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a simple Red Rocket blueprint that turns the Red Rocket Truck Stop into a cozy player home. Not a standalone mod, requires Transfer Settlements - Shareable Settlement Blueprints to use.

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Update 1.1 uploaded. Please see the changelog and Requirements for details.

So this is a simple makeover of the Red Rocket Truck Stop that turns it into a cozy player home. Unlike my Homestead blueprint this blueprint does not eliminate or replace the Red Rocket building but rather builds onto and decorates it with less than 200 items added. There's a bedroom with a fireplace, a combination living room/dining room, and a kitchen. There's also a crafting area built onto the main building.

Now at this point, I'm going to assume that you know how the mod Transfer Settlements - Shareable Settlement Blueprints works. If not then you need to head over to that mod's page Here

Simple installation instructions are included with the blueprint. but I'll list instructions here. Download the file manually and extract the Json file to your fallout 4 directory, Data/F4SE/Plugins/TransferSettlements/blueprints. in that folder should be several empty folders numbered 1 - 50. If there aren't any empty folders then create some each with a number going from 1 to 50. Put the Json file into one of those folders. Make SURE you only have ONE blueprint per folder.

Preparation to get this blueprint working is simple. First, clear everything out of the Red Rocket building. Don't scrap exterior doors or the Red Rocket building itself but scrap any containers, furniture etc as well as the garage door, button and wire so that you have an empty Red Rocket building. Note that you can leave signs and wall posters alone if you wish. You should also scrap any decals on the exterior wall facing the hedges as well as the exterior 'lights' near the door on that side. I would also advise scrapping the door leading from the main Red Rocket Building into the garage area.

Now load up the Transfer Settlements Holotape and find the Blueprint for this build. The Blueprint name is bp_redrocketbuild_rocket_210211190120.json select this blueprint and in the options select Import DLC items, Import mod-added items, Import or nuke marker-based items (click yes on the pop-up box), Import wired power connections, and Restore snapped power connections. Now click on Import: Red Rocket Truck Stop by RedRocketBuild.

let all of the items load in, adjust and power up. This shouldn't take long. Now make a hard save. On some blueprints, this will freeze the game for a time but on this one, it should save immediately. Now you just need to follow the onscreen instructions after the blueprint is loaded. I usually enter and exit the nearby molerat tunnel a couple of times. By now everything should be set and you can begin enjoying your new home.

In addition to the required mods, there are a few Highly recommended mods to get the Red Rocket Truck stop to look better and more like in the Screenshots.

Red Rocket Cleaned Up  or Creepysin's Cleaned Up Red Rocket these both do the same thing which is clean up the debris from the Red Rocket building and the lot surrounding it. Or you could just scrap that stuff instead.

Red Rocket in Wood Highly recommended. Gives the Red Rocket building a more homey feel. Textures only. Doesn't take up space in your load order.

Red Rockets' Glare REDONE - Lighting Restores the Red Rocket lighting. Purely aesthetic but nice nonetheless. Choose whatever options you want. Textures only. Doesn't take up space in your load order.

Repaired Red Rocket  Highly recommended. Get either the No Pump version or Regular version and get the optional files Doors with Glass, Either Glass - No Pump - All Red Rockets or Glass - Regular - All Red Rockets depending on which main file you got, and get the optional file Glass Fix. These files add glass to your Red Rocket windows and doors and are meshes only so they do not take up a slot in your load order.