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A collection of fixes for issues that are present in the vanilla game.

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C o m m u n i t y   P a t c h   -   T h e   B e s s e r w i s s e r 

Borrowed from German Besserwisser, from besser (“better”) + Wisser (“knower”). The latter is a neologism from wissen (“to know”, verb).
Noun: Besserwisser (plural Besserwissers)A know-it-all, wiseguy, wiseacre, smart aleck. 

Besserwisser has grown from a collection of personal fixes to community wide patch, including many fixes from many modders. So thanks mod-makers and mod-users.

Please feel free to open up vanilla (or mod related) issues in their respected bugs - section

Team Besserwisser now has two modders: KoalaNalle and Gerignak

This patch is a collection of fixes. And it's done in the same spirit as 
Nitpicker's Patch. There's also a couple of issues with said patch, and this is supposed to correct some that are present in there.

Nitpicker's Patch is highly recommended (but not required!) as it fixes so much issues of the main game. One can use any version available from the Nitpicker page.

New in version 1.8:
  • Vanilla dye system infused with Old Quality textures.
  • Added compatibility fix for Nitpickers
  • Incorporated Alternate Aard Water Ripple Fix
  • Fixed Caparison of Lament Eye (Thanks MonarchX)
  • Fixed Kaer Morhen Flickering Clouds
  • Added shoes to Keiras Velen appearance, color adjustments... (see image)
  • Fixed the effect in the Triss;Menge cutscene (also changed bloody face texture)
  • NGP Crafted relics XML fix (Internal fix) 
  • Upped LOD's on some torches, noticable in Vegelbud Racetrack

If you use Nitpickers Patch use one of my new Nitpickers Edited Version V2.0 for Community Patch - The Besserwisser. This is a non-conflicting version where the broken assets are taken out. Please Endorse chuckcash his work is invaluable to The Witcher 3 Modding Community

Besserwisser now has merged Old High Quality textures as the main texture for witcher armors. But they are kept dyable, when dyed, the armors will revert to the dyed-armor-type-texture. This will brake armor mods, and they will not function. Thus for people that use armor mods, should use the no-armor-edits version.

How to install:
Unzip the insides to your Witcher 3 installation folder, make sure that afterwards there is Witcher 3/mods/modZeBesserwisser

Use Script Merger if neccessary. There are bucket loads of non-mergeable conflicts, but ignore these with your mods. Just set Besserwisser to load after those mods.

Besserwisser contains fixes for:
  • BlackSpider fix, which makes the Black Spider to be registered as insectoids, like in bestiary. These are set as spectres in Vanilla game.
  • Yennefer's torso fix, most visible in couch at Corvo Bianco
  • Vespula's torso fix, NPC in sidequest named: Broken Flowers (Torso tweaked more in Version 1.0 so that Irina Renagades torso won't portrude through the shirt
  • Ciri sleeping at Corvo Bianco bed. And the bed itself also fixed.
  • All (But Wild Hunt Ships that already have good and consistent distances) Boat Masts and Boat Hulls now appear at the same time. HMS Oxenfurt-Tretogor 
  • All 400 eye meshes changed to have better "Auto Hide Distance" this should mean no more eyeless NPCs in cutscene background
  • Added a missing stove to Winter White Orchard. Thanks ScoutBr0 for your help!
  • Fixed Vivienne moving to Skellige after finishing Blood and Wine. Must have finished "Ugly Baby". Vivienne will move to the same room Yennefer stayed in Skellige.
  • Added the missing scene. "Cooking for Yennefer" It will be initiated, if Yennefer teleports you to the lake in quest "Disturbance" or you behave with poor manners with the call made with the fixed Megascope. Flow chart added to images
  • Fixed Vernon Roches floating sword, now closer to hip. The Sword is tweaked for All NPC Scabbards 1.22 including DLC, So use that for very best outcome.
  • Fixed Iris' Greatest Fear - Ethereals to be registered as spectres, like in bestiary. Now one can use spectre oil to gain a little upper hand. These were previously set as human.
  • Fixed Wild Horse Cube Shadow
  • Added fixed mage by Gerignak
  • Added fixed Painting of Hierarch Hemmelfart by Gerignak
  • Fixed Triss Bloody and Tortured Appearances not loading (Partly fixes the killing of menge)
  • Fixed Oxenfurt port ship masts disappearings
  • Fixed Novingrad port all ship masts and hulls
  • Reworked Dialogue scene with Irina Vegelbud. Appearing and disappearing well.
  • Margaritta now heals after leaving Dandelions Cabaret. I used these two mods for the best result: Clean skin for Margaritta By Krzych29 and Healed Margarita by Kingsegg
  • Fixed Mulbrydale floating poster. It's now on the dead treetrunk at the south end of the town.
  • Fixed HOS Beard Growth
  • Fixed White Orchard Sun direction now rises from the east and sets to the west, like the rest of the maps.
  • Hair LOD's increase throughout the game to 60
  • Fixed Arinbjorn Blacksmith Dialogue
  • Fixed Melusine when hit by Aard
  • Fixed DLC beards with Hearts of Stone Mark
  • Added thighs to Pricilla.
  • Fixed parry with Ethereals [SCRIPT]
  • Incorporated Polakowicz's Ciri Sword fix [SCRIPT]
  • Ciri Boots Texture Fix
  • GM Ursine reworked
  • Incorporated AsarGiN's Fix for Avalach Lab Music
  • Incorporated wghost81's Fix for Vivienne's Feather (item)[Ghost Mode compatible]
  • Fixed Crafted Relic sword sheath bug, swords like Negotiator_Crafted or Harpy
  • Added Panties to Pricilla thighs fix (see v1.6)
  • "High Stakes" Quest will now properly unlock a dialogue option with Fringilla Vigo
  • Increased draw distance of Nilfgaardian(DLC5) and Temerian(DLC1) Saddlebags
  • Made Succubusses use Essence and to actually be Hybrids (WTF CDPR, These are fucking hybrids, m.a.g.i.c.a.l. creatures!!!)
  • Fixed Triss DLC outfit at the Corvo Bianco
  • Moved the DLC part of Besserwisser to Mod
  • Added some rendering distance to Windmills, should loke much nicer specially in Toussant

As a rule of thumb. This fix is intended to be a low-priority patch. So other mods should override Besserwisser

Coming from older version?
Manually delete (and check for people using installers) the Witcher 3/dlc/dlcBesserwisser!!!
all DLC files are now moved to the mod!

and to be on the safe side delete a line in
Documents\The Witcher 3\user.settings

DlcEnabled_dlcbesserwisser=1 <-THIS ONE

You can safely delete every line under [DLC] it gets autogenerated on run, if user.settings is NOT SET read-only manually