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A massive mod list that cover every aspect of the game in order to improve gameplay, immersion and realism.

Permissions and credits
“Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail.”
― Leonardo Da Vinci

Total Immersion Mod List is a modding guide designed to achieve three objectives:
  • increase immersion and realism,
  • improve lore-friendliness,
  • maintain stability with maximum functionality.

Its goal is to create an improved version of the game by using mods that works well together, focusing to keep gameplay mechanics and graphics as lore-friendly as possible. This list is build around one of the best overhaul mod available for Witcher 3: Ghost Mode by Wasteland Ghost aka wghost81.

This is a community project that will improve over time with your help. Please report in post section every bug that you may encounter and don't forget to join our Discord server to talk about the project or submit new mods that you would like to see include in the list.


Install the game using either the retail, GOG or Steam version. You need GOTY edition or the two DLC installed to make this list work as intend.

It is strongly advised with any version of the Microsoft Windows from Vista and later to install all games outside of the <C:\Program Files> folder trees (or <C:\Program Files (x86)> for Win 64-bit versions). The <Program Files> as "system folders" give special anti-malware protections against alterations once installed. This is usually not accounted for by the game and could cause problems.

After installation complete, run the game once in order to create any user config files needed, close the game and verify the integrity of your game cache just to be sure.


AUTOMATIC INSTALLATION: It is recommended to install mods by using The Witcher 3 Mod Manager. Never use Vortex or NMM as none of them are safe to use with Witcher 3.

MANUAL INSTALLATION: If you prefer to install all mods manually (as me), simply unpack the downloaded package into your Witcher 3 mods folder located in </The Witcher 3/Mods> folder. The first time, this directory needs to be manually created. For each mod installed, check inside its folder. There must be only one 'content' folder inside. If you see a 'bin' and/or "DLC' folder, cut & paste them in </The Witcher 3>. Everything else can be deleted safely.

When it's necessary, I specify which version of the mod you have to install with the mention > nameofthepacktoinstall. Of course you are free to use or not any mods of this list but to get Total Immersion full experience, I recommend to install all of them.
(M) mean that you must install this mod manually (without using The Witcher 3 Mod Manager).
(O)  mean that this mod is optional.
(C)  mean that this mod needs custom files or some extra manipulations in order to work correctly.

Mods are sorted into categories; however, the order of installation does not affect the final result. The recommended configuration changes and file(s) to edit will be specified directly after the mod notes. Please always read the mod description page and the readme before installing a mod. I recommend to install mods step by step, launch the game to check if everything is working and continue with next category mod installation.

And don't forget to endorse every mods of this list!


Chandelier Flare Flicker Fix : Quick fix for the flickering chandeliers.
> Flicker Fix 1.1
Community Patch - Base (M) (C) : Create a common base for modmakers and modusers to build and install their mods on with minimal amount of conflicts.
> CommunityPatch-Base
!  Copy/paste both 'content' and 'mods' folders into <\The Witcher 3> folder and replacing files when prompted.
Community Patch - Bootstrap and Utilities (M) : Utility mod which provides a standardized autostartup capability for other mods.
> modBootstrap-registry
> modBootstrap-v.0.4.1-unmodified-worldmap
Community Patch - Menu Strings (M) : Provides pre-made localized strings to help with resolving a problem with menu entries limit.
Community Patch - Shared Imports (M) :  Meant as a baseline dependency for other mods to reduce merge conflicts.
Community Patch - The Besserwisser's Fix Collection (With Nitpickers Patch) (M) (C) : A collection of fixes for issues that are present in the vanilla game.
> Community Patch - The Besserwisser and Nitpickers
!  Delete 'scripts' folder into <\The Witcher 3\mods\modZeBesserwisser\content > – All of those bugfixes are already included in Ghost Mode.
DUI Crossbow Fix : Fixes it so that you can aim your crossbow while intoxicated and on horseback.
E3 Geralt Hair Physics 60FPS FIX : Fixes Geralt's non-Hairworks hair physics when playing at 60fps.
> Hair Physics 60fps Fix
Hide Cursor after Dialogue Choice times out : Fixes a bug where the game's cursor does not disappear when you let a dialogue choice time out.
Item Selection Grid Fix : Fixes bizzare item placement in a selection window.
Localization Fixes (O) : Exists in russian and french.
LOD Bug Fix collection : Fixes for unpleasant visual bugs in the game.
> BugFix v1.26
Mod Limit Adjuster (M): A simple .asi which allows you to set mod limit via .cfg.
!  Copy/paste files into <\The Witcher 3/bin/x64> folder.
NPC Physics 60FPS FIX : Fixes NPC character physics (hair, fur, clothing, medallions, weapons, etc.) when playing at 60fps.
Oxenfurt Drunk Fix : Remove the first red 'killed the katakan' objective, resulting in all green (nitpicking) when doing the quest.
Place of Power Dll Boost (M) :  Could increases performance through better communication between software and computer hardware.
> Choose DLL Boost Windows 10 or DLL Boost Windows 7 according to your OS.
!  Copy/paste files into <\The Witcher 3/bin/x64> folder and replacing files when prompted.
Toxicity Decotion Critical Fix and Faces Screen Skull On Threshold : Major fixes for toxicity behaviour and effects.
Tweaks (M) (C) : Allow to edit hidden graphics options directly in-game.
> Tweaks
> Friendly HUD Preset

!  Copy/paste both 'bin' and 'mods' folders into <\The Witcher 3> folder and replacing files when prompted.
Ultimate ASI Loader : DLL file need by Mod Limit Adjuster.
!  Copy/paste 'dinput8.dll' into <\The Witcher 3\bin\x64> folder.
World Map Fixes : Fixes inconsistencies between the 3D game world and the 2D world-/minimap.


Block and Dodge Whenever You Want (O) : Allows Geralt to block/deflect arrows whenever the left trigger is pressed with a sword in hand.
> Block When You Want
Combat Stance : A mod that tries to improve combat stance and softlock.
E3 VGX bearbag (O) : Add a bag that increase carry capacity.
Enhanced Targeting for UPatch : Alters vanilla soft-targeting algorithm.
Fast Travel from Roach (compatible with 1.31 game ver) : Enables fast travel while you are mounted on Roach.
Friendly Stash : Makes stash management a little less painful.
> modFriendlyStash
Ghost Mode : A large mod that focuses on improving overall gameplay while still keeping the game as close to vanilla as possible.
> Install only this version – current dev version, totally safe to use.
!  Copy 'modSignsConfig.xml' to <\The Witcher 3\bin\config\r4game\user_config_matrix\pc\>.
Gwent Redux :  A complete overhaul of the Witcher card game.
> Gwent Redux
> Gwent Redux - Patch for Ghost Mode

Immersive Horse Whistling : Roach can only be called when you are within earshot, near a campfire or a signpost.
> Install only this version – mergeable with Friendly HUD & fix translation strings.
No Infinite Horse Galloping Fix : Restores normal stamina draining while following a road on the horse.
> Install only this version – fix a typo in '' (thanks to banmenot).
Preparations : Turn meditation into more meaningful process.
Reduced Falling damage updated : Are you fed up of falling 10 feet and dying instantly in Witcher 3?
Unseen Monsters : Removes highlighted circles from monsters while using witcher sense so Geralt can hear them, but can't see them.


60 fps GUI : Graphical User Interface is now 60 fps (HUD, Map, Inventory and etc.)
> 60 fps GUI
> 60 fps GUI - Adaptations and choose :
  • 3D HUD Medallion (required)
  • Colored Map Markers (included) > Colored Map Markers AQO compatible (AQO required)
  • Instant Tooltips (included) : Reduces popup delay for all ingame tooltips.
  • Live Bestiary (required)
  • More Quick Slots (required)
  • Sort Everything (required)
Action Log : Many tweaks for console log.
All Quest Objectives On Map : Shows on map all objectives for all player's active quests.
Better Icons - English (O) : Oil, potion, bomb and decoction icons have their names written on them.
!  Translated versions exists for russian, german and french.
Component Part Stock on Dismantle Screen : Displays the quantity of dismantle parts the player already have (stash included).
Disable storybook videos : Disable recap videos on game load.
> No storybook
Fast Stash Menu : Reduces lag for the stash menu.
Friendly HUD : Lot of options to configure HUD modules, adds 3D markers for quest and NPC tracking and makes improvements to game menus.
Hide Sound Effects Subtitles : Remove boring and useless subtitles for *spits*, *Cough*, *Sigh…* and all thus kind of sound effects.
Hud Positioning and Scale (M) : Change the position and scale of almost all HUD modules, and more.
> Hud Positioning and Scale
> If you have an ultrawide monitor, install also Menu with Extended Slider Limits.
Item Stock on Crafting Screen : Displays the quantity of crafting and alchemy result the player already have (stash included).
> Install only this version – simplified version (thanks to Moahofer30).
Live Bestiary ( 3D Models in the Bestiary ) :  Adds 3D models of all the different creatures to the bestiary.
Minimalist Minimap (C) : Removes unnecessary clutter from the minimap and repositions the clock inside of it.
> Minimalist Minimap All-In-One (I use North Icon Enabled - User and Quest Pin Enabled - Clock On Bottom - Colored Map Markers Version)
> Disable Weather Text
More Quick Slots and Quick Inventory (C) : Doubles the number of quick slots for consumables and bombs and provides a quick inventory.
> Install only this version – mergeable with Ghost Mode.
No Save Indicator Icon : Prevents the save indicator icon from displaying.
Nosferatu Font : a nice gothic font OR Witcher 3 Font Resource : choose Mason.
Quicksave Menu (O) : Add a quicksave option to the pause menu. Usefull if you play with gamepad.
> Quicksave Menu (UPatch)
Runestone Icons : Simple runestone icons replacement with added power and effect indicators.
Sort Everything : Sorting for books menu, crafting menu, journal menu and inventory.
> Sort Everything - Main mod file
> Sort Everything - Menu and user settings
Subtitles for Foreign Languages (O) (C) : Show subtitles for Elvish, Nilfgaard etc. even when you have subtitles disabled otherwise. 
Install only this version – updated for 1.31/1.32 version of the game (thanks to banmenot).
Trollonly Subtitles (O) (C) : Same thing as above but just for trolls.
> Install only this version – updated for 1.31/1.32 version of the game (thanks to banmenot).
Unread Descriptions : Highlight unread parts of descriptions, mark whole entries as unread & sort quests with unread parts of description before others.
Witcher 1 style HUD Book Medallion : Replaces the vanilla medallion with medallion from Book Inspired Medallion mod.
!  Install only if you play with Witcher 1 style HUD Medallion and Book Inspired Medallion.
Witcher 1 style HUD Medallion : A 3D Dynamic Medallion added to the HUD inspired by Witcher 1.
! Don't forget to add the line in ''.
Witcher 3 Gameplay Additions : Remove pop-up when harvesting plants.
> modNoLootPopup
!  Remove 'modNoLootPopupConfig.xml'' in <\Witcher 3\bin\config\r4game\user_config_matrix\pc>.


GuardShowRespect by TSAK unoffical modern edit : Disable disrespectful reactions and talks. Guards now will be impolite only if you hit or run into them.
Immersive Sound : Fixes numerous audio bugs and more.
> Immersive Sound
!  Delete 'interactive' folder into <\The Witcher 3\mods\modImmersiveSound\content\scripts\game\gameplay>.
Leave Roach Alone - No More Horse Voice Commands : Geralt no longer shouts at Roach and other horses.
Less Is More : Inserts periods of immersive silence into the background music while exploring.
!  Choose only one preset (I recommend Balanced_4on_6off)
Music Overhaul Project (MOP) : Add new music from The Witcher 1 & 2 to the game world.
No Chatterboxes (O) : Removes most repeating background NPC dialogue and noises.
Silent UI : Makes using UI features a lot more pleasant by silencing needless/annoying sounds, or replacing them with better ones. 
> 1. Silent UI Manual - Standard
Toss A Coin To Your Witcher (3) (O) : Adds the popular song "Toss A Coin To Your Witcher" from the Netflix show into the game.


Abandoned Sites Time Lapse : No more wasted days after clearing abandoned sites.
Better Torches : Climb, block, parry, cast, sail, and ride horses without putting your torch away.
> Install only this version – fix visual bug when cast Igni with torch equipped and allow heavy attacks with it (thanks to Moahofer30).
Friendly Meditation : Meditate in real time and see the world around you.
Immersive Cam : Customizable Camera Positions
> Install only this version – light version compatible with Friendly Meditation (thanks to ibaifern).
Immersive Real-time Cutscenes : This mod changes several prerendered cutscenes into real-time rendering, with some LOD and bug fixes.
> modImmersiveRealtimeCS
Instant Witcher Senses : The second you press down the sense button, you will see the glow, the second you let go of the sense button, they will disappear.
> Instant Witcher Senses
Ladders camera fix : Fix for camera twitching up and down on ladders.
Lamp on Player's boat : A simple mod adds a lamp on the player boats.
> Lamp on player's boat - No city light
Loot Drops Don't Sparkle : Loot drops still glow but no longer sparkle
Manual Bomb Aiming : Aiming bombs now gives you direct control over bomb trajectory.
Manual Sheathing Only : Disable auto sheathing (including weapon switching) but allow for automatic weapon drawing if none is being held.
No Consumable Autofill (O) : When a consumable slot become empty, the game will no longer autofill it with a food or alcohol item from inventory.
No HLAKBR - Triss sexscene (O) : Removes sailors from Triss sex scene.
No Horse Combat Slow Mo : Removes the slow mo effect while attacking on horseback.
> No Horse Combat Slow Mo
> No Crossbow Slow Mo

No Indignant NPCs : NPCs no longer cry out or fall aside when Geralt bumps into them.
No unsheathing on horseback (O) : Disables the auto sword unsheathing on horseback.
No Witcher Senses During Mounted Combat : In the vanilla game it's still possible to activate witcher senses during combat if Geralt is mounted.
Player Interior No Run Lock : Remove the automatic run and sprint locks + camera getting closer, when player is on interiors.
Quest Items Don't Sparkle : Quest items still glow but no longer sparkle.
Quest level on NoticeBoard : Show the level of quests on the noticeboard.
> Install only this version – add missing quests (thanks to banmenot).
Sensible Map Borders - No more forced teleporting : No longer get teleported when reaching map borders.
Slower Gametime 1.31 GoG GotY : Only 10 minutes in-game pass per real-life minute instead of 15 minutes.
> Slower Game Time 10 to 1
Smart Magic Lamp : Context sensitive magic lamp that doubles as a regular lamp when not scanning for memories.
> Smart Magic Lamp (Shared)
Thoughtful Roach : Tweaks horse AI for better parking and following behaviors.
> Thoughtful Roach (GOTY)
TW3 Gameplay Tweaks : A collection of various simple gameplay tweaks.
> modGallop : Enables galloping while in settlements.
> modJumpSprint : Enables jumping and sprinting in witcher senses and jumping in shallow water.
> modNoForcedTutorial (O) : Fix a bug that installing DLC or loading pre-DLC save forces in-game tutorial on regardless of your preferences.
> modNoStartupMovies : Disables startup movies, the ones see before main menu is loaded.
> modWSensesSwitch : Pressing a button once turns witcher senses on until you press the button again to turn it off.
Walk by Default : Changes the default movement speed when you load a game from jogging to walking.
Witchers Lair : Adds armor stands. sword stands, & painting slots to Corvo Bianco.
> modWitchersLair.adds.3astands.8swordslots.13picslots.No.WHuntWeps.nor.Ctkr.Shovel


Both hands on sword (C) : Changes the forward and backward strafing animation while in combat for ones where Geralt holds his sword with both hands.
> Install only this version – avoid crashlogs by bundled all *.buffers related to *.w2anims (thanks to banmenot).
Complete Animations (C) : Animation pack for regular actions that should have animations like drinking, eating, applying oil.
> Install only this version – avoid crashlogs by bundled all *.buffers related to *.w2anims (thanks to banmenot).
Dampen Horse Turning : Makes Roach turn slower.
> damphorse3
E3 Improved Combat Animations (C) : Improves combat animations with swords and removes the stationary spinning moves.
> Install only this version – avoid crashlogs by bundled all *.buffers related to *.w2anims (thanks to banmenot).
Emote Hotkeys (O) : Provides a couple dozen emotes to liven up the monotonous Geralt.
Improved Jogging Animations : Replace Geralt and Ciri's jog animations.
> Witcher 2 Jog
Lip Movement and HiRes Shadows on NPCs in gameplay (C) : Enables higher shadow resolution as used in dialog scenes.
> Install only this version – few fixes (thanks to kieranh7).
No More Rolling Down Stairs : Instead of rolling down the stairs, Geralt will do a quick little stutter step and keep on moving.


Aerondight Replacer : Corrects proportions, the form of the crossguard and other changes, 5 variants of swords.
> modAerondightReplacer_W3
Alternative Alnus Trees
 : Alters alnus leaves and bark textures.
> AlnusVanillaColors
Beautiful Rocks Mod : Changes the rocks in Velen, Skellige, White Orchard, and Kaer Morhen.
> Beautiful Rocks Light Less Pronounced
Book Inspired Medallion : Create a new lore-friendly medallion based on the books' descriptions along with the wolf head design made by Cd Projekt.
Cavalry Armors Retextures : Replace the old boring colors of Cidarian Cavalry armor, Redanian Halberdiers armor, Thyssen armor & Oathbreaker armor.
> Cavalry Armors
!  Also install these Custom icons.
CLOUDS : Retextures the clouds from the main game and DLC.
E3 Sail : Replaces the texture of the boat sail with a one similar to the one at E3 2013.
HD Blood and Wine Dry Grass : Replace the unshaded and ugly dry grass stalks found on most Toussaint road sides with an HD shaded one.
> HD BnW Dry Grass - Less Saturated Version
HD Tree LOD Billboards : Increases the resolution, adds shading and perforates (where appropriate) the tree LOD billboards.
> HD Tree LOD Billboards
> HD Tree LOD Billboards for Blood and Wine
Lore-friendly Silver Swords :  Enhances the optical appearance of silver swords.
New Clouds : Changes cloud textures.
> New Heavy Clouds (old version)
Next Gen Candles : Increases mesh quality of all candles in game.
Next Gen Hay Stacks : Improved mesh quality of all known haystacks.
Next Gen Novigrad Reloaded 2 : Changes many of Novigrads street assets and increases lod on many objects.
> Next_Gen_Novigrad_Reloaded_1_and_2_Full_Package
Next Generation LOD BETA : Changes low proxy meshes for high quality meshes.
> Removed bugged meshes
Phoenix Lighting Mod : New lightning system that looks consistent and good in all situations.
> Install only version 6 WIP available here.
!  Remove 'modVolumetricClouds_PLM_Patch'.
Replace Ciri's Painting for Emhyr (or Fake Ciri) : Replaces young Ciri's painting for Fake Ciri.
> Fake Ciri Painting
SCW : Swap low-res chairs in Wyzima castle by the chair in Blood & Wine.
Smooth Grass : Smooth, homogeneous, and aesthetically pleasing grass.
The Witcher 3 HD Reworked Project (M) : Improve the graphics by reworking models and textures to better quality preserving the original art style.
UHD BaW Trees : A UHD rework of all the trees in the Blood and Wine DLC.
> Install Main File
UHD Oaks : Replaces all base game oak tree textures with native UHD and also upscaled UHD textures.
> Install Main File
Undvik Horse Gear Retex : The green colored saddle padding is now brown, with a dark shade of grey.
Volumetric clouds over Skellige (C) : Brings the volumetric clouds of Kaer Morhen to Skellige.
 Install only this version – compatible with Phoenix Lighting Mod. Also include fix for Kaer Moren clouds see through windows.
!  Don't forget to add the line in ''.
Window Glass Distortion Fix : reduced excessively blurry view out of the windows.
> Window Glass Distortion Fix
> Window Glass Distortion Fix_Toussaint
Witcher's Knife : Replaces the knife of Geralt.
> Hunter Knife


Adrenaline Rush FX Remover : Simple remover for Adrenaline Rush Red Lines FX.
Axii cooler visual effect : More similar to the 37min demo.
Brutal Blood (C) : Mod completely improves the blood system and also fixes some bugs.
> Install only this version – Lite version with textures correctly cooked (thanks to banmenot).
Cat Potion No Enemy Glow : Disable the enemies's red glowing while affected by Cat vision.
Changed Horse controls - SotC and BotW style and Ground Material Based Dust Effects (C) : On horse, kick up dust, snow etc.
!  Delete 'scripts' folder into <\The Witcher 3\modHorseDustAndControls\content>.
Cold Breath of Aard : Makes the regular Aard look "colder" by adding to its visualization white smoke, snow particles and ice pieces.
E3Quen : The look of the E3 2014 Quen sign is back.
> E3Quen 2.1
Ice Breath for PLM : Enables ice breath FX to Geralt, Roach and NPCs.
> Ice Breathe for PLM U 5
Lightsource Yrden And Igni : Adds some lightsources to Yrden sign and alternative Igni.
> Alt Igni and Yrden lightsource
Natural Torchlight : Changes torch lighting to be less harsh up close and more useful at a distance. 
> Natural Torchlight (Shared)
New Fires : Swaps or edits some of the commonly used fire w2p with others that look better.
> New Fires
No More Glowing (C) : Disables red glowing for Ghouls, Alghouls and Werewolfs.
!  Install only this version – compatible with Ghost Mode (thanks to banmenot).
No Potion Drinking Screen FX : Disables visual potion/decoction drinking effects, the wave on Geralt and the screen flash.
Pesky sword trails begone : Removes the weapon trails of geralt and enemies.
!  Install only this version – also gets rid of the annyoing white arrow trails (thanks to Moahofer30).
Screen FX Removal : Removes most screen FX.
> modNoScreenFX
The Aard (C) : Changes how the Aard effects look, based on the E3, VGX videos.
!  Remove 'buffers0.bundle' and 'texture.cache' into <\The Witcher 3\mods\modTheAard\content> to merge it correctly.
VGX Burning Village Cutscene : Edits the famous Heatherton village cutscene to look more like the trailer shown at VGX.
> VGX Burning Village Cutscene - Brighter version


4K Reworked Women mod : This mod contains 4K textures for Yennefer, Triss, and Ciri.
> 1.1- Yennefer of Vengerberg 4K - Curvy Version
> 2- Triss Merigold 4k - Blue Eyes
> 3- Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon 4K
> New Skin Pores by Denroth
All NPC Scabbards 1.22 including DLC : Adds sheaths needed for every sword in the game.
All Nudes Bushy : A nude mod that adds bushy genitals to most of the female models in the game.
Alternative Outfit for Hjalmar : Changes Hjalmar's Outfit into something more fitting for the King of Skellige.
Avallach Aen Elle Height : Finally gives Avallac'h back his Aen Elle Height.
Avallach Blond Hair : Gives Avallac'h blond hair like it should be.
Bathsebah's Book Jaskier (Dandelion) : A book-friendly mod for our favorite bard.
> Book Jaskier ALL IN ONE
Character faces improved : Improved depth and detail for faces.
> Background NPC faces
> Female Faces Upgraded
> Male Faces Upgraded
Ciri Grey Hair : Gives Ciri grey hair, like it should be.
Corinne Tilly reworked : Changes Corinne Tillys face
> Corinne Tilly reworked
Dandelion Purple Suit : Changes Dandelion suit colour to purple instead of pink.
Dirty NPC Scabbards : Changes the texture of the NPC scabbards.
Disable Hairworks On Geralt : Disables Hairworks on Geralt (hair & beard) but keep it for animals.
Eredin VGX Armour (C) : Changes Eredin's armour to one from the VGX trailer.
> Install only this version – compatible with Ghost Mode and include a fix for The Cave of Dreams (thanks to banmenot).
Eredin VGX Mask : A mod which brings back something close to the mask seen in the VGX demo.
> Eredin VGX Mask - Original
Letho LOD Extended : Increases Letho LOD.
New Hairstyles For Geralt (DLC2 Improved) : Adds new hairstyles for Geralt. This is not a replacer.
> DLC2Improved
> DLC2ImprovedWhiteHair

New Triss and More - WIP (C) : Multiple characters will change now their clothing/outfits based on the story and location they are at.
> New Triss and More
> New Triss and More Videos 1.8
Put "new_triss_stuff" inside DLC folder.
Novigrad Background NPCs : Face replacement for those lame ass background npcs.
Nude Girls Uncensored (C) : Mods to rip off the clothes from female NPCs.
> Install only modRemoveLingerie
Orianna's New Style : New Oriana with better dress, textures & hairstyle.
> Orianna New Style
Peasant Pants : Replaces the peasant's underpants.
> modPeasantPantsDirtyGrey
PEEPERS : Replace teeth textures.
Realistic Eyes Fixed (Book-Friendly) : 2k eyes for everyone that matches with descriptions from the books.
> Realistic Eyes Fixed - 2K
Simple NPC Swords : Changes weapons in crowd NPC.
> modSimpleNPCSwords
The Butcher of Blaviken Lore-Friendly Geralt : Slight retexture for Geralt.
> 5- The Butcher Of Blaviken DV - Without Eyes - Striga Scar- Pale Skin
The witcher 2 Ves : Restore Ves' Witcher 2 appearence
Toussaint's Atelier : New dresses for Annarietta and some other characters from Blood & Wine.
> Install only this version – compatible with New Triss & More (thanks to banmenot).
Unique Eyes for ALL Witchers (EXCEPT GERALT) : Unique eyes for all Witchers in High Quality.
> UniqueAllWitcherEyesNoTextures
Vampires Have No Shadows : Simple tweak which removes shadows from some NPC vampires in the game.
White Hair for Vimme Vivaldi : Gives Vimme Vivaldi white hair like it should be.
Witchers : Armor texture improvements & unique eyes for witchers.
Yennefer Concept Hair : Lore-friendly curly hair.
Zoltan Retexture : Some changes to Zoltan's clothes.


Dhu's Roach : A simple, but slightly detailed horse, replaced Roach.
> Dhu's Roach 01
E3 HD Birds Reworked Project : Improves the visual quality of flying birds.
> HD Birds (Easy mergeable version)
HDMR - HD Monsters Reworked mod : Re-elaborates all the monsters (including expansions) to increase the details of the textures and maps.
> HD Monsters Reworked 3.0
> HD Reworked Trophies
Immersive Wildlife Project : Add new cats to the game, with different look!
> DhusCats (IWP)
> DhusChickens (IWP)

Improved Lady of the Lake (Witcher 1 Style) : Makes the Lady of the Lake look closer to how we saw her in The Witcher 1.
> ImprovedLadyOfLake
Morphing E3 2014 Werewolf : Brings back the model and the morph for the Werewolf as seen in the 2014 E3 Demo.
> E3 2014 Werewolf Fur and Items
New Djinni Face : Changes the appearance of Djinni.
UHD Chickens : Replaces the chicken textures in game to a non-upscaled, native 4k resolution.


Friendly HUD + Fast Stash compatibility patch : Allow to merge correctly these two mods (thanks to wackoj94).
More Quick Slots + Sort Everything + 60fps GUI compatibility patch : One file to rull them all (thanks to banmenot).
Thoughtful_Stashfriendly_Roach : Unofficial compatibility merge for Thoughtful Roach and Friendly Stash, with a few fixes and tweaks.
> Thoughtful Fix Stashfriendly v1.1.7z v1.1
Total Immersion compatibility patch : Need for New Triss & More, Ghost Mode, 4K Reworked Women & Nude Girls Uncensored (thanks to banmenot).


Bring Back Life Into The Bathhouse
 : A shame CDPR removed all the woman and man from the bathhouse after you finished the quest with Djikstra there.
! To install after playing through the bath house questline with Dijkstra, Dandelion etc.
Character swap for immersive after-the-main-game world :  Swaps Keira, Lamber and Eskel so they reappear in the world after the main game epilogue.
! To install after finishing the main storyline.
Consequences of war - Redania Won - Dijkstra OR Consequences of war - Redania Won - Radovid OR Consequences of war - Nilfgaard Won
Changes elements of world to reflect the side that won the war, due to players decisions in Reason of State.
! To install after finishing the main storyline.
Radovid Is Dead - Stop chatting about him : stops Redanian guards and mages from mentioning Radovid in their random chatter.
!  To install after finishing the main game.


Script Merger is a program that allows to auto-resolve most of the conflicts between various mods. Here is a good article written by wghost81 that explains how it works and how to use it.

  • Download Script Merger (Witcher Script Merger v0.6.2) and copy/paste folder to a separate location of your choice.
  • Download Script Merger Unofficial Patch, copy/paste files into original Script Merger folder and replacing files when prompted.
  • Run Witcher Script Merger program
  • Add game location in 'Witcher 3 Directory' window.
  • Wait for the program to scan through all the installed mods.
  • Select "Scripts" tickboxes.
  • Press "Create Selected Merges" button below.
  • Confirm all the dialogue boxes and wait for the process to finish.
  • 'Scripts' should now be moved to the right hand side pane and only "Bundled Non-text" and "Bundled Text" files should be in the left panel.

As a general rule, never merge any xml file !


modGhostMode and modToxicityDecotionCritFix_FacesScreenSkullOnThreshold  : first chose only C and then only C again.

modHudPositioningandScale and modZActionLog : chose B then C.

modFriendlyHUD and modHudPositioningandScale : chose only B.

modFriendlyStash and modShowDisassemblingPartsQuantity : chose B then C.

modSortEverything and modUnreadDescriptions : chose C then B.

modEnableMimics and modGhostMode : chose B then C
modEnableMimics + modGhostMode and modVampiresHaveNoShadows : chose C then B.

modCompleteAnimations and modMoreQuickSlots : chose only C.

modThoughtful_Fix_Stashfriendly and modThoughtfulRoach : chose only B.

modFriendlyStash and modThoughtful_Fix_Stashfriendly : chose only C.

modThoughtful_Fix_Stashfriendly and modThoughtfulRoach : chose A everywhere.


  • modGhostMode has priority on modPreparations, modZeBesserwisser and modScabbards
  • modGwentReduxGMPatch has priority on modGwentRedux and modGhostMode


  • Always set the lowest priority to modScabbards and modZeBesserwisser
  • Always set the highest priority to mod0000_TotalImmersionPatch
  • modDBRoachTexture has priority on modHDReworkedProject2
  • modHairPhysics60fpsFix has priority on modPhysicsForAll
  • modBackgroundNPCFaces has priority on modUniqueEyesNoTextures
  • modAerondightReplace_W3 has priority on modDirrtyNPCScabbards
  • modAvallachBlondHair has priority on modMaleFaceUpgraded
  • mod_CiriGreyHair has priority on mod4KCirillaFionaElenRiannon
  • mod4KCirillaFionaElenRiannon has priority on modFemaleFacesUpgraded, modAllNudeBushy
  • modBookMedallion has priority on mod4KCirillaFionaElenRiannon
  • modBookJaskier_face has priority on modMaleFaceUpgraded
  • modMaleFacesUpgraded has priority on modTheWitchersV5
  • mod4KTrissMerigoldBlue has priority on modFemaleFacesUpgraded and mod_RealisticEyesFix2K
  • mod4KYenneferCurvy has priority on modFemaleFacesUpgraded and modAllNudeBushy
  • modHDMonstersReworked has priority on modAllNudeBushy
  • mod00Corinne_reworked has priority on modFemaleFacesUpgraded
  • modnew_triss has priority on modUniqueEyesNoTextures and modZ_Phoenix_Ultimate_6_0
  • modWindowGlassDistortionFix_Toussaint has priority on modHDReworkedProject3
  • modZ_Phoenix_Ultimate_6_0 has the priority on modHDReworkedProject and modCLOUDS
  • modBugFixCustom has priority on modNovigradReloadedFullPackage and modNextGenLODFixed
  • modNewFires has priority on modZ_Phoenix_Ultimate_6_0
  • modFlickerFix has priority on modNewFires and modZ_Phoenix_Ultimate_6_0
  • modBeautifulRocksLightLessPronounced has priority on modHDReworkedProject2
  • modWindowGlassDistortionFix has priority on modHDReworkedProject2
  • modCold_Breath_of_Aard_2 has priority on modTheAard
  • mod4KSoftClouds has priority on modCLOUDS
  • modNewHeavyClouds has priority on modCLOUDS
  • modNoScreenFX has priority on modZ_Phoenix_Ultimate_6_0
  • mod0_60fpsGUI_SE has priority on mod60fpsGUI and modSortEverything, mod0_60fpsGUI_MQS and modMoreQuickSlots
  • mod0_60fpsGUI_IT has priority on mod60fpsGUI
  • mod0_60fpsGUI_LB has priority on mod0_60fpsGUI_SEmod60fpsGUI, modLiveBestiary and modSortEverything
  • modGwentRedux has priority on mod60fpsGUI
  • mod0_60fpsGUI_MQS has priority on mod60fpsGUImodMoreQuickSlots and modZActionLog
  • mod0_MinimalistMinimap has priority on mod0_60fpsGUI_CMM_AQO
  • mod0_60fpsGUI_CMM_AQO has priority on mod60fpsGUI and modMapQuestObjectives
  • mod0_60fpsGUI_M has priority on mod0_60fpsGUI_SE and modMedallion
  • mod00_60fpsGUI_MQS_SE has priority on mod0_60fpsGUI_MQS, mod0_60fpsGUI_SE, mod60fpsGUImodMoreQuickSlots and modSortEverything
  • modEredinVGX_GhostMode has priority on modGhostMode
  • modTheAard has priority on modYrdenIgniLightSource
  • modGhostMode has priority on modUniqueEyesNoTextures



'input.settings' is a file that store all key bindings needs by the game and mods. It is stored in <C:\Users\[Your Username]\Documents\The Witcher 3>.
To initialize mods key bindings, open 'input.settings.txt' available in 'File' section and copy/paste its content at the beginning of your 'input.settings' file.
These keybinds are required for the following mods to function correctly:
  • Action Log
  • Community Patch - Bootstrap and Utilities
  • Friendly HUD
  • Friendly Meditation
  • Friendly Stash
  • More Quick Slots and Quick Inventory


'user.settings" store all gameplay and graphic settings and is located in <C:\Users\[Your Username]\Documents\The Witcher 3>.
To initialize mods default settings, open 'user.settings.txt' from 'Files' section and copy/paste its content at the beginning of your  'user.settings' file.
Here is the list of mods that add settings in this file:
  • 3D HUD Medallion
  • Action Log
  • Combat Stance
  • Complete Animations
  • Enhanced Targeting
  • FOV Tweak
  • Friendly HUD
  • Friendly Meditation
  • Friendly Stash
  • Ghost Mode
  • Hud Positioning and Scale
  • Immersive Horse Whristling
  • More Quick Slots and Quick Inventory
  • New Frontiers and Travel Through Borders for 1.31
  • Preparations
  • Sort Everything
  • Witcher 1 style HUD Medallion

Note that if you miss this step, most of the mod's options will be off and the mod will appear to be not functioning properly.


This file contains new hotkeys added by mods and also reorder vanilla command in the menu. Download the pre-made 'input.xml' available in 'Files' section and paste it in <\The Witcher 3\bin\config\r4game\user_config_matrix\pc> folder. Overwriting the existing file. 
This file is required for the following mods to function correctly:
  • Friendly HUD
  • Friendly Meditation
  • Friendly Stash

Note that if you miss this step, you will see hotkeys in game menu, but you will be unable to assign them properly.


'mods_registry.xml' is a file need by Community Patch - Bootstrap and Utilities to launch some special mods.
Open <\The Witcher 3\mods\modBootstrap-registry\content\scripts\local/> and replace '' with the one located in 'Files' section of this page.
This file is required for the following mods to work correctly:
  • Volumetric clouds over Skellige
  • Witcher 1 style HUD Medallion


There is a limit on how many entries a menu can have: it equals to 10. By convention, mods that provide in-game menus to tweak their settings add them to [Main Menu]->Options->Mods menu. When you have more than 9 mods with menus (10th is the “Back” entry), some of them won’t be displayed because there’s not enough space in the list and the menu doesn’t have apparent scrolling functionality.

In order to fix that, mods with custom in-game menu need some extra edit. You have to open the mod menu file located in <\The Witcher 3\bin\config\r4game\user_config_matrix\pc\modname.xml>, open it with NotePad++ and search for “displayName” entry. It's what you need to edit. 
Hint: to find all of the menus, search the file for “Mods.” (without quotation marks). Now let’s change the menu under which this mod resides. For example, Friendly HUD is a user interface mod, so it’s logical to have it in Options->Mods->User Interface. We can do it by editing “displayName” entry like this: 
<Group id="fhudHUD" displayName="Mods.user_interface.friendly_hud.fhud_hud">. Take care that there is more than one entry to edit for each sub-menus that mod include, in this case 8.

If you are too lazy to edit all these files by yourself, you can download them in 'File' section.


First launch
Exit the game and re-run it after script compilation is done. It was discovered that playing the game without doing so might result in weird bugs occurring, such as invalid (-1) number of potions, probably, something else. The nature of this bug is yet unknown, but the above procedure should prevent it from happening. (explanation courtesy of wghost81)

Ghost Mode & older savegames
Since the current version of Ghost Mode introduces skill three changes, you need to use cleardevelop console command in game to reset the tree. The command does not reset your character to level 1, it simply unequips everything and frees up all the spent skill points (while also rebuilding the skill three).

No Map Borders
Note that special map areas exist on the same map where regular areas exist, so if you decide to travel too far, you might end up in other places you're not supposed to be able to visit outside of a specific quest.

Potato face bug
If characters looks horrible like this, open your user.settings located at <C:\Users\YOURNAME\documents\The Witcher 3>. Find and modify "MeshLODDistanceScale" to the value 10. (MeshLODDistanceScale=10) then save the file.


You probably have lots of saves in your Steam Cloud and that's why you have decided to clean it (of course, you can turn it off, but in the future, you might uninstall game or reinstall pc and who is crazy enough to lose W3 saves?!). Note: If you were deleting W3 saves from documents, you have to stop it. That doesn't work. And if you weren't deleting W3 saves, well don't care about what I've just said.

Step 1
Let Steam download all Witcher 3 saves to the documents. If Steam isn't downloading any saves, well you probably had downloaded them before or you turned off Steam Cloud (check if you have Steam Cloud on).

Step 2
Start Witcher 3, and then go to the Documents and delete all saves, which you have there (DO NOT TURN OFF THE GAME UNTIL YOU DELETE THE SAVES) (if you have some saves, which you wish to keep for later, backup them somewhere.

Step 3
Turn off the game and wait until Steam Cloud wakes up to backup the saves, which don't exist anymore so he "cleans himself" that means that he deletes all saves in his storage. After some minutes, check properties tab and you should see "0mb saved". From here, you have just succesfully cleaned Steam Cloud and that's all.


"input.settings" is in the folder <C:\Users\%username%\Documents\The Witcher 3>

Add delay to torch interaction
Tips from BASiQ. Ever find yourself on looting spree in some shack or room, then all of a sudden *snaps fingers*, you find yourself lighting some damn candle?  This adds a delay for torches/candles, so you have to hold your action key for 0.5 Seconds to Ignite/Extinguish any torch.

Find "(Action=Extinguish)"  and replace with "(Action=Extinguish,State=Duration,IdleTime=0.5)"
Find "(Action=Ignite)" and replace with "(Action=Ignite,State=Duration,IdleTime=0.5)"

Change sheathe weapon shortcut
By default it's E. Search for every iteration of (Action=SwordSheathe) and edit the keybind to your liking.


"user.settings" is in the folder <C:\Users\%username%\Documents\The Witcher 3>

Disable the console

Set CharacterShadowsFallbackDistance to his vanilla value

Enable High Precision lighting

Disable UseMipRefiner

Disable cutscene videos

Improve MipBias in cinematics


Take time to configure driver settings to get best graphics. Open the Nvidia Control Panel and click on "Manage 3D Settings", then select Witcher 3 from the drop down menu.


This is the recommend settings to apply in-game for best possible visual experience and avoid random crashes.


If you run the game with an screen aspect ratio other than 16:9, cutscenes will display with borders. To fix the problem, download & install HxD, open Witcher3.exe with it, push CTRL+F, change the datatype to hex values & search for 55 55 15 40. Change the four hex before this with the correct value for your screen  and save.

• FAQ •

Will I lose a lot of FPS by installing all these mods?
You will not lose any FPS by installing all the mods in this list. In fact, you should even gain FPS if you install mod that remove HairWorks on Gerlat's hair.

What? A mod that disable HairWorks on Geralt? Are you crazy?
Maybe...but after many testing, my conclusion is that HairWorks consume too many fps for a result far to my expectations. That's why I included the mod 'HairWorks on everything but Geralt's hair' that disable HW only on Geralt's hair. Also on my rig, this makes me gain between 5 and 10 fps.

Should I begin a new game with all these mods?
It is highly recommanded as this list involve many changes in gameplay mechanics, in particulary with Ghost Mode installed.

Should I simulated Witcher 2 save for my new game?
It is recommended as it will give you all the quest available. This will cue the scene (which takes place after the prologue) and an NPC will ask you about your past. If you prefer to go in clean, or “as CD Projekt intended,” as some players believe, you will need to not select the simulate option.
• Arjan LaValette: If you killed Arjan LaValette (PC save game) or tell Voorhis you did (PC without save game), your interactions with Luize LaValette and a woman named Molly are different during main quest: Broken Flowers.
• The path of Roche or lorveth : This only effects a very small conversation choice during main quest : Get Junior, when you visit Roche's camp for the first time.
• Sile de Tansarville : If you allowed her to die (PC save game) or tell Voorhis this (PC without save game), she does not appear during main quest: The Great Escape.
• The Witcher Letha: Answer any questions and mention Letho is still alive and secondary quest Ghosts of the Past becomes active later. Mention that Letho is dead, or ignore the conversation, and secondary quest: Ghosts of the Past cannot be accessed. If he's dead, he also won't appear later during the Battle of Kaer Morhen.


Thanks to CD Projekt Red for designing the best RPG all time!
Thanks to wghost81 for her amazing work on Ghost Mode.
Thanks to banmenot for his precious help in making compatibility patches.
And of course thanks to all the Witcher 3 modding community for share their awesome mods.

Kudos to all of you!


The Witcher was the first game in the serie and was release in 26 October 2007 and despite its age, it's still a great game with incredible atmosphere.
If you never play it and wants to know the story, you can check these video : english, french, spanish, portuguese, 

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings was release in 17 May 2011.
Check these game movie to follow the new adventures of Geralt : english, french part 1 & part 2, german,portuguese.


As you probably already know, The Witcher games are directly inspired by Andrzej Sapkowski books, which are set of fantasy short stories and six novels about the witcher Geralt of Rivia.

I really recommend you to read his books because they are simply great and well written but also because they explain a lot of the background that CD ProjeKt Red have included in their games. 

If you want to read the books & novels in chronological order, follow this: 
Something Ends, Something Begins
  • A Road With No Return
The Last Wish
  • A Grain of Truth
  • The Lesser Evil
  • The Edge of the World
  • The Last Wish
  • A Question of Price
  • The Witcher
  • The Voice of Reason
Sword of Destiny
  • The Bounds of Reason
  • A Shard of Ice
  • Eternal Flame
  • A Little Sacrifice
  • The Sword of Destiny
  • Something More
Blood of Elves
Time of Contempt
Baptism of Fire
The Tower of the Swallow
Lady of the Lake
Season of Storms : This final novel takes place between The Last Wish and A question of Price but epilogue contains spoils. It's up to you to read it at the very end or between these two short stories.

And for the biggest fan, The World of the Witcher is a compendium of in-universe information with many great illustrations.