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Alters vanilla soft-targeting algorithm, works with both KB/M and controller.

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Enhanced Targeting - Classic Edition
This version of the mod is for the Classic Edition of the game. You can download the Next Gen Edition compatible version here.

This mod is a continuation of original work by Mpstark, which can be found here: Enhanced Targeting.

Mpstark is not developing the mod any further and I was unable to reach him via PM, but fortunately, he licensed his mod under the MIT license — you can find README.txt and LICENSE.txt both inside the original package and inside this new package made by me. What this means is that he allowed anyone to use his work in any way.

Changes in this version:

* Latest Classic Edition compatibility;
* Modded targeting is now used when in combat only, preventing weird issues with interaction while in exploration mode;
* Distance weight is now exposed to options menu and a new preset added for always soft-locking to closest enemy.

Description by Mpstark:

Witcher 3's automatic targeting fails to impress, especially in combination with the "softlock" mechanism — targets can change wildly for seemingly no particular reason, during a dodge, for example, which can lead to violent (and frustrating!) deaths from being locked in an animation in a completely unintended direction. This mod replaces Witcher 3's automatic targeting with one that is much more consistent, particularly for mouse and keyboard controls, though a controller preset is available in the menu. An options menu is also provided with which to tweak exactly how targeting works — find what works for you and your playstyle!

The new algorithm (with the default values) tries to pick targets that are, in order of importance:
* close to the player;
* near the angle of camera;
* near to player movement;
* near player's facing.

It also tends to "snap" to targets, particularly if the player is attacking them, drastically minimizing target jitter.


1. Copy the entire "modEnhancedTargeting" folder into "[Path To The Witcher 3]\mods" folder
2. (Optional but recommended) Install the menu by navigating to "[Path To The Witcher 3]\mods\modEnhancedTargeting" folder and copying the entire "bin" folder into your "[Path To The Witcher 3]" folder.

Be sure to run Script Merger if you have any other mods installed.


Delete modEnhancedTargeting from your "[Path To The Witcher 3]\mods" directory and modEnhancedTargetingConfig.xml from your "[Path To The Witcher 3]/bin/config/r4game/user_config_matrix/pc" folder.

Be sure to run Script Merger if you have any other mods installed.