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I was tired that there didn't exist a single German version for "Better Icons", which I liked. They either had bugs, spelling mistakes, or simply were outdated. Also I found the text to be too big, I wanted something more subtle. So after all, I decided to create my own version of the mod. For anyone who is interested, I offer it for download.

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I always loved the idea of the "Better Icon" mods. I tried them all, but didn't really like a single one, there was always something that didn't feel right. Sometimes I even had compatibility issues with other mods (not with all of them though).

I created my version with much care and by hand. I took every single icon (potions, decoctions, oils and bombs) out of the game and carefully edited it. My mod is highly compatible with everything els - besides other "Better Icon" mods for sure ;) -, because my mod only contains a "texture.cache" file, no xml's and other stuff involved, which could lead to other incompatibilities. This also grants you, that the mod won't cause any bugs, because I only replaced the "Icons" by hand.

I made the font a bit smaller then all the other "Better Icon" mods, because I don't like it, when the text takes something away from the icon itself. So for some of you, the text might be too small, however, I like it just that way. I can read it good enough, but the icon is still shown in it's full glory. Like I said, it's very subtle but still readable. I took special care, that the mod doesn't contain any misspellings, I am very careful and perfectionist on such things, as spelling mistakes ruin the immersion for me personally. However, a had to shorten a few item descriptions as they would have been much too long, it's not possible to write them in there full glory (Example: Mittagserscheinungs-Absud).

Now that I wrote this whole text, I noticed that I should have written it in German ;) . As I am used to write in English at the moment, it happened however and I will keep it that way. No comments about it please, I already know this is kinda funny.

Installation: Just drop the mod into your mods folder, like always. Nothing more, nothing less.
Uninstallation: Take the mod out of the mods folder, done.

Also be sure to check out my other mod (Music Overhaul Project): https://www.nexusmods.com/witcher3/mods/3876