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Edits the famous Heatherton village cutscene to look more like the trailer shown at VGX. Next Gen compatible.

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VGX Burning Village Cutscene NG
This mod tries to recreate the famous village cutscene shown during the vgx trailer. I swapped around the fire FX for others that IMO look better and I also have now assigned the cutscene a completely custom env instead of the old one I was using in the old gen version, so I can tweak it safely without worrying about affecting other areas. While the env is custom, if you use a lighting mod that tweaks bloom specifically (in the world file .w2w), it will probably mess up the overall look of the mod, possibly making it look overblown or completely flat.

I suggest using Ray tracing if your PC can handle it, it gives the mod quite a boost. If not, non RT lighting is fine aswell. I posted both RT and non RT screenshots.

I also removed all the old reshade shots I had made when I created this mod. I agree that was confusing, since the reshade was boosting the pictures quite a bit. All the new screenshots of version 1.1 are pure vanilla games. The only mods installed are this one and the Eredin armor + mask combo. No Reshade or lighting mod whatsoever.
I also cut down the normal and bright version with just one, that I think looks balanced enough.

Thanks to AKBLT for this great video comparison!

If you are on old gen still, please use the old mod versions 1.0.