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Are you also tired of the same repetetive music, being played over and over again? Well, this mod will make sure that you never get bored again while exploring the beautiful Northern Realms of the Witcher 3. What this mod does in detail, is to ADD new music to the game world, instead of REPLACING already existing music. It's all about VARIETY.

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Additional Gwent music (W1 and W2 tavern music added)!!!

Also: New Skellige songs for the Northern Isles (Spikeroog + An Skellig) and one song changed for the better (Nilfgaardian Army Camp)!

Mod Description:

Songs added from Witcher 1, Witcher 2
And for the first time - 3 songs from Thronebreaker - The Witcher Tales!!! (In update 1.3)

For examples of the added music, look further down below the page!!!

Thank you all
Mod of the month "August 2019"
                        It's really an honour, that so many people seem to like this mod!!!

Personally, I love the music of the Witcher 3, as much as I do love the Music of the Witcher 1 and 2. After playing the game for the second or third time, I recognized, that sometimes certain musical pieces got a bit boring. I looked on the Nexus and found some mods, which replaced the original songs in the game, with music from these older games. I loved the idea of adding songs from the Witcher 1 and 2, but couldn't use these mods however, as they were replacing the Vanilla songs, which I wasn't willing to sacrifice.

The aim of this mod is, to ADD music to many places in the game world, so the game becomes even more immersive and atmospheric. Also I think it's incredibly important, to only add tracks, which suit the Vanilla songs and improve on the mood of the different locations even further. Music is such an important part of video games, that often gets overlooked quite a bit. It can change the way you are experiencing a game/movie/series tremendously and the manner you connect with a game emotionally.

As stated above, the mod is about variety and also immersion. For now, only exploration music will be added, as it is the most important music to really dive into the world of the Witcher 3.

This version, is the first try of giving you an idea of what this project will hopefully be in the near future. This version contains six regions with enhanced music (for details look further below), in most cases there are 2 songs per region in total, in some cases there are 3 songs per region now in total. I decided, that the original Vanilla track, should always be the first track to be played, when entering a new region or loading a game. After that the new song(s) get played. I decided to do so, as the Vanilla tracks are mostly shorter than the newly added tracks, so you wouldn't hear the Vanilla songs very often, if the mod was built the other way round.

Mostly, I want to thank Ridog8, who helped me to get this whole thing going. He did all the complicated stuff, after I sent him the edited wave-files. He managed to fix some things, that were not working in the first place and is still motivated to work with me on this project. Without his help, this mod woulnd't exist.

We are currently working on adding more  songs to the mod, the aim is to add a few songs every now and then, so the whole game gets this special, musical treatment. The now available version 1.1 is just a tiny bit of a much bigger vision, so don't see it as final version.

Also, suggestions and constructive criticism are welcome in the comments section. Help us, to make this mod bigger and better.

For now, the added tracks are concerning the following regions:

Faroe Night - Same Picture I know ;), but different songs

AAAAAAAAANNNNNNND - The "old" stuff from previous updates below!!!

- Velen (South)West (0:00 - 2:59 Vanilla, 3:00 - 8:20 River Of Life (W1 OST) - THIS ONE PLAYS AT DAY & NIGHTTIME!!! (JUST SOOO GOOD)

- Velen North Day (0:00 - 2:48 Vanilla, 2:49 - 6:07 A Quiet Place (W2 OST)

- Velen North Night (0:00 - 2:48: Vanilla, 2:49 - 9:08 Road to Vizima (W1 Gameplay Music)

- Velen (South)East Day (0:00 - 2:56 Vanilla, 2:57 - 9:17 "Lakeside" (W1 Gameplay Music)

- Velen (South)East Night (0:00 - 2:52 Vanilla, 2:53 - 8:05 "Dungeon" (W1 Gameplay Music)

- Crow's Perch (0:00 - 2:58 Vanilla, 2:59 - 4:29 Do You Remember (W1 OST), 4:30 - 6:15 Goodbye Leo (W1 OST) - THIS ONE IS REALLY BEAUTIFUL!

- Novigrad Market Square + Harbor Day (0:00 - 3:11 Vanilla, 3:12 - 5:53 Tavern On The End Of The World (W1 OST)

Novigrad Market Square + Harbor Night (0:00 - 2:35 Vanilla, 2:36 - 5:50 "Untitled" (W1 Gameplay Music)

- Novigrad Rich District Day (0:00 - 2:47 Vanilla, 2:48 - 7:56 Peaceful Moments (W1 OST)

- Rosemary And Thyme (0:00 - 1:43 Vanilla, 1:44 - 4:24 A Watering Hole In The Harbor (W2 OST)

- Novigrad Outskirts Day (0:00 - 2:50 Vanilla, 2:51 - 7:00 A Nearly Peaceful Place (W2 OST)

- Novigrad Outskirts Night (0:00 - 3:05 Vanilla, 3:06 - 10:36 Vergen By Night (W2 OST)

- Swamp Night + Day + Orphan Village (0:00 - 3:47 Vanilla, 3:48 - 10:07 Swamp (W1 Gameplay Music)

- Oxenfurt "City" (0:00 - 0:48 Vanilla, 0:49 - 3:25 Oxenfurt Vocals (W3 OST)

- Temple Island
- Nilfgaardian Army Camp (South Velen) (0:00 - 2:09 Assassins of Kings (W2 OST), 2:10 - 4:38 Vanilla, 4:39 - 8:33 An Army Lying in Wait (W2 OST))

- Elven Ruins
- White Orchard Village (0:00 - 2:28 Vanilla, 2:29 - 9:30 The Dike (W1 OST))

- Kaer Morhen (0:00 - 2:34 Vanilla, 2:35 - 9:25 Old Manor (W1 Gameplay Music)

Please be also sure to check out Ridog8's other great mods, which are available here on the Nexus. This guy has some awesome mods to offer:

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Installation: Just extract the zipped file and put everything into your >mods< folder. If you have no mods folder, just create one. This mod is absolutely safe to use, as it only has one file to it (soundspc.cache). So it won't cause any problems, as long as you have no other "Music mods" installed.

Uninstallation: Just delete the "modMusic_Enhancement_Project_v1.0" folder from your >mods< folder.