl flags with compacted formids.


Usage for npcs:
- I did not test everything for npc generation, so its like a beta for npcs. The mouth movement/expressions should work accordingly for them. Bad exports can happen, I wouldn´t know all of it.
- issues for npcs are to be reported accordingly. Those are: static, expression, combat mesh explosion/stretch, positioning, mouth clipping. With info on head mesh used. Report, it will be edited asap.
- by default, options for the elder race are not available. I suggest the models for Bret,Imp or Red to be used for them because they are the best fit for them. Or even the elf models. Duplicate them in ck and choose/change the race from the racial submenu, don´t forget to exchange the new extra parts.
- to preview the models in ck and generate facegen use the loose files

-there might be some difference in positions for accessories (present in this mod only) when applied to npcs. This relies on feedback. For the player character it is fine.

-Polymorph version: Tri for nif file from expressive morphs, nifs adapted to High Poly. Tri´s for chararactergen and races remain vanilla. BoP adapts to the races through different nifs.

- questions about the making of npcs will be ignored, I will only answer to people who know at least a little bit about it, I am sorry. This is to help troubleshooting.
- feel free to combine your own options, of course.

-its a fair effort to add beards to npcs. Load ck with this mod as active//click in actor list,select who you want//open-double-click actor column//Chargen tab, facial hair drop down menu, select the beard// preview the head if you must, click ok to close actor window//click-highlight select actor column, ctrl+f4, save esp and close ck//Done.
Currently I´m not replying to the requests to backport to LE. I´m waiting for some things to pop up here. Also, I don´t believe and don´t know if its safe to backport all those tri files, its seems more than likely to be a crash fest and with other issues ? Its not how they seem to look, that is fine, its how they behave in combat (mesh explosion) and npcs. I can´t vouch for that untested. I don´t have le installed. Maybe for the next weekend there´s more on this. I simply don´t know/have time to properly approach this.
edit: I am not encouraging anyone to backport. Many people asked to do it and none gave feedback back from testing any of it. Its not that I don´t allow, there´s just no news.
For xbox, should be available in the near future. 
Mod is complete, development is over.
Physics? I´ll look into after a break and decide.

bae, nif optimizer, blender, nifskope, outfit studio, creation kit, cathedral assets optimizer for bsa, sseedit.

megapatato for helping out understanding the tri file generation process
nirouku for expressive facial animations used the malehead.tri as a reference to generate the tri files.
Letrstryagain and triptherift for the alt statue mesh found here
Thanks a lot to the beta testers SomewhatWindy and GothiOdal.

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