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This mod changes the light and heavy cloud textures used by the game in the main region.

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This mod changes the light and heavy cloud textures used by the game in the main region with completely new ones. This is not an upscale or anything similar, these are completely new clouds. This is for all the vanilla lighting enjoyers and for any lighting mod that is not based on Toussaint clouds. (for that check out my New Toussaint Clouds ).

This new version I've managed to keep very close to vanilla style of clouds, so that they should not stick out that much between the non modded cloud textures used by the game (mostly the altocumulus and stripes cloud ones). The shading seems to be good enough for me to warrant a new release.

This time I've kept it as simple as vanilla with no mixed or different versions. There's a single file which has both light and heavy modded clouds. So it is easier for you and for me to keep track of.

It can be used in combination with New Toussaint Clouds, so that you'll have modded clouds both in the main regions and in Toussaint.

Here's a very quick showcase. I suggest installing the mod to check them out yourself if you like them or not. :)

Old files names and explanation (pre 3.0 version)


If you're looking for cloud textures for Toussaint, check out my mod New Toussaint Clouds.

Daro Source for the amazing cloud shader on blender market
AKBLT for his mod testing and video. Check his channel!

kilbeeu for his awesome blender cloud shader on blender swap.

Old File
The_Crasher for helping me with the textures
Jaume Sánchez for his awesome little website that i've used to have a base for the cloud textures
Linas for actually showing me this website some time ago and for the video, thanks bro!
KamehamehaNudel for the screenshots :D