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Tera Armors Collection. SSE CBBE, CBBE Physics, CBBE Bodyslide, UNP, UNPB, SeveNBase, Seraphim, and Vanilla Females and Males.

Permissions and credits
Tera Armors Collection CBBE, UNP, UNPB, Seraphim, SeveNBase, & Vanilla Male and Females - Special Edition.
All armors have been converted to CBBE\UUNP and Recreated in SSE Format.

*** I believe the male armors are actually for Better Males bodies and NOT Vanilla males. If you have a lot of clipping using a Vanilla body, try the Better Males body instead. ***

*****AsianBoy345 Placed a blanket permission on the original page for someone to take over the mod and continue working on it. My messages to him have gone unanswered. Please See Permissions/Credits tab for more Information.******

Original Mod can be found here.

Xbox1 Versions here:
CBBE Curvy Armors. Leveled List Mod.
CBBE Slim Armors. Leveled List Mod.
UNP Armors. UNP Leveled List Mod.
SeveNBase Armors. SeveNBase Leveled List Mod.
Seraphim Armors. Seraphim Leveled List Mod.

-PC UUNP HDT Bodyslide Version HERE. (You need to download the UUNP version from the main downloads first before you can use the HDT Bodyslide files).
- There's a patch for Valdacil's Item Sorting available Here created by JoxsTrapp
- There's a Patch for Rath's Chainmail's available HERE created by Rathkeaux

- Read The Description Page. Read the FAQ/Concerns.


This mod will give you 64 (71 CBBE) armors from the game TERA Online (23 heavy, 28 light, and 13 robes (SSE CBBE 20 Robes), converted for use in Skyrim with the CBBE SSE, UNP, UNPB, Seraphim, and SeveNBase female body and the vanilla male body, all with balanced stats and smithing recipes. Some armors are on the weaker end while some are intended for end-game characters. Some higher level armors require appropriate smithing perks to be craftable, while some are available for you from the start.

All of these armors come with four pieces each: body, gloves, boots and an invisible helmet. Yes, the helmets and hood are purely for the bonus armor rating from perks and are supposed to be invisible, THERE ARE NO HELMETS IN TERA, so please do not ask questions about them in the comment section.

These armors can be found spread out across different vanilla smithing categories based on their stats. The robes can all be found in the MISC section. Some higher tier robes will require some light armor smithing perks to be craftable. All mage robes also come with a pre-enchanted version that can be crafted if you have the Arcane smithing perk.

The list of armors is as followed, ordered from weakest to strongest. The final "Eternal" armor sets for each respective category are the "ultimate" armors that can only be crafted when you complete the entire smithing perk tree.(check the image sections for previews of all the armors for both genders)

HAUBERK (Heavy Armors)

Keener Iron (Iron)
Velkas (Iron Banded)
Liberator (Imperial)
Steelgaze (Steel)
Ciebel Guard (Steel)
Orphic (Dwarven)
Arcadia (Dwarven)
Scion Plate (Steel Plate))
Palrada Plate (Steelplate)
Rubicite (Orcish)
Sinestral (Orcish)
Ulcissor (Orcish)
Xenocite (Ebony)
Tenebrescent (Ebony)
Trielek (Ebony)
Atroscine (Dragonplate)
Sententia (Dragonplate)
Ascendant (Dragonplate)
Deathshell (Daedric)
Chaos Bloodplate (Daedric)
Viridinium (Daedric)
Val Tirkai (Daedric)
Eternal Centurion (Ultimate)

CUIRASS (Light Armors)

Crisping (Hide)
Dawnturn (Hide)
Karassia (Hide)
Brigandine (Hide)
Viator (Studded)
Blade Dancer (Studded)
Heartsworn (Leather)
Zalisleather (Leather)
Castanic Hunter (Leather)
Sea Rover (Leather)
Gunslinger (Leather)
Cromos (Elven)
Moonbuckled (Elven)
Jalmarak (Elven)
Elven Scaled (Elven Gilded)
Gildhorn (Elven Gilded)
Rysio (Elven Gilded)
Sylward (Scaled)
Voidmeld (Scaled)
Quantum (Glass)
Cyasmic (Glass)
Deathskin (Glass)
Kshara (Glass)
Shadow Fang (Glass)
Elleon (Glass)
Dreamswept (Dragonscale)
Elseworlder (Dragonscale)
Eternal Warden (Ultimate)

ROBES (Mage Robes - found in MISC) New* are SSE CBBE Females/Vanilla Males Version Only.

Cerulean Alchemist
Unusual* (New!)
Honey Sweet* (New!)
Honor* (New!)
Fur Lined Travel* (New!)
Spectre* (New!)
Ebon Shroud
Seer's* (New!)
Carminate* (New!)
Eternal Magus (Ultimate)

- If you are updating from the Oldrim Tera Mod, or switching to this mod from the other Tera Mod here on the SE Nexus, you MUST delete ALL the loose TeraArmor folders from BOTH the Meshes and Texture folders in your Special Edition Data Folder! Loose files always take precedence, so you will not get my updated BSA files if you have loose files in those folders. 

Go To:
\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition\Data\Meshes and DELETE TeraArmors, TeraArmors2, TeraArmorsM, TeraArmorsM2
\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition\Data\Textures and DELETE TeraArmors, TeraArmors2, TeraArmorsM, TeraArmorsM2

- OLDRIM UUNP/CBBE Bodyslide Support has ended.

The CBBE Team (Jeir) has created a Presets Compendium for the new CBBE that works much the way UUNP did for oldrim. It contains popular UUNP bodies, and some custom ones from other modders. Please use this compendium for SSE CBBE as it's fully supported in Special Edition and all the CBBE Tera Armors will work with it in bodyslide.

I HIGHLY Recommend using the CBBE Files and using the CBBE Preset Compendium for your UNP body shapes. The Compendium covers everything from Dream Girl to Pretty Girl Body and everything in Between (20 Bodies Total!), all for use with Bodyslide which means you can swap bodies anytime you want! 

CBBE Presets Compendium (All those UNP bodies you like made for SSE CBBE!)
Bodyslide (SSE CBBE Only. UUNP Not Supported in SSE)

-You MUST use the correct body and textures for the armor file you download. 

Leveled List Plugins added. Two Versions are available, LOOT and RARE. These plugins are Included in the installer.

-The LOOT version is an adjusted and corrected version from the Original Mod. It's been converted, cleaned, and hopefully it will be a lot nicer this time around! Tera LOOT will be plentiful. This adds Tera Loot throughout Skyrim, including on random NPCs, in chests, and on merchants.

-The RARE version is a small mod created by Sokkvabekk who spent time creating leveled lists for RARE finds. I have adjusted and expanded the lists he created for a mod that makes finding Tera Armors rare and exciting! This adds Tera Loot only to Boss Chests and in some Merchant inventories.

****I'm Currently working on****
- Adding New Model Variants (In Progress)
- Seasonal Models (In Progress)
Stay tuned!

PoptartJuniper! There's already a Tera armors on the Special Edition Nexus! Please read the changelog. This is not just a "Port," it's a fully supported continuation of the original Tera Mod working to correct issues that were never finished by the original author. All armors have been converted to UUNP/CBBE SSE and recreated in SSE Format.

I Have included images of both CBBE Curvy and UNP Pushup females wearing the armors. PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE VERSION FOR THE BODY and TEXTURE REPLACER YOU ARE USING. You need to have the correct body and textures installed for these armors to look correct in game.

For those who simply want to get the armor without having to craft them (testers and photo junkies), search for "Tera Barrel" and spawn it with the console command next to you. The barrel contains all the armor pieces in this mod.

How to do this step by step:
1) Open the Skyrim console command by pressing the tilde key "~", should be right next to your "1" key
2) Type in help "Tera barrel" 0 and then hit enter
3) The game will then give you a numerical code that correspond to the barrel, it might be something like 12584A5, the code will be different from person to person
4) Take note of that code and then type in player.placeatme XXXXXXXX and hit enter. Replace the XXXXXXX with the code that you just got
5) Close the console command by hitting the tilde key again. The barrel should spawn exactly where you stand.

All of the "Helmet" and "Hood" in this mod except for a handful are supposed to be invisible. You will not see anything show up when you equip these head gears. They are only there so you can get the armor bonus from perks. 

Changes from the Oldrim Version
Read the Changelog.

This mod is very much a work in progress. Please note, this mod is HUGE and will take time to get it all finished!


1. My character's boobs/butt is too big and/or too small.
- Did you download the correct armor for the body replacer you are using?
- These armors come with full weight sliders. Try adjusting the weight until the size is what you are looking for.
- Use the bodyslide files to make your own custom armor for your body.

2. These textures look crappy!
- All the textures in the mod are 256/512 on the arms and legs and 1k for the body. This is the way they are ported from Tera. I do not have source material to make them better, and upscaling textures can have their own issues. 

3. My hair clips!
- Your long luscious locks are going to clip the armors. If it bothers you, use Racemenu Alternative or the Facechanger in Riften to give your character a new coiffure.
- If you have huge hair, it's going to clip with the Cowboy and Pirate Hat. The only alternatives is to attach hair to the nif and you'd have a vanilla hairstyle, or your character can be bald. If it bothers you, use Racemenu Alternative or the Facechanger in Riften to give your character a new coiffure. 

4. I'm using the LOOT/Rare leveled list and am only finding Robes/Leather/Heavy Armor.
- The loot is random in the leveled list. It's character level dependent and will change based on what's available in the level list for your characters current level. It's random. Some games you will find lots, some games you won't. 
- Place the level list mod lower in your load order to ensure it isn't being overwritten by anything else.
- Use Wrye Bash to make a bashed patch to ensure all your leveled list mods are not overwriting one another.

5. Can you make these armors skimpier/more covering, including "can you remove tail skirts/feathers/flaps?"
- Update to the Tera SSE CBBE Bodyslide Armors. The SSE CBBE Tera Armors Bodyslide includes options for zapping out parts of the armors including: Under Armor, Tails/Skirts/Scarves/Flaps, and Panties. Otherwise...
- NO.
- These armors are taken as is from Tera. It's a lot of work to move them from the Tera bodies onto the Skyrim bodies and make them look nice.
- There's a wide variety of armors included in this mod, from super skimpy to high fantasy. There's bound to be something that has you covered/uncovered in this mod already.

6. I wish there were some awesome helmets to go with these! Or Can you please take out the invisible Helmets.
- There are no helmets in Tera. The armors that do have helmets come with them in this mod.
- No I won't make an optional plugin with no Helmets because....
- The helmets are invisible and are only there for Perk bonuses. There are several mods available on the nexus for providing perk bonuses and hiding helmets should you prefer something different.

7. I've downloaded the CBBE/UNP/UNPB/Seraphim/SeveNBase version but nothing is showing up!
- Ensure the TeraArmorsSSE.esp, TeraArmorsSSE.bsa, and TeraArmorsSSE - Textures.bsa is in your data folder.
- Ensure the mod is checked active in your load order.

8. I use a mod that alters the smithing tree, will these armors still show up in the crafting menu?
- Yes.
- If you use Ordinator you have to take both the light and heavy of each smithing perk to craft the ultimate armors.

9. There are Gaps in the arms/feet/neck or Body CLIPPING!!!!
- You must use the correct body for the file you download. If you do not you will experience gaps in the body and clipping because of weighting mismatches.
- Some of the armors do not have any body inside them so there are gaps if the full set isn't worn (Mostly male armors).
-Male armors require a vanilla body or a body (Better Males) that is compatible with vanilla. Non vanilla bodies can give you gaps, or body clipping. Worst case is CTD when removing chest pieces for incompatible bodies.
- About those male armors: I actually believe these are all weighted to the Better Males body. (The new sets ARE weighted to the vanilla male body) I haven't found any vanilla male bodies in the armors I have worked on, so try Better Males if you are having issues with clipping on the vanilla male body.

10. There's a Red Triangle appearing when I equip my "Helmet"!
- A red Triangle appearing with the helmet equipped is NOT caused by this mod. You have something overwriting the vanilla Blades Helmet (Like aMidianborn) and that is the issue. The helmets in this mod are literally NOTHING. They use a vanilla blades helmet for their placeholder. You have a mod that is messing them up.
- Download THIS MOD to fix the broken aMidianBorn mesh.

11. Help! What do I do with these Level List mods??
- Decide which Level list mod you want to use. LOOT means lots of loot, and nothing to do with the LOOT sorting program for your game. Rare places the Tera Armors in boss chests and select merchant level lists.

- If you DO NOT use the USSEP (That's Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch) you ONLY need TeraArmorSSE Level List (LOOT/Rare).esp

- If you DO NOT use the USSEP you want to DELETE the TeraArmorsSSE (LOOT/Rare) USSEP Patch.esp from your data folder or you will CTD!

- If you DO use the USSEP you will want BOTH TeraArmorSSE Level List (LOOT/Rare).esp AND TeraArmorsSSE (LOOT/Rare) USSEP Patch.esp

12. How do I add Physics Meshes? How do I get Physics to work? Why Don't all the armors have Physics?
-  XPMSSE skeleton MUST be installed.
- Install CBP. Follow their instructions.
- The installer for Tera CBBE comes with two prebuilt, static meshes for CBBE, Curvy (Outfit) and Slim (Outfit).
- If you are using these prebuilt meshes from the installer, you ONLY need to build the Tera Physics armors in either CBBE Curvy (Outfit) or Slim (Outfit).

- If you are NOT using the prebuilt Meshes:
1. Build the Tera Armors CBBE SSE Group first in the body you want. **THEN**
2. Build the Tera Armors CBBE Physics Group in your body.
- Not all the armors have Physics. If the armor had a solid metal chest plate or a hard leather chest piece with any metal on it, the armor did not get physics.
- There are images for CBBE Bodyslide on the Last Page of the Images tab for easy reference if you aren't familiar with Bodyslide.

13. Why no UUNP support? or Why aren't you updating the UNP files with New Armors?
- The CBBE Team (Jeir) has created a Presets Compendium for the new CBBE that works much the way UUNP did for oldrim. In other words, THE NEW CBBE DOES THE JOB OF CBBE AND UUNP in one body! It contains popular UUNP bodies, and some custom ones from other modders. Please use this compendium for SSE CBBE as it's fully supported in Special Edition and all the CBBE Tera Armors will work with it in bodyslide.

- I HIGHLY Recommend using the CBBE Files and using the CBBE Preset Compendium for your UNP body shapes. The Compendium covers everything from Dream Girl to Pretty Girl Body and everything in Between, all for use with Bodyslide which means you can swap bodies anytime you want! (I've included some screenshots of The Popular Bodies using the CBBE compendium!)

CBBE Presets Compendium (All those UNP bodies you like made for SSE CBBE!)
Bodyslide (SSE CBBE Only. UUNP Not Supported in SSE)

- CBBE Bodyslide isn't just for giant boobies folks! It's for making these armors and many other armors into whatever body you use!

14. I play a male/female character and the only armors in the crafting/inventory are showing up as male/female only!
- The armors will appear in your crafting menu and inventory screen based off the gender of your Player Character. They will equip as male/female based on the gender of the character wearing the armor.

15. I downloaded this mod and now I'm Crashing!!
- See FAQ/Concern #12 and/or #9.

Recommended Textures Seen in the Screenshots (Not Included with this mod)
WICO Windsong Character Overhaul Vanilla or UNP (Use the WICO Cleanup Script or use the Guide on the UNP page to correct WICO) 
WICO Cleanup Script 
CBBE  (I used their muscle Normal Map option in the SS)
UNP Body (Follow their guide on how to correct WICO) 
Feminine Argonian Textures
Masculine Argonian Textures
Feminine Khajiit Textures
Masculine Khajiit Textures
Better Males
Tempered Male Skins