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This mod enhances the optical appearance of silver swords.

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Lore-friendly Silver Swords - Version 2.0 (2022-01-12)

New Principal Mod Developer!
More than five years after the last version of LfSS, TheFreddman passionately invested a lot of time and energy to update the mod to version 2.0, improving details and adding swords that were overlooked in version 1.0.

Mod Description:
The books of Andrzej Sapkowski describe silver swords as very special and unique weapons. This mod aims to account for this by enhancing the optical appearance of silver swords, clearly distinguishing them from steel swords.

This mod alters the optics of silver swords to resemble the optical features of real silver like a chrome shine and partially golden reflections.
More specifically, it
  • Increases base specularity
  • Enhances light reflections
  • Slightly changes specularity color with variations between the different swords

Silver swords included:
  • Main Game (vanilla)
  • Wolf School Gear DLC
  • Hearts of Stone Expansion
  • Blood and Wine Expansion

Version 2.0 adds some new swords, fixes vanilla clipping issues along with the 'silver handles' issue from 1.0, and more. See Changelogs for full detail.

2.0 comes in two variants. Both still feature the improved silver material on all silver swords, but there is one notable difference:

  • In 2.0a, Witcher Silver Swords (and Aerondight) have silver blades only.

  • In 2.0b, Witcher Silver Swords (and Aerondight) have silver blades and crossguards. Aside from aesthetics, the idea was basically this.

Be sure to check out the images showcasing these differences!

While I was at it, I slightly reworked the handles of the Silver Swords to look a bit more sturdy, the idea being to imagine Geralt having a better grip. I did the same for their steel sword counterparts in order to maintain their complementary look. To get the modded steel swords, please download and install the Optional File "Complementary Steel Swords" (CSS).

Unpack the downloaded archive and copy the package into the mod directory of your game: <...>/The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt/mods
If this folder does not exist, simply create it.

  • Compatible with any number of expansions/DLC. The mod only applies to the files actually installed.
  • Compatible with all other mods which do not change the model of any silver sword.
  • Compatible with any mod adding new silver sword models to the game. However, it will not apply to these swords.

Known Issues:
  • Some silver swords also received silver handles. As of version 2.0, this does not apply to newly added swords or any Witcher Swords at all.
  • The appearance of Runes and Oils on some Witcher Swords in 2.0 has been disabled. This was done on purpose to mitigate a visual bug. Please see this post for more detail.

Version History:
v2.0: See Changelogs.
v1.0: Included silver swords of both expansions. Removed broken "Feel the Steel" package.
v0.4.1: Hotfix: Oils can now be applied onto any sword.
v0.4: Introduced gameplay changing "Feel the Steel" package (optional).
v0.3: Included all silver swords.
v0.2: Added multiple silver swords. Removed silver glow from handle where possible.
v0.1: Initial version containing the witcher school silver swords

Ideas for Future Versions:
  • Add details onto the blade: scratches, coating residue
  • Change rune appearance for better visibility
  • Make oils visible on blade, if applied

This mod is licenced as Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0
If you want to use/share/change portions, or the entire content of this mod, please read the license and follow its instructions.
Always add a link to this page.

Special thanks to: