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Roach became richer with new looks.

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Why I made this mod?

This idea came after i started playing Red Dead Redemption 2.
I fell in love with those horses, their looks. I thought if RDR2 animations and models can't be present in the world of Witcher 3, I would try to create something that would improve the appearance of Roach.
It’s a slow process, but hopefully I can make a lot of Red Dead 2 horses in Witcher 3. I mostly share my work on my own, quiet and less active Discord server. And I'm trying to take modding more "seriously" than before.

"Permission?" / "Request?"

Regis: "It would be possible, but..."

Dettlaff: "No."

Where are the old files?

Bottom of the downloadable files. Every option in the Old Files contains the required folders for the current horse you downloading. Warning you, my old files not containing the new tails, nor manes for the horses.
Read below, if you are interested in using the HW tail and new mane variants by Ard Carraigh!

Hosea: "Simple, isn't it?"

Simple warning about the Toussaint "Issue"!

As we were fixed up the appearance for the horse, found out that a certain appearance is forced to load in Toussaint, that makes the horse head became motionless.
This is a vanilla thing, and this way - !SPOILER! - if you haven't played the BaW DLC.
The quest, called Talking Horse works. And in these versions, we focused on that, to leave it as vanilla. So, in the mission, the horse have lip movements when talking, but out of scene? Yes, sadly you have the motionless head. (Only when you are in Toussaint.)
For this, i have decided to add back my old versions (current ones are the Quest"Suppert" files, but that will ignore the quest, and the horse lips won't move while talking. These versions are only for those, who want to see the life on the horse's head while wandering around the wine land, just like me.
When i add those versions, i'll leave a small text under each mod's description, and they will be in the Optional files.

How to install?

All files in main section require the dlc "0.dlcDhusHorses".
You can choose only one tail at a time, one mane at a time and one body at a time.
Tails and manes are hairworks only.
Hair Works (HW) is required to be ON.
All updated versions of the body have the wetness fix from my mod. 
-Ard Carraigh

"Which RDR2 horses you planning to recreate in Witcher 3?"

Depends on the horse breeds, and their models. Just because they look good in RDR2, doesn't mean the same for Roach. I had tried a few, and no... Just, no.

Dutch: "Our plan is..."

"No, Dutch..." So, here's the small list:

/Silver Dollar (Turkoman) - Owned by Hosea Matthews/
Finished, but remember, still not perfect.

/Taima (Appaloosa) - Owned by Charles Smith/
Finished. Available on my Discord server.

/Boaz (American Paint) - Owned by Javier Escuella/

/Baylock (I'm pretty sure he is a Missouri Fox Trotter) - Owned by.... the Rat/

/Gwydion (Appaloosa) - Owned by Josiah Trelawny/

/Maggie (Mustang) - Owned by Lenny Summers/

/Enis (American Standardbred) - Owned by... Sean MacGuire/

/Nell II (Kentucky Saddler) - Owned by... Lumbag.. eh, Uncle/

Beside these:

John: "This is worse than the Tahiti plan..."
Dutch: "What's wrong with our plan, John?"
Vesemir: "Didn't mean to interfere, but who are these two?"
Letho: "Some strange man."
John: "Says the one who carries swords on his back... woah, look at their eyes, Dutch."
Dhu Blaidd: "Just get the hell out of here, all of you."
Lambert: "This is not their game, you know that?"
Dhu Blaidd: "This is my game."

Beside these, yes, again:

Bay Frame Overo Criollo (Finished)
Mealy Dapple Breton
Dappled Buckskin Norfolk Roadster
Splashed Piebald Gypsy Cob
Silver Kladruber (Finished)
Spotted Tricolor Norfolk Roadster (Finished)
 Cremello Gold Dutch Warmblood
Silver Dapple Pinto Missouri Fox Trotter 
Reverse Dapple Roan Nokota
Palomino Blagdon Gypsy Cob
Skewbald Gypsy Cob
Piebaldo Roan Norfolk Roadster
Dun Criollo
Leopard Appaloosa

Piebald Gypsy Cob
Blue Roan Overo Criollo
Blue Roan Nokota
Dapple Dark Grey Hungarian Halfbred
Few Spots Appaloosa
Sooty Buckskin Dutch Warmblood
Splashed White American Paint Horse (Finished)
Mahogany Bay Tennessee Walker
Overo American Paint Horse.

Dutch: "Do horses can eat mangoes?"
Javier: "Oh, don't start..."

Arthur: *sings*
Lenny: "Here we go.."