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This mod fixes several cutscenes bugs to improve immersion.

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IMPORTANT: This mod (v2.3) has been incorporated into the Witcher 3 Next Gen. Thank you CDPR for letting me be part of the best games ever released.

Starting with v4.0 of this mod, it will only be to fix cutscenes bugs for Witcher 3 Next Gen.
The old version of the mod (v2.3) will be left in the Old section for anyone who still plays the Classic Witcher 3.


This mod fixes several cutscenes bugs to improve immersion.

Let me know in the comments if you find any other cutscene bugs, and I'll try to fix them.

What's changed (for cs) from Witcher 3 v1.32 to Next Gen (v4.0):
  • CDPR has integrated all cs in this mod and made them all render realtime.
  • They have also made the following cs render realtime: Geralt's Wild Hunt Nightmare, Wild Orchid Horse Chase (fully).
  • They have fixed all the bugs listed in v2.3 Known Issues below.

List of bugs fixed in this mod:
  • Removed Eredin's duplicated shoulder pad in Battle of KM cs.
  • Added Avallach's missing hair in Naglfar Ship Arrives cs.
  • Added Nilfguard missing helm, gloves, and horse reins in Wild Orchid Horse Chase cs.


  1. Remove any old version of this mod you have installed.
  2. Extract the archive into your Witcher 3 root folder. Or move modImmersiveRealtimeCSNGE into your Witcher3/mods folder.
  3. Use Script Merger to merge scripts.

This mod should be compatible with 99% of mods out there. This is a MEDIUM priority mod. This means that it should be lower priority than your body, costume, and hair mods, but it should be higher priority than mods like Besserwisser or general LODs.