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Unique eyes for all Witchers in High Quality. Except GERALT !!!

Permissions and credits
Additional EYE packs (Addons) are now available from other modders!!!

1) Honor of being the first, goes to 
Serj who was inspired from DazzlingChango's earlier work! Have a look at the pic with his eye textures and go get it from his great The Witchers mod page !

2) Sarina28 just released his own Addon for the Unique Eyes for Witchers mod! Looks cool and you can get it from here !

V2 Now features new eyes of high-quality thanks to the great help of reraltofgivia !!! 

Were you bored from peering deep at the same Witcher eyes all the time?

Ever wondered why all Witchers in TW3, despite coming from different backgrounds and all walks of life, had the same copy-pasted eyes??

This mod aims to resolve the above and bring back variety and pluralism to the other fellow Witchers!

Now, every in-game Witcher NPC you encounter, will have it's own differentiated eye set! With the addition of the Framework package you can now easily make your own variations for the Witchers' Eyes (if you follow the simple instructions)!

The argumentation behind the assigned colors was the following and is not gonna change:

Vesemir is old, so his eyes are kinda dimmer (more brown) than the other witchers.
Eskel now has brighter yellow eyes, closer to Geralt eyes as he is a bro.
Lambert has playful yellow/orange eyes.
Letho from the Viper School has got orange/red eyes with a viper-style pupil
Jad Karavin has cat-like green eyes.
Gaetan is a 'cold' hard person from the Cat School, so icy-white eyes with cat pupil should reflect that somehow.

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Mod is compatible with all Geralt eye retexture mods.
To install, unpack and place inside your "mods" folder. 
The Geralt eyes you see in some of the pics are NOT included in this mod. if you like them get them separately from my Angry Geralt mod or use freely other mods that change Geralt's eyes !

Now you can also create your own or download other users' optional Addons to the main mod if you prefer Witchers' Eyes in other colors. Look at the pinned post first, read the further instructions below and merge/use your textures with the UniqueAllWitchersEyesNoTextures file from the optional section!

Any kind of problems you encounter related to textures are due to the mod limit, it's not the mod's fault and use the Mod Merger to merge YOUR OTHER MODS (preferably) to resolve them.

Framework Instructions (just like in my other Kaer Morhen Byzantine Interior mod!)

You need to know the basics of cooking/packing mods for W3, so look on Nexus for tutorials or the CDPR W3 forums for that

  1. Download archive named "Framework_UniqueAllWitchersEyes"
  2. Unpack folder wherever you want
  3. Have a look inside at the eye textures (in TGA format) made by ReraltofGivia and me for the Witchers included in the main mod
  4. Make your own eye replacements (using PS, Gimp, etc), BUT YOU MUST preserve the image ratio and bit depth and the SAME NAME of the existing image files
  5. Open W3OVEN and cook your mod
  6. Place it in your mods folder with higher priority over my mod
  7. Have fun

Check out all my other Improved Triss and Yennefer, New Boat, Unique Witcher Eyes, Magic Camel, Deus Ex or Angry Geralt mods here

Special Thanks

Kudos to juanmaster for inciting me to make this as I didn't care before
Deadman for the lore ideas from his TW1 mod which I based the reasoning of this mod and initial inspiration
Serious kudos to MonarchX and his insistence for good cooking
Big shout out to the modding discord for their constructive input and providing me with everything I needed to make this work!