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A mod that tries to improve combat stance and softlock. Provides a menu with options to tweak stances and softlock to your liking.

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Combat Stance - Classic Edition
This version of the mod is for the Classic Edition of the game. You can download the Next Gen Edition compatible version here.

Short description

This mod tries to improve combat stance and softlock and provides a menu with options to tweak stances and softlock to your liking.

Enhanced Targeting (Classic Edition) is highly recommended to use with this mod. If playing with KB&M, use Closest enemy preset for best experience.

It is also recommended to use E3 Improved Combat Animations mod that does a better job of choosing attack animations based on range than vanilla.

Long description

By default TW3 combat works like this: Geralt sees an enemy/enemies, assumes his default combat stance, switches to slow walk and softlocks to an enemy. While in this mode, he automatically adjusts his position to face the enemy and all his attacks and sign casts go into that enemy's direction. He also automatically slides to the target if he's too far away. So, you can basically forget about movement and camera controls and just press attack/evade keys - everything else Geralt will do automatically for you.

While very convenient for a casual playthrough, this automation can create problems, if you're trying to be more tactical on higher difficulty levels or with certain DLC bosses.

There exist other mods that disable softlock permanently. Such mods also disable combat orientation altogether and make Geralt attack and cast signs in the direction of the camera. As a side effect, they also end up disabling auto-aimed crossbow shots and bomb throws.

This mod uses different approach: instead of just removing the feature entirely, it tweaks it to give the player more control.

Mod features:
  • The mod doesn't break hardlock. You can still use it at any time during combat to attack a specific enemy.
  • The mod does not disable auto-aimed crossbow shots and bomb throws. You can aim manually, if you want, but when you shoot without aiming, all your shots go into the direction of an enemy you're currently hardlocked or softlocked to.
  • The mod respects movement input when not soft/hardlocked, i.e. when you're actively moving Geralt with movement controls, all his attacks go to the direction he's currently facing and not to the direction of the camera. However, if you don't touch the movement controls and move your camera instead, the attacks go to where your camera is currently aimed at. For me personally it makes the huge difference as while aiming with camera is perfect for an FPP game, in TPP game I tend to look at the character and instinctively assume he will attack toward the direction he faces/moves to.
  • The mod does not remove softlock - it just reduces the distance at which it is used. You can change the distance or switch the softlock off entirely in options.
  • Sign channeling always goes to the direction of the camera, normal casts follow the above rules for soft and hardlock.

Stances explained:
Geralt has three basic combat stances: Guarded, Alert Near and Alert Far. Guarded is activated when you block, Alert Far is activated when you're far (and I mean far) away from enemies and Alert Near is pretty much the stance you always see. While in Guarded and Alert Near stances Geralt moves slowly and while in Alert Far stance he runs around (not sprints, but runs) much faster. Sprinting disables softlock, but not hardlock.

Default mod configuration greatly reduces Alert Far distance, so Alert Near stance only activates when enemies are close. Softlock is enabled only while Geralt is in Guarded or Alert Near stance. While in Alert Far stance, softlock is disabled and you can run around and attack in any direction you want. Turning camera away from enemies so they're off-screen switches Geralt to Alert Far stance - useful for retreating or attacking something else you need to destroy (remember that certain annoying HoS bossfight?). Switching to Guarded stance (with blocking) enables softlock regardless of the distance. Crossbow shots and bomb throws auto-aim in any stance. Hardlock works same as vanilla.

Read the readme. For general modding questions/problems see Basic guide to installing TW3 mods. Do not post compilation errors and compatibility issues in bugs section - they are not bugs. Ask in comments instead, if you have any problems.