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This mod adds equipable Khajiit and Argonian Tails to your character. Accessible via AddItemMenu or through the new crafting recipes.

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Ever wanted to run around as a Nord or High-Elf with a cool bouncy tail? Now you can!

What this mod does:

The new equipable tails can be used on all standard races and even custom races, though you'll likely need to make a few tweaks for it.

Note: Adding the equipable tail to the same beast race will cancel out both the racemenu tail and the equipable version; so you can actually make a no-tailed Argonian using this trick (See images for an example).

Note on crafting: 
I wanted to make the crafting recipes as immersive as possible while still having a good balance with the base game mechanics. 
(Example: The Leather Strips from animal pelts are a bit easier to get but those animals can be slightly harder to take down, whereas the fox pelts are usually tougher to get but they can be taken down in one or two shots.)

Equipable Argonian Tail crafting requirements:
  • 1 Sabrecat Tooth + 12 Leather Strips

Equipable Khajiit Tail crafting requirements:
  • 1 Sabrecat Tooth + 3 Fox Pelts


(Partial Support)
  - Manually replace the "femaletailargonian.nif" and "maletailargonian.nif" files from Half Dragon Race mod
             with the ones from Equipable Beast Tails. When asked to overwrite say 'Yes'.

Place Equipable Beast Tails lower in your mod order just in case anything tries to overwrite the tail meshes.