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Swaps or edits some of the commonly used fire w2p with others that I think look better. Next Gen compatible.

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True Fires

This is a new overhaul of the fires for Witcher 3. It was built from NewFires by Swedgin, so we decided  to split the mod into 2 parts. You'll have to download the Part 1 from his mod page, which is here.
Be sure to read all the installation and compability part in the description. Hope you enjoy the mod.

Quick installation guide :
1) Download the "True Fires - Part 1" file from the True fires mod page and paste it inside your /mods folder.
2) Download the "True Fires - Part 2" file from this page and paste it inside your DLC folder.

You need both files for the mod to work!!!

For any comparison pics, check the True fires mod page!
And go endorse it because Swedgin did God's work with this!!!

True Fires

New Fires

This was done long ago, with the intention of changing many more w2ps but I got lazy and set it aside. Decided to share it anyway even in the current state.

Beware that there might be some bugs or weirdly placed fires. I tried to keep them at a minimum by making it a DLC also but obviously I might have missed some. Whoever tried the mod said he didn't see anything too weird, so that's that. Just keep it in mind.

Pics don't really show it good imo, you need to see it in game. It's hard to get a good fire shot, flames

It doesn't change every fire, but it should swap most of the common ones you encounters (braziers, campfires and so on). Torches were not edited because I didn't find anything that looked better. There's an w2p that has some dynamic fire stuff but looks weird, so decided not to. Particular fires that don't have an entity have not been swapped deliberately because I've avoided changing the w2p directly, in case it would bug out in some other unknown location. (and I really didn't want to go around bug testing for endless hours).

Also some fires have not been swapped (like a particular shrine of eternal fire fire w2p), but I changed the material to some bob one I think (or HoS i dont remember). It should look slightly better.

This mod is not compatible with anything that changes the common light sources entities ( like the More shadows mod for example, which is really good btw and you should use it if your computer can handle it). There might be a patch being made by someone soon, so if and when that's going to be ready, you'll have it.) For the time being, you'll have to choose which mod to use.

You must have Blood & Wine and Heart of Stone expansion DLCs.

28/02/2019 I have added a version with shadow enabled. I swapped the entities with those that had shadows while managing to enable others without swapping the file. I very quickly did a run in Novigrad and it seems to work without too many noticable bugs but I know shadows can be glitchy, so beware. If you want torches and candles with shadows too, you are still going to need to install MoreShadows mod, just load it AFTER this mod, or you'll lose the new fires. If bugs arise, you either use the normal version or live with them. I'm not going to bother with them, sorry.