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A personal makeover for Smartbluecat's amazing follower Inigo! Changed his hair colour to match his fur and made his head high-poly, among other tweaks.

Permissions and credits
LE version
The backport is courtesy of dzee349 - thank you! :)

Here are a bunch of visual tweaks I've made for
my favourite follower on the Nexus!

I've converted his head to high poly, added a hair colour just for him, as well as made some tweaks to his face markings and face shape, without straying too far from his original look. I also changed the texture of his eyes to an eye texture from The Eyes of Beauty. Hopefully this is to some people's tastes.

I've made a version using Beast Hair Horn and Beard, which gives Inigo a modified version of the great Khajiit hair from Saerileth, also found here. I received permissions from Mharlek to include it as standalone in this mod, and Saerileth has added blanket permissions on all of their mods so long as they are credited.
A second version retains Inigo's "vanilla" hair, just changing the colour.
I've also uploaded a Racemenu preset, in case people want to play as Inigo! (will require High Poly Head, or it'll go wacky)

Only INIGO mod required! All used models and textures are included in the mod.


1. Install with mod manager, or extract files and install manually. Enjoy!

Hard Requirements only for Racemenu preset:
Beast Hair Horn and Beard 
High Poly Head 
The Eyes of Beauty

Soft Requirements (mods I've used in screenshots which may affect the final result)
Masculine Khajiit Textures + coverkhajiits (there's a colour difference, but the 2k coverkhajiit face textures look so much better than the 1k MKT ones imo - wish there were better compatible textures)
SUEMR - Skyrim's Ultimate Eye Meshes Ruhmastered SSE v3.0 
llygaid Eye Improver
Eyes AO Clipping Fix
The Eyes of Beauty
Better Beast Race Scars

Other mods seen in screenshots
Amon ENB Reborn
Crimson Ranger/Archer Armor added into Immersive Armors
Medieval Torch

Smartbluecat for Inigo!
KLF's High Poly Head
Saeri's hair and Beast Hair Horn and Beard - Mharlek
The Eyes of Beauty eyes - by  LogRaam/Gabriel Mailhot

If the blue doesn't look quite right in your setup, you can edit this in CK. Load up this mod, navigate to Miscellaneous-> ColorForm -> UniqueDarkBlue and you can edit the colour. You can check how it looks by going to Actors -> Inigounique, and clicking on preview head. Once the colour is how you want it, highlight Inigounique in the menu and press ctrl+f4 to generate the facegen files. Wait for a message box to appear saying "Done.", save the plugin and you should be good to go! Hope this helps!

If you don't like his glowing eyes (imo the colour looks better with glowing meshes), you can load the esp up in CK and export his facegen files with ctrl f4.