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Reduces lag for the stash menu

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UPD: This was fixed with Next Gen update

This mod improves performance of a stash menu. Originally, if you have a lot of items in your stash, the game will lag for a few seconds when you add or remove items. The reason for that was the fact that whenever item was added or removed, the game will fully refresh stashes items list (recreate all the icons, etc.). Now stash menu works in a same way shop menu or player inventory work - only the item that you add or remove is updated. This mod also adds the ability to choose quantity of items that you take from stash (in vanilla you can only take all of them at once).

Only tested on 1.32 GOTY

Showcase video with vanilla comparison:

Other fixes and mods by me:
* Item Selection Grid Fix - fix bizzare item placement in a selection window
* Fix Aerondight Stats Comparison - fix incorrect Aerondight damage difference
* Choose Better Food - game picks best food instead of water
* Improved Time Skip (Meditation and Fast Travel) - make effects work during meditation, fast travel tweaks and more
* Don't Fear Quen - NPCs don't run in fear when you apply Quen
* Eat from Inventory during combat - Now you can eat while browsing inventory
* Don't Eat Underwater - Eating and drinking underwater is illegal
* Fix New Game Plus Crafted Items Leveling - Fix crafted items leveling up in New Game Plus
* Quick Save in Pause Menu - Adds Quick Save option in the pause menu
* Fix Regeneration - Fix stats regenerating more than they should