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Smooth, homogeneous, and aesthetically pleasing grass. Covers Velen/Novigrad, Skellige, and White Orchard.

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New mod is out! Meadows is better looking and more performance friendly across the board! (IMO) It covers every region in the game and really adds so much more. Smooth Grass may still be to your tastes, but I recommend that everyone give my new mod a shot. Thank you for all of your support thus far! I really appreciate it <3
Download here:

I wanted to replace various grass types that tend to stick out in a sometimes overly jarring manner, as well as to create dense and homogeneous fields of grass. Was actually originally inspired by a bug that glitched the grass into being flat, of all things, but it has evolved a great deal since then, and features none of the downsides obviously. Retains certain flowers and grass types here and there for diversity, while staying true to the intended aesthetic. If you feel comfortable in doing so, try cranking grass density to 6000 or 8000. It makes the grass super dense, and isn't quite as taxing as some other grass mods, at least on my rig. Please let me know if you encounter any bugs, as this wasn't tested extensively with default vanilla grass settings. Feel free to post any screenshots if you'd like.

Just drag and drop into your mods folder to install.


Here is a cool showcase video put together by RISE: