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Loot Drops Still Glow But No Longer Sparkle

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This is a simple UI/Immersion mod that prevents the yellow sparkle from appearing above enemy loot drops.
It is the companion to my Quest Items Don't Sparkle mod.

It achieves this by completely removing the focus mode event in the file.

This mod will only remove the sparkle effect from all loot dropped by enemies and nothing else.
Loot drops will still glow.
Quest items will still sparkle and glow.
Please note that in the screenshots I am using several other mods including one that changes the focus glow color, one that changes the font, HUD, etc.

From a roleplay perspective, I think of the glow as the odor, shimmer, etc. that Geralt's heightened senses would pick up, but the sparkle is silly to me and only exists for convenience.
The Witcher Sense glow is enough to locate most loot drops, and that sparkle is really annoying.

Be aware that with this mod you will likely be spending more time (immersively) looking through the bushes for the entrails and valuables spilled from the corpses of slain men and monsters.
It will also be a much more satisfying experience looting your fallen foes.
Unless, of course you're the kind of Witcher who doesn't feel like gutting every wild dog or drowner he kills and would rather leave a feast for crows...

I have not run into any issues personally, but I'm a novice modder, so please let me know if you have any problems.


1. Unzip "modLootDropsDontSparkle" into your "mods" folder
2. Run Script Merger
3. Load the game to the main menu
4. Exit the game
5. Load the game again
6. Enjoy getting totally lost in the game as the world around you melts away due to all the immersion brought on by not seeing a cartoony sparkle over dismembered dead men and monster guts

Complimentary mods:
Quest Items Don't Sparkle - Companion to this mod. Use both to end all sparkle forever.
Friendly HUD - An absolute necessity for the serious Witcher-er
Absolute Camera - Customize all different camera settings
Immersive Sound - Great audio mod that also extends interaction range (very helpful)
Witcher Sense Color Customizer - Change the color of Witcher Sense glow using hex codes
Unseen Monsters - Makes you use your actual senses to locate monsters
No Decorative Container Looting - Removes most junk containers to make the loot more realistic (and help Geralt spend less time thieving and more time Witcher-ing)