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About this mod

Like Geralt, multiple characters will change now their clothing/outfits based on the story and location they are at (please refer to the video or screenshots to get a better impression) to blend in with their surroundings.

Permissions and credits

This is a family/friends mod I started years ago, because of Triss in Novigrad. To me her vanilla outfit was more like a costume and did not really fit
the description of a prominent figure hiding in a big city.
Based on that I started to alter her appearance to blend in more with the Novigrad crowd and
from that on this mod grew and now includes multiple characters in Wildhunt, Heart of Stone and Blood & Wine.
As it does a lot it is constantly WIP and
I will update it from time to time. Consider it as given as is. Just release this so that others can have fun with that, too.

What it does

Like Geralt, multiple characters will change now their clothing/outfits (sometimes hairdo) based on the story and location they are at (please refer to the video or
screenshots to get a better impression; there are more than 30 outfits included just for Ciri, Triss and Yennefer).

Please, understand that this mod ONLY includes the altered outfits, no textures, no
lightning, no grading etc.
  You see above  in-game footage (no video post-filter or such stuff), that has as well stuff from a grading-mod and a mod-package my brother did for us.
I loaded that up "years ago" for friends to see the full package. It is a little outdated, but you get the picture.


You need Blood&Wine AND Heart of Stone PLUS the Ciri Alternative Outfit & Triss Alternative Look DLCs (both installed but not enabled; this is important).
If you use the official Yen outfit replacer, you can have it installed as well, but disable it, as it overwrites these outfits.


Drop the New_Triss_Stuff- folder into your DLC folder.
Drop the New_Triss -folder into your mod folder.
Start the game.
Navigate to "Downloadable Content" in the menu, then Options and enable ##option_new_triss_stuff
Disable "Alternative Look" for Yennefer/Triss and Ciri to avoid conflicts
Load a save game or start a new game

If you want to have the characters stay in outfit during video-sequences, download the Optional File "New Triss and More Videos" and drop the
New_Triss_Videos-folder into your mod folder. It replaces all regarding videos of the 2nd and 3rd act (from The Battle of Kaer Morhen to The Final Age).

What it does in detail

Changes and adds outfits for Triss, Ciri, Yennefer according to the story progress and location (incl. Blood&Wine)
Changes Keira to appear like on her Gwent Card.
Additional outfits for multiple minor characters incl. Sylvia Anna (Blood&Wine) and Iris Everec (Heart of Stone), going with their story/location.
Minor changes to crowd-NPCs (Bards, Elves etc.), specific locations (like hospital patients) and quest progress related ("Cabaret").
Made Gwent a little harder and gives the NPCs access to the deck from Blood&Wine.
Minor texture fixes for vanilla outfits of crowd NPCs (there is another mod that does the same, both are compatible).


Every mod that changes textures or even vanilla meshes is compatible. Try it out. One might overwrite the other. It depends how mods change
or access the game-files. We do use a texture-mod for Yen (Yennefer Promotional Art Look) or customized Witcher 2 art designs (Triss Witcher 2 &
Witcher 2 Gear) in the video, you can get here on Nexus, too and you see it works.
This mod does a lot to the quest and character files. So if you have another mod that does this as well, so higher is the risk of overwriting each other.

Can you change, alter the mod in this way or the other, what I consider better?
You are free to alter the mod in a way you love and upload it, without my permission. So love it or leave it or do it yourself. :)

My game crashed with this mod, I think?
Can happen and does not need to be an incompatibility. Get a Save-Game as close as possible before the crash and re-load it. That works to 90%.
IF your game crashes constantly at the same spot, you can de-activate the mod you think that causes this, play 'over' the problematic part and
activate the mod again. By my knowledge we do not have any crashes with this mod anymore and they were always game-related/random and
could be solved with a re-load. So make sure the crash is repetitive, as it might be random or on your end and you be able to solve it yourself.

Ciri/Triss/Name here/ gota red outfit suddenly or missing parts (like no arms, hands etc.)?
That is great. Let me know the quest and location/progress. I tested this again before loading it up, but I have done so much game changes or tested something and forgot about it – so if you encounter such – let me know and I can fix that IF it is no mod-conflict. :)
Red is place-holder and should only be displayed on Ciri. IF you see this - report in.

Loaded a save-game, my Ciri changed suddenly to a different outfit?
If your save-game is in the middle of an appearance change, the wrong outfit is displayed of course. If you would have loaded a 
save-game before the scene you are at OR play on, you would not have that glitch or it will be fixed by itself. That is something that is impossible to fix,
because this is a mod you just injected in a running game that had no access to the mod files before. That is something you have to keep on mind.  

Triss changed her outfit after loading a save-game, or was doubled while everything worked perfect before?
Glitch. One of my battle-fields. Play on, she will be back as intended.

Are these all vanilla outfits?
Yes. There are only a few new meshes that were required, but they are all based on vanilla meshes.
This mod does not include new created 3D or 2D content.

Can I get get my own outfits in this mod to be displayed the same way?
You can even upload such changes as your own mod and do not require my permission. :)

I just loaded that mod and pre-viewed the outfits - something is strange?!
Congrats. That is because you spawned an NPC version of Triss, Ciri or Yen and used the console to change outfits.
Those are different files you do not need for what we are doing here. Read on:

Can I preview the outfits somehow?

Sure. What you want to do is to get f.e. a Save-Game of Battle Preparations, before you set sail to Skelliger. Then you have Triss, Ciri and Yen together.
Point at one of them (this is important or the console won't work) and type:
appearance (name of appearance)
On Ciri f.e.: appearance (ciri_nov), (ciri_nml) , (ciri_nml_skirt) etc.
She has ca. 25 outfits now and their names you find in quests/main_npcs/(name of NPC). Look for tab usedAppearances (that lists IDs).
Those are the outfits linked to quest files for NPCs. One, two might be tests or placeholders to spot if the game uses a wrong outfit, others are 
vanilla as placeholders for the Player-Ciri character. They should never be displayed in the game.
A full list of all appearances you can look up at the documentation tab of the mod (see above click: Docs next to video/images etc.).

My video still shows the standard outfit?

There can be three reasons for that:
A - I have not done that video till now as this is very complicated to do, (as you have to record it, sometimes 2-3 times,  edit it (that's fun and that was sarcasm)
and get them into the game, what is not straight forward and requires 4 progams+ a workaround and then comes testing, testing, testing)
B - That video does not show bigger outfit changes (for a hair change I don't do a video), so I it will be skipped for file-size-reasons.
C - you made an installation error or do have another mod that overwrites the videos.

Will you do more on that mod?
I think so. :) From time to time. So check in once in a while to make sure you have the latest version, because it is always improved.