About this mod

Standalone furniture mod. Adds 350+ clean tables, beds, chairs, shelves, couches, doors, stools, dressers, counters, desks, fridges, stoves and cabinets. Something for nearly everyone now, not just for chill grandmas.

Permissions and credits
  • Russian
  • Mandarin
  • German
  • French

Adds a variety of clean furniture options to settlement building. With more than 350 tables, chairs, stools, couches, bookcases, doors, desks, stoves, fridges, counters and cabinets, dressers and beds with new textures, there is something for nearly everyone. Mod is fully standalone with the added bonus of nearly all surfaces, from the bed's headboards to the coffee tables, allow snapping with Dinozaurz's Do It Yourself Clutter.

Nov. 2020!!
was super awesome and made a SMM patch for this mod, it also is flagged as ESL which is hugely helpful! get that {here}!

Update 5.0 & 5.1
Added 113 new items and cleaned mod. Most everything has new snap points, snaps with DIY clutter, some adjustments to textures and meshes, a few unique items. 5.1 simply fixes a material swap. 

Compatibility & How to Find
These use vanilla keywords and structures and will all be found...

Couches, Chairs, Stools and Ottomans → Furniture/Chairs 
Tables → Furniture/Tables
Doors → Structures/Doors
Beds → Furniture/Beds
Shelves → Furniture/Shelves
Stoves → Crafting
Kitchen Counters and Sets → Furniture/Misc
Refrigerators, Dressers, Desks, and Cabinets → Furniture/Containers

Compatible with Homemaker, SNB, DDP, SK/SKE/SKI, NX Pro, updated SSE 3.0+ and any other mod that doesn't pillage the vanilla categories. 

Installation/Uninstalltion & Removing Unwanted items
Make sure .ini change has been made and updated to the latest patch. {Here} is the nexus wiki how to.
NMM is suggested as you'll be able to easily add/remove it! 

If you are updating from loose to the archived versions fully uninstall the mod and make sure you do not have a Renovated Furniture folder in textures, meshes, or materials folders.

If you want to remove specific items Eli has a tutorial for that using xedit {here}.

Known Issues
There is a slight gap between the ottoman mesh and your butt.
Pre-made kitchen set has no back or top to the mesh, and retain their original collision. These are presented as is and have clipping issues, you will need to use console commands or a mod like Place Everywhere to make them fit in short houses.
Stoves use vanilla cooking stove animation and collision. PE will be needed to tightly fit, you may exit slightly into the wall and best of all you will simply toss that cut meat onto the floor. 
Long Bookcases have funky collision. Use DIY clutter, PE, or console commands to set items on them. 

Huge thanks to 
FRIFFY for the .esp, relaxed animation switch and work to the meshes, she also supplied some extra recolors! 
Amaeli for the SKE/Auto Doors patches and FOMOD installer!
Pardus20 for patches for ver 4.0 for SKI/SKE.
Anaktiz for the French Translation.