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Gwent Redux is a complete overhaul of the Witcher Card Game. This mod adjusts vanilla cards, adds +120 new cards, updates +300 portraits, improves AI decks and much more to make Gwent more balanced, fun to play and lore friendly.

Permissions and credits
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Reworked gameplay

The main goal of the rework is to make decks more different from each other. Original cards have received some changes to bring each deck to a clearer style of gameplay. The game now focuses on properly using cards to exploit your opponent's weaknesses. Expansion cards will help to define play styles and increase the possibilities of play. Here you can take a look of the main changes I made, but you can find a detailed list of all cards on the PDF file included in the mod.


Although each Leader has a unique ability, I think it would be better not to have five copies of the same leader with different subtitles for each faction. So I have promoted some unit cards to leaders of their respective factions and also added a few more characters from the Witcher's universe that fit perfectly into that role. Some abilities have been tweaked and I have reorganized them to keep balance between factions. Besides, I have added 3 more leaders to Skellige to match it with the rest of the factions.
  • Northern Realms: Demavend, Foltest, Calanthe, Henselt and Radovid.
  • Nilfgaardian Empire: Morvran, Emhyr, Usurper, Calveit and False Ciri.
  • Scoia'tael: Brouver, Ithlinne, Eithné, Francesca and Dana Meadbh.
  • Monsters: Eredin, Ghost in the Tree, Gaunter O'Dimm, Unseen Elder and Ge'els.
  • Skellige: Bran, Crach, Harald, Eist and Cerys.

Neutral "deck"

One of the main problems of the original game is that there are too many neutral cards. Having that big pool of neutral cards makes all decks play almost the same. Besides, staying neutral is something that doesn't really happen very often in the saga. The game always forces us to choose and make decisions that will make us unable to remain neutral, so I've applied that same prism to the neutral unit cards.
  • TrissDandelionZoltan and Olgierd moved to Northern Realms.
  • RegisAvallac'h and Cow moved to Monsters.
  • Villen moved to Scoia'tael.

Now the only neutral unit cards are the School of the Wolf's witchers and two reasonable exceptions (Ciri and Yennefer) because they've remained truly neutral throughout history.


Heroes are something like secondary leaders of each army. It's difficult to be one of them since only a few are able to bear the burden. Considering that, each deck will only have initially two to make it a less common effect. More Heroes will be added to each faction with the expansion packs.
  • NeutralGeralt.
  • Northern RealmsNatalis and Philippa.
  • Nilfgaardian EmpireLetho and Ardal.
  • Scoia'taelSaskia and Iorveth.
  • MonstersRegis and Imlerith.
  • SkelligeKambi/Hemdall and Hjalmar.

Hostile Environment

Weather cards have evolved into Hostile Environment cards. This change was made to explore the possibilities of cards like Skellige Storm that affects two rows of units. The "trilogy of double-row" cards has been completed with White Frost and Forest of Death. Besides, there is a new cool mechanic that makes each one of them to remove other from the board when played. It's like a lesser version of Clear Sky that affects only one specific Hostile Environment card. This will help to make a more dynamic use of these Special cards.
  • White FrostMonsters exclusive. Affects Melee and Ranged. Removes Forest of Death.
  • Forest of DeathScoia'tael exclusive. Affects Melee and Siege. Removes Skellige Storm.
  • Skellige StormSkellige exclusive. Affects Ranged and Siege. Removes White Frost.

Scorch, Horn & Mardroeme

Scorch and Horn are cards that should be treated as very powerful cards that can change the outcome of the match. With this in mind, I decided to remove them from the game. There are units that have recevied Scorch and Horn effects to compensate this decision. The biggest diference is that now these effects will target only one specific row. Leader cards who summoned a Horn card to a specific row will now summon a Mardroeme card instead. Besides, factions that don't have one of the "trilogy of double-row" Hostile Environment cards will receive an unique Scorch card to keep balance between decks.
  • Merigold´s HailstormNorthern Realms exclusive.
  • Catriona PlagueNilfgaardian Empire exclusive.

As you have seen, these changes will make the game a bit more difficult because it wil be harder to eliminate units from the board, and harder to buff a specific row you desire. Now the decisions you take will have a bigger impact into the outcome of each round, adding more complexity to the game and forcing you to evaluate in more detail the situation. However, a few more special cards with Scorch and Horn effects will be added when the pool of cards increases with the expansion packs.

On the other hand, I added Hidden Power and Regrowth effects to some cards of each faction. I like how these cards open the possibilities of making cool combos from both points of view (lore and gameplay). This addition has made Mardroeme a necessary card for all factions so I have turned it into a Neutral card. The transformation combos will play a key role to quickly rise the strength of your army and control the battlefield.

Northern Realms

The Northern Realms build its own strength with the union of multiple kingdoms because they are convinced that there is strength in numbers. This fact is reflected in a deck with a lot of Tight Bonds that makes soldiers with initially little power become powerful armies.
  • Dwarven Company: ZoltanYarpen and Sheldon are linked each other.
  • Olgierd's immortality is reflected on his Rebirth effect.
  • Blue Stripes combo: Vernon summons Ves, who is linked with Blue Stripes Commando.
  • Lodge of Sorceresses: KeiraSíle and Sabrina summon each other and Philippa.
  • Kaedweni combo: Kaedweni Support summons Ballistas, and Kaedweni Expert transforms them into Reinforced Ballistas.
  • Bloody Baron will have the chance to bury Botchling properly to make it a Lubberkin.

Nilfgaardian Empire

Nilfgaardians don't have as many Tight Bonds as nordlings nor as many Musters as islanders. Their true power lies on Spy cards that reduce the strength of their opponent's battlefield and let them draw more cards than their enemies. Nilfgaard bases its strength on quantity and aggressive play.
  • School of the Viper: Serrit and Auckes summon each other and Letho.
  • Lodge of Sorceresses: Assire and Fringilla summon each other.
  • The relationship between master and apprentice is a Tight Bond between Vanhemar and Cynthia.
  • Fire mages combo: Rience summons Vilgefortz, who Scorch their enemies.
  • Zerrikanian combo: Alchemist summons Zerrikanian Scorpions, and Siege Engineer transforms them into Heavy Zerrikanian Scorpions.


The Squirrels are nomads who need to adapt quickly to the environment in order to survive. They don't have too much time to build siege weapons and depend much more on being Agile to take advantageous positions and quickly ambush their enemies.
  • Vrihedd combo: Toruviel summons Vrihedd Recruits, and Riordain transform them into Vrihedd Veterans.
  • Mahakam combo: Barclay summons Mahakaman Defenders, who are linked with Dennis.
  • Havekar smugglersDol B. Bombers and Dwarven chariot will help to keep some siege potencial to this deck.
  • A lonely Dwarven/Elven Skirmisher can't do too much by himself but can be very dangerous when they ambush in group.


This is the weirdest deck from the lore perspective. Why does the leader of the Wild Hunt command a bunch of HarpiesNekkersGhouls, etc.? That's a question I would like to have an answer but that's not the case. I think it's fine to have a few of random monsters like filler cards, but the core of the deck should have units related to a specific theme. Considering that, I have rebuild the deck on three pillars: vampires, mythical bosses, and people turned into monsters.
  • Some bosses like Woodland SpiritArachas Behemoth or Abaya keep their power on building powerful armies of minions.
  • Other bosses like DraugFrightener or Fire Elemental are known for the destruction they leave behind.
  • Hubert Rejk and Queen of the Night live infiltrated among humans, acting like Spies.
  • Do not disturb the Sleeping Giant, okay? I warned you!
  • Iris combo: Caretaker summons Iris, who summons Iris' Companions.
  • Ladies of the Wood: Crone: WhispessCrone: Brewess and Crone: Weaves summon each other.


Skelligers are people who grow on clans that fight united against everyone who attempt to attack their isles. The jarl of each clan commands its own members into the battle and never give up until death. This deck focuses on Musters that can fill quickly the board and Hidden Powers that greatly empowers its units.
  • Morkvarg can be cursed transformed into the immortal Ulfhedinn.
  • Vildkaarl combo: Vildkaarl Butcher can be transformed into Berserker, who summons Vildkaarl Ravagers that can be transformed too into Young Berserkers.
  • Even the resurrected like Skjall can be useful to... resurrect other people, for example.
  • Yoana and Sukrus left the isles in search of a new life on your opponent's board.

AI improvements

AI decks have been completely reworked to make them less predictable by the player and hard to defeat. Each one of the 25 deck archetypes I have created focuses on a specific game style and use combo cards properly. You will need to adapt your strategy and prepare your deck to take advantage of your opponent's weaknesses. This AI rework has been designed to play Gwent on hard mode, so I highly advise you to play on that difficulty. Each unnamed player has a fixed deck faction, but they'll use a different archetype each time you duel against them. Main players use specific archetype decks with a fixed initial draw of cards to make sure they always have a good starting hand. Here you can take a sneak peek of the archetypes created for each faction, and know who plays with them.

Northern Realms
  • A Game of Thrones: When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die... Unless you live in Novigrad, where even death can make you win the game. {Played by Sigismund Dijkstra.}
  • Fake Skelligers: Do you want to be a true skelliger? Start by letting your beard grow, and come often to trim it at the barbershop. {Played by Sjusta.}
  • Resistance: The last forces of the nordlings prepare to face the inevitable outcome of their lifes. Rise the flag of your kingdom and fight until your last breath. {Played by Vernon Roche.}
  • The Fellowship of the Witcher: Geralt's journey has been very long, and he has met many people along the way. Check out the characters that have accompanied him on his adventures. {Played by Bernard Tule and Haddy.}
  • The Witch Hunt: Church of the Eternal Fire, Order of the Flaming Rose, Witch Hunters... Everything is ready for a well-done sorceresses barbecue. {Played by Bloody Baron.}

Nilfgaardian Empire
  • Assassins' Creed: You won't see them coming. You won't hear them approach. But you will know that your life has come to an end. {Played by Sasha.}
  • Dangerous Magic: People believe that sorceresses are the only ones who can play with magic. Well, nilfgaardian alchemists have proven that's not entirely true. {Played by Gremist.}
  • Empire: A very well prepared force to conquest the whole Continent. Loyalty and righteousness are what keeps an unstoppable army invincible. {Played by Ambassador von Hinn and Robert Hilbert.}
  • Lies & Wine: In life you don't win by being good, but being the smartest. If you are invited to a drink, think first about what they want in return. {Played by Marquise Serenity.}
  • Witchers: Toss a coin to your witcher, o' Valley of Plenty, o' Valley of Plenty! Toss a coin to your witcher, a friend of humanity... {Played by Stjepan.}

  • Dwarven Pride: Scoia'tael are more than tall people with pointy ears or wild women of the forest. Some may have joined the Northern Realms, but still others remain faithful to the cause. {Played by Yaki Rafiberg and Zoltan Chivay.}
  • Rebel Alliance: If you see "some furry fucking things" on the battlefield, don't panic. It would be a coincidence that they were Scoia'tael commandos. {Played by Finneas.}
  • Rogue Squadron: Don't rely too much on appearances. They will ambush you from the trees, the lakes, the sky... Be careful not to fall into their traps, and always keep an eye open. {Played by Thaler.}
  • The Jungle Book: Once upon a time, a few girls went into the forest and never came back. Years later, brave warriors ventured into the forest to end massacred by green wild women. End of the story. {Played by Vimme Vivaldi.}
  • Warbringers: Some people are known by their words, others are known by their actions. But there is a third group of people that only leave destruction on their path. {Played by Lambert.}

  • Batmonsters: Don't you like sunlight? Do you enjoy sucking blood? Well, this deck is made especially for you. {Played by Madman Lugos.}
  • Hidden Intentions: It may seems that monsters don't have much brains, but appearances are deceiving. They will trick and play on you as if you were a puppet. {Played by Count Tybalt.}
  • Most Wanted: Attention! There are some monsters in the decks of Gwent players from all places. Any interested witcher who tracks them down and kills them will get a sizable coin reward as recompense for his trouble. {Played by Hamal ogn Dangbahli and Olivier.}
  • Pure Evil: What will happen if you put together the Wild Hunt and Salamandra? The most infamous deck with an extra dose of infinite evil. {Played by Ermion.}
  • The Last Wish: Be careful what you wish for. There will always be someone willing to take advantage of your prayers. {Played by Olgierd von Everec.}

  • Clash of Clans: Who will be the next King of Skellige Isles? Cerys, Hjalmar, Svanrige... There aren't too many candidates available to fill the position, so the battle for the crown will be really intense. {Played by Crach an Craite.}
  • Gods Among Us: Respect the traditions and pray for their blessing. You better never anger the Gods if you don't want to suffer their wrath. {Played by Circus' Gwent Addict.}
  • Pirates of the Caribean: Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me! We pillage, we plunder, we rifle, and loot. Drink up, me 'earties, yo ho! We kidnap and ravage and don't give a hoot. Drink up, me 'earties, yo ho! {Played by Shani.}
  • Svalblod or Die: Only a few skelligers remember its existence, but there are still some followers who worship the ancient deity of war and cruelty. {Played by Old Sage.}
  • Vikings: Known for sailing the seas and raiding coastal cities. Islanders are proud warriors who have "the sea in their blood", and probably in their brains too... {Played by Martin Monnier.}

Retextured art

All the cards have received updated art from the standalone Gwent: The Witcher Card Game. I have made the replacement of more than 300 portraits (including both old and new cards) with those of their equivalents in the spin-off game.

Besides, I have added a configuration GUI to the ingame Options menu that let you swamp some cards for their alternative versions (keeping the same strength and effects; changing portrait, name and description). Most of them will change just its portrait for another one from Gwent: The Witcher Card Game of the same card. But there are a few of them that will completely change the card for a different one that also fits the spot occupied by the original.

Detailed tooltips

This mod adds extra information to cards with Tight BondMusterHidden Power and Rebirth that help you know what cards are linked, summon, transform and reborn into others. These new tooltips replace some of the original quotes included in the cards. Details for every card (name, power, effect, faction, etc...) can be reviewed on the PDF file included in the mod. Effect tooltips have been also rewritten to make them clearer to understand.

New cards

The reworked gameplay I described earlier brings more than 60 new cards to the game. These cards can be adquired from merchants, innkeeps, random rewards, quests, etc. My recommendation is to explore the world and discover by yourself where to find them by checking the book A Miraculous Guide to Gwent. Nevertheless, you can check the PDF file included in the mod to find the ids for each card and add them with console commands.

Besides, there are extra cards bundled on expansion packs to make the game a bit more richer. These expansion cards are focused on specific themes that I think fit well into the game. Each expansion set brings around 8~10 new cards to the game, mainly focused on a faction but not exclusive to it.

A Miraculous Guide to Gwent

I have reworked the book A Miraculous Guide to Gwent to include a detailed list of all available unique cards (vanilla, new and expansion cards that you only can have one of each of them). Now the book shows the names of the unique cards that you can still obtain from each zone (including Toussaint) and from winning against unnamed players. It also indicates if the card is obtained from a duel, loot, quest or shop, to help catching them all.

Origins Expansion

Every story has a beginning, and this expansion focuses on deepening the characters from the first game of The Witcher's franchise. It's at the same time a tribute to the saga and a way of remembering the Origins of this amazing tale with a little nostalgia. You can buy these 9 new cards from Dulla kh'Amanni, the ofiri merchant at Upper Mill (Velen).
  • New Hero: Azar Javed, the leader of Salamandra.
  • Order of the Flaming Rose combo: Cleric of the F.R. summons Knights of the F.R., and Jacques de Aldersberg transforms them into Greater Brothers.
  • Savolla have developed an insane interest on Monsters like Frightener.
  • This time to be able to remove the curse from Adda, you must survive until the end of the round.

Wild Hunt Expansion

Prepare to face (or embrace) the arrival of the Wild Hunt! This pack adds a new pillar to the Monsters deck that will help them to ensure the conquest of this world. You can buy these 8 new cards from the merchants at Fyresdal (Skellige), Larvik (Skellige) and Oreton (Velen).
  • New Hero: The Golden Child Caranthir.
  • Naglfar summons the lieutenants Imlerith and Caranthir into the battle.
  • Wild Hunt Navigator will need a round to prepare the Portal for the arrival of the Wild Hunt.
  • People of Skellige warned about the final battle known as Ragh Nar Roog, but we didn't listen.

Syndicate Expansion

Although Novigrad is under the flag of Northern Realms, its true rulers are the Big Four of the crime Syndicate. The organization controls the city's underworld and they have eyes everywhere, so whatever you do they will know. You can buy these 10 new cards from the madame at Crippled Kate's (Novigrad), the innkeep at Nowhere Inn (Novigrad) and the merchant at Oxenfurt (Velen).
  • Hero promotion: Olgierd wasn't enough to be immortal, he also wanted to be immune.
  • Gangs combo: Cutup Lackeys summon Whoreson Junior, who is reborn as Dudu and transforms Carlo Varese into Cleaver, who summons Crownsplitter Thugs.
  • Do you think Beggars aren't useful? Ask the King of Beggars.
  • Wyvern has been tamed and now participates with Boris on Igor's arena fights as Tatterwing.

Brokilon Expansion

Brokilon also known among humans as the Forest of Death, is an ancient forest queendom and the home of the dryads. It's a Scoia'tael bastion of resistance and the sole nonhuman state never conquered by Nordlings. You can buy these 10 new cards from the tailor Elihal at Tretogor Gate (Novigrad) and the herbalist Otto Bamber at Herbalist's Hut (Velen).
  • New Hero: Morénn, the daughter of Eithné.
  • Be kind to the dryads and they will gift you with Water of Brokilon.
  • Nymphs of Woods: Sirssa and Braenn summon each other and Morénn.
  • Watch your footing in the forest lest you disturb Monsters like the Yghern.

Toussaint Expansion

The cheerful citizens of Toussaint welcome you to the land of wine! It´s time for you to enjoy the spring weather and take a walk through the blomming meadows on this wonderful duchy of the Nilgaardian Empire. Damn, everything would be perfect if that Beast of Beauclair didn´t exist... You can buy these 10 new cards from the merchants at Blackbough (Velen) and Gildorf (Novigrad).
  • New Hero: "Her Enlightened Ladyship" Anna Henrietta.
  • The Curse of the Black Sun that affects Syanna will Scorch the world.
  • What does Vivienne hide? It's a bird... It's a plane... It's Oriole!
  • Vampires combo: Orianna summons Dettlaff, and Vampire: Alp transforms him into Beast of Beauclair, who summons Vampires: Plummard.

Religion Expansion

The Religion plays a strong part in many people's lives in the known world, ranging from the workshipping of a prophet from Northern Realms, to mythical beings and cults from Skellige. You can buy these 8 new cards from the merchants at Blandare (Skellige) and Freya's Temple (Skellige).
  • New Hero: Tyr, son of Hemdall and the first master of An Skellig.
  • From the ashes of Lebioda, the Sacred Flame of the Eternal Fire rises!
  • Svalblod summons his fanatical followers Artis and Knut into the battlefield.
  • Vildkaarl combo expanded: Artis transforms Vildkaarl Butcher into Berserker, who summons Vildkaarl Ravagers that transform too into Young Berserkers, who are linked to Vabjorn and themselves.

Please read this if you are planning to use the mod on an already started game:

Before installing this mod, I recommend you to make an additional save file. I have to warn you that if you add any of the new cards I made to your collection, and then uninstall the mod, you will lost all your cards and the deck builder won't work. This is a issue with the original engine of the game and I cannot fix it.

To avoid cache problems, leave all your current faction decks empty before installing the mod. I changed original card ids and it could cause that some cards to appear on a wrong faction if they were previously on your current deck.

In the vanilla game, there are some cards that don't stack although they are the same one. This happens because the developers of the game have used the same card for different ids. I have solved that problem in this mod, but as a result it can make a few of your cards to be replaced with new ones. Don't panic, your "lost" cards have been restored to their original merchants. Just go where you bought them and the cards will be there waiting for you to buy them again. However, a few cards didn't restore properly so I added them to two merchants: Marcus T. K. Hodgson at Hierarch Square (Novigrad), and the merchant from the circus troupe at northwest of Carsten (Velen). I'm sorry for the inconvenience this may cause, but it was done to make it 100% compatible with already started games to avoid forcing you to restart the game.

To install the mod, unzip and copy its content directly on your The Witcher 3 main folder. You can use Script Merger to find and resolve any conflict that appears with the scripts, and, but don't merge or with other mods because they're heavily modified files. Apart from that, this mod alters some Gwent related files that make it incompatible with other mods that modifies them (check Compatibility section for more info). In addition, if you use other mods that add configuration menus, you can use Menu Filelist Updater to regenerate properly the dx11filelist.txt and dx12filelist.txt files.

To unistall the mod, remove modGwentRedux from your mods folder, and modGwentReduxConfig.xml from your bin/config/r4game/user_config_matrix/pc folder. Then restart the game from a previous save file from before installing the mod.

To update the mod, simply repeat the process of installing the mod and overwrite all files when requested. Also check on Script Merger if new conflicts appear to solve them. Updating the mod version won´t affect your current progress on the game, and it´s recomendable to always do it.

As I said previously on Installation section, this mod is incompatible with other mods that modify the following files:
  • def_gwint_battle_king_cards.xml
  • def_gwint_cards_final.xml
  • def_item_gwint.xml
  • def_loot_shops.xml
  • card_sources.csv
  • deck_builder.redswf
  • gwint_game.redswf

Other Gwent mods

Probably you could have been using other Gwent mod and want to switch to this one. Most of those mods block your deck builder, so you can't directly remove it and install Gwent Redux. But now I made a Reboot Tool to make it possible to switch to this one if your current Gwent mod is one of the following:

To reboot your deck, first remove your current mod from that list and copy modGwentReduxDeckReboot in your mods folder. Now enter the game, run your desired saved file and check your deck. You will find some (or none) Joker cards with exorbitant power in most cases. The power of each card is its internal index. Those cards are the ones that need to be removed from your deck before switching to Gwent Redux. To make it simple, I added a PDF file in the reboot mod with a list of the possible cards you need to remove. Now you have to open the console ingame and use the command removeitem('XXX') and change "XXX" for the ids on the list. So the complete process would be:
  • Check the power of the Joker card.
  • Search that power (index) on the PDF list.
  • Use the command removeitem('XXX') changing "XXX" for the associated id to that index.
  • Check the card has been correctly removed.
  • Repeat the process until you remove all your Joker cards.

When you finish the reboot process, create a new saved file and exit the game. You now have a vanilla-like deck builder on that saved file that is compatible with Gwent Redux. Then proceed to remove the reboot mod and copy modGwentRedux in your mods folder. Congratulations, you have finally installed Gwent Redux. I know the process could be tedious, but you will only need to do it the first time you install the mod.

If you see a Joker card but can´t remove it with the Reboot Tool, it means that card wasn't obtained from merchants and can´t be removed this way. Only in this case keep the card on your deck, but keep in mind its place will be taken by a new card, so you will end with an extra copy of the new card (the one you currently have and the extra one added by me to a merchant). However, you will be able to remove the new card added by me and then your deck will be finally "corrected" (just search the index of your unremoved card in the PDF file from the main mod).

Achievements & Quests

This mod is 100% compatible with Card Collector and I Have a Gwent Problem. The only difference is that you will need to obtain more unique cards to earn them. New cards added with the initial overhaul (not counting expansion cards) are now required for these achievements. As a consequence, the required cards for Collect 'Em All have been increased in the same way. To help with the card hunt, the book A Miraculous Guide to Gwent can be used to keep track of the missing cards (including old and new ones) still necessary to obtain, and where to find them. Also I have included a tag to buyable cards to make a distinction of regular cards (Basic Set) from expansion cards (Expansion Set) to clarify what cards are needed and which ones are not.

Currently the mod is available in English and many more languages. The english adaptation is included in the main download of the mod, but the other ones can be downloaded on their respective pages. The translators to other languages have contributed enormously to help more people enjoy the mod, so please also thank them for their work.

If you are interested in doing a translation to another language, I added the CSV file with the strings that needs to be translated. Open it with Notepad++ or similar program (don't use Excel because it breaks the file) and replace the strings with your desired translation. Then you can use w3strings Encoder to create your custom translation file for the mod. New quoted strings are obtained from their respective cards on Gwent: The Witcher Card Game. Checking that game may help you with the translation.

This is the first mod I made for The Witcher 3, so I would really appreciate your feedback to improve and make it a better mod. Card values and effects are subject to change if their performance it's not optimal. I hope you like this mod as much as I do while developing it!