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Some lore friendly eyes I made for my SSE characters, eye colours influenced by Skyrim and expanded to include ESO variants. This version includes blind, partially blind & heterochromia eyes for Argonians & Khajiit. 335 eyes in total including default replacements.

Permissions and credits
DISCLAIMER: This mod is a modder's resource now. You are free to use them for your own mods, the only thing I ask - please mention that you used my assets and provide the links to my mods. I will likely no longer be updating or maintaining my mods, thank-you for all your kind words and awesome screenshots I do really appreciate it! (see below about additional perms regarding other modder's work used).

Some lore friendly eyes I made for my SSE characters, eye colours influenced by Skyrim and expanded to include ESO variants. Not all eye colours available for every race as I tried to stay within the lore as best I could. Replacer eyes along with a standalone version with an esp.

Please feel free to add your images I love seeing people enjoying my mods but keep them SFW as this file is not marked as adult and any NSFW images will have to be deleted. 

What is included:
This mod adds 335 new eyes including some blind , partially blind & heterochromia variants for the beast races (Argonian & Khajiit). Some eyes will glow depending on your ENB/lighting due to how pale they are. The eyes will use whatever normal and cube/environment map you have installed or the base games if haven't installed any. Argonian's have some Male Only & Female Only options due to Skyrim having different pupils for the genders but they do have some that share the same pupill that I made available to both males & females. I added an additional pupil swatch the khajiits that would reflect a cat in bright light settings (large pupil) for some more variety all the single colour options come in all 3 pupils as I thought it might be useful for those storytellers out there :) 

UPDATE- Added werewolf eye textures under optional files.

Thank-you so much to NerevarineKhajiit & expired6978 for allowing me to use the meshes expired6978 made for NerevarineKhajiit's mod here. Without these the partially blind & heterochromia options would not of been possible. 

Looking for some more eyes?  

You can manually copy them into your SSE data folder or use Vortex or NMM.

Delete KALA_BEAST RACE EYES.esp along with Kala folder under your texture folder. 

Mods used in Screenshots:

Lighting: ELE & RS
Weather: NAT

Skins: CoverKhajiits / Feminine Khajiits / Female Dragonic Argonian Textures / Male Dragonic Argonian Textures 
BeastHHBB - Beast Hair Horn Beard and Brow - Vanilla based character creation options and NPC replacer for Khajiit and Argonians
 * highly recommended for all the extra customization options for your characters