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Sorting for books menu, crafting menu, journal menu and inventory (partial).

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  • Spanish
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  • Mandarin
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Implements sorting for some ingame menus (supports all W3 language versions).
Configurable via ingame settings menu.


Alchemy menu:

  • Pinned recipe is on top of the list.
  • New recipes are on top of the list.
  • All tabs are closed by default.

  • New entries are on top of the list.
  • All tabs are closed by default.

Crafting menu:
  • Pinned recipe is on top of the list.
  • Supports "New recipe markers" feature from FriendlyHUD and moves new schematics on top of the list.
  • Three sorting options: alphabetical (original), by level (ascending), by level (descending).
  • Components, Junk and Tools groups are always sorted alphabetically.
  • All tabs are closed by default.

Glossary Books menu:
  • Alphabetical sorting (toggleable).
  • New books are on top of the list.
  • All tabs are closed by default.

  • Alphabetical inventory sorting for item subgroups (toggleable).
  • Restored pre-patch behaviour - new items are always at the beginning of the grid and sorting does not clear new * markers. If you do not need this, toggle Auto clean all "new item" flags option ON.
  • Sorts "Potions" group so all non-mutagen potions now always placed at the beginning of the grid (kudos to wghost81 for original sorting script).

Journal menu:
  • Four sorting options: disabled (original), alphabetical, by level (ascending), by level (descending).
  • Tracked quest is on top of the list [included into Next Gen update]
  • Forced alphabetical sorting for completed quest lists (toggleable, includes finished and failed quests)  [included into Next Gen update]
  • Additional toggleable option to group completed quests by location (works only if the previous option enabled).

  • All tabs are closed by default.


All installation steps are mandatory!

  • Download and extract main Sort Everything archive into "...\The Witcher 3\Mods\" folder (if you do not have Mods folder - create it manually). You can install it with NMM as well.
  • Download Menu and user settings archive and extract bin folder into the main Witcher 3 directory.
  • Open add_into_user.settings.txt file, copy all its contents and paste it at the beginning of the Documents\The Witcher 3\user.settings file.
  • Use Script Merger to check and merge possible conflicts with other mods.
  • Next Gen note: run Menu Filelist Updater to make  the mod menu visible

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