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"R.A.S.S." adds visual effects to the Player and NPCs during certain conditions.

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Version v3.0 Demonstration

Enormous thanks to Isoku & TechAngel85 for allowing me to use cold breath assets from their wonderful mod Wet & Cold. If you want something more than visual effects, feel free to check it out and don't forget to put an Endorsment and support authors work.

Big appreciation to NexusScoomaDrop & CG4 - SnailPixel for allowing me to intergrate their CG4 Lens Rain. A solid must have and a solid Endorsment!

Big Kudos And Thumbs Up to Rallyeator - for tweaking & adjusting textures for VR package.

"R.A.S.S." adds visual effects to the Player and NPCs during certain conditions. 

  • Ash - During ash storms player and NPC will cover with ash and dust particles will fly apart.
  • Wetness - During rainy weather player and NPC will cover with watery shader and droplet particles will fall from the body.
  • Frost - During snow weather player and NPC will cover with snow and snowflake particles will fly apart. 
  • Bubbles - Adds bubbles when swimming. Slaughterfishy is now happy fishy. 
  • Cold - Adds Cold Breaths particles to player and NPC in cold/snow regions.
  • Camera - Adds camera lens effects during rainy/snow/ash weather and when swimming.
  • Immersion - Adds VR compatible texture package for better visual quality and immersiveness.
  • Performance - Will not degrade your perfromance in any way.
  • MCM - You can toggle on and off all effects as you wish.