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Are you fed up of falling 10 feet and dying instantly in Witcher 3?
Losing half your health from a 5 foot drop?
Scared that the next ledge you jump over could mean your kneecaps meeting your skull and pelvis all at the same time?
This mod will save you from the countless times you've died from the final boss Gravity!

Permissions and credits
So the reduced fall damage mod by phlowerchild hasn't been updated for anything beyond 1.1 (I think)
This mod is made by him but updated by Rakan (In the posts section) to only affect Geralt then updated again by Mrc136k so it now works on the current patch of the game 1.31.

I'm merely uploading this so people can find and use easier and quicker without sieving through a ton of posts.

So now for a description of the mod.

This makes it so that the traditional death drop is no longer 14 feet (with roll if Im right) because who dies instantly from a drop that is twice their height?
Maybe a broken leg at the most.

Instead, you will lose some health instead of ALL OF IT.

No longer will you fear jumping in this game!

But remember this mod doesn't make your kneecaps invincible!

How to install?

Simples extract with winrar or whatever unzipping you use on this and copy this into your mods file 

if this is your first mod you will need to create a file (called mods) in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt file (where you would find bin and content files)
In a place like  C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\The Witcher 3 Wild hunt

after you've copied/extracted the file into the mod file YOU'RE DONE!
Go jump off a ledge or two but makes sure you drink a swallow or eat some chicken sandwiches afterwards