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This mod changes several prerendered cutscenes into real-time rendering, with some LOD and bug fixes.

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** WARNING: pictures and descriptions may contain spoilers. **

Thanks to a discovery by FAKEFACTORY, several prerendered cutscenes (CS) can now be turn into real-time rendered CS (if animation data is available).

  • Real-time rendered several cutscenes. See list below.
  • Higher quality than pre-rendered cs (which is usually encoded at low bitrate).
  • Higher fps than pre-rendered cs (which is usually locked at 30 fps).
  • Characters' costumes from DLC or appearance mods are shown (pre-rendered videos characters have fixed costumes, breaking immersion).
  • Increased body, hair, and garments LOD of characters involved in the cutscenes to prevent disappearance and improve quality.
  • Fixed several cutscene-related bugs as best as I could.

Realtime Rendered CS List:
  1. Wild Orchid Horse Chase (partially)
  2. Battle of Kaer Morhen
  3. Ciri's Explosion
  4. Naglfar Ship Arrives at Skellige
  5. Ciri's Chat with Avallach on the Pier
  6. Ciri Meets the Wild Hunt
  7. Ciri Enters the White Frost

This mod only changes the scenes described above, NOT every CS.

Bugs Fixed:
  • Naglfar Ship Arrives: Fixed Ciri's chest being see-through when using DLC costume when on the pier.
  • Naglfar Ship Arrives: Fixed several NPCs disappearing when seen from far away.
  • Ciri's Explosion: Fixed a vanilla bug where Eredin sometimes has a double overlapping shoulder pad and sometimes doesn't have it at all.

Known Issues:
  • General: Minor stutters and glitches when the camera changes. (Small tradeoff, imo.)
  • General: Audio such as bgm or sound effects may play correctly, partially, or not at all. It depends on the cs. See below.
  • Wild Orchid Horse Chase: part of the chase (the one where the Wild Hunt kills the soldiers) can't be realtime rendered because there is no animation data available.
  • Battle of Kaer Morhen: no sound effects but still has bgm.
  • Battle of Kaer Morhen: some lamps and campfires are off (though it was like this during normal gameplay at KM, so it might not be a cs-related problem).
  • Ciri's Explosion: Ciri's scream can be heard but only for a short duration compared to vanilla.
  • Ciri's Explosion: Wild Hunt soldiers may have missing shadows during the cs (possibly vanilla bug).
  • Naglfar Ship Arrives: Ciri and Avallach's shadows are missing when the mages look down at them from the mountains.
  • Ciri Meets the Wild Hunt: Epic bgm doesn't play when she's about to fight the Wild Hunt (but can be fixed by reloading the autosave).
  • Ciri Enters White Frost: Ciri has no sword on her back (compared to vanilla) when she enters the White Frost.
  • Ciri Enters White Frost: Ciri's memories are still pre-rendered. This is a design decision.*

* There are several reasons why this isn't desirable. When real-time rendering these memories CS...
  1. The brown filter is lost.
  2. They're full of major bugs: Ciri appears as a white godly figure with no texture, black screen flickering constantly, etc.
  3. Some memories don't have animation data for realtime rendering.

  1. Remove any old version of this mod you have installed.
  2. Extract modImmersiveRealtimeCS or modImmersiveRealtimeCS_BASEversion into your Witcher 3/mods folder.
  3. Use Script Merger to merge scripts.

Note: If you use the modImmersiveRealtimeCS_BASEversion version, make sure to install the required Base Appearances Special Expansion mod, too.

This mod should be compatible with the majority of mods out there. The only issue you can run into is if the character mods you're using has a low LOD, then they might disappear partly or completely when the camera zooms out far away (ie. Ciri looking at Yennefer on the mountain or Triss looking at the mages on the other mountain), but they will appear normal when the camera is close by.

This is a MEDIUM priority mod. This means that it should be lower priority than your body, costume, and hair mods, but it should be higher priority than mods like Besserwisser or general LODs.

If any NPC don't appear like the screenshots, then there may be some conflicts with your other mods. Try changing your mod order.