Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

Argonian-themed player home in Hjaalmarch.

Permissions and credits

Argonian-themed player home in Hjaalmarch. You will have to slay a few bandits and necromancers in front of Ustengrav to find the key. See the image section for more details and the precise location.

Xalfek translates to "sacred plant" in the Jel (Argonian) language.

  • in ESL format for convenience
  • map marker for easy traveling
  • fast travel enabled inside interior
  • navmeshed and companion-friendly
  • an extra bed for followers
  • tons of static clutter (Fus-Ro-Dah proof)
  • lots of storage with custom containers
  • beds give well-rested/surge of vampiric power bonuses
  • a few weapon racks for display purposes
  • Shrine of The Hist that also restores warmth while playing Survival Mode
  • various idle markers for companions when sandboxing
  • ALL crafting stations (except for the spider one)
  • cooking and baking use alchemy skill
  • all smithing tools use smithing skill
  • a modest bookshelf for storage/display purposes
  • day/night cycle with windows

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