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Adds new inventory to Khajiit Caravan traders.

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Elsweyr Imports - SSE
By - UWShocks

Converted to SSE
Adds new inventory to Khajiit Caravans:
--fruits, books, beers, dessert, juices
-- Items are added to Caravan inventory based on probability (common to less common).  So each reiteration of items added will be unique every 30 days (or how ever long your NPC inventory refresh).
--mod does not add new scripts; can be removed safely
This mod is a small and stripped down version of my mod the "Elsweyr Trader" (Original Skyrim)
--this only adds a tiny fraction from the Elsweyr Trader, but I realize a smaller mod is more practical.
Examples of items added:
-- Juice: 20 points stamina restored + restore 1 stamina/or health per second for 6 minutes (720 seconds)
-- Pumpkin Ale (1 of many types):  increase sneak by 10% for 900 seconds; increase bow dmg by 10% for 900 seconds.  (each Ale has different effect)
-- Fruit:  restore minimal HP; example like 5 hp restored.  (common item)
-- Skill Books:  Increase Alchemy skill by 1 point
-- Elsweyr Moon Cake:  Magicka increased by 75 points for 900 seconds; Magicka regenerates 45% faster for 900 seconds (less common item).
Credits: used w/ permission
Beer Bottles - by - Wieselburger by MelekTaus from Ace SqMod
--Used with permission

Fruits - by - Resource extra food v2 by bfadragon

Books - by - Tamriel Rebuilt
--Used with permission

Dessert by runspect
-- Modder's Resource