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Fixes inconsistencies between the 3D game world and the 2D world-/minimap.

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While exploring the world and eventually arriving at Bald Mountain I noticed while looking at the minimap and then the world map that the lake that is just to the south was completely missing. Thinking that mistakes can be made I went on, only to later discover another case in Skellige where the path leading to the entrance of an abandoned fort was completely out of place, the path on the map leading through trees into the fort wall while the actual path and entrance were on the north side of the fort.
After encountering more and more inconsistencies I decided to fix those, trying to make The Witcher 3 more perfect than it already is and here we are.

Having worked on these fixes for a while now I determined that these inconsistencies are the result of the developers having the following problems:
- Problems determining water levels IMG1 /  IMG2
- Not painting in the specific details IMG1 / IMG2
- Not painting details on adjacent textures IMG1 / IMG2
- Problems determining exact path locations IMG1 / IMG2

Expand spoiler sections to see all changes made in a region.

marks regions that have been updated in the latest version.

Contributors are marked in [blue].

- [0.5] Added missing pier north of the notice board
- [0.5] Added missing staircase in Nilfgaardian Garrison
- [0.5] Added missing bridge west of Nilfgaardian Garrison
- [0.5] Added missing tents east of Nilfgaardian Garrison
- [0.5] Added missing "Broken Bridge"
- [0.5] Added missing "Cackler Bridge"
- [0.5] Added missing water and stone walls north-east of the Sawmill
- [0.5] Added missing waters south of the Mill

- [0.6] Worldmap now uses minimap textures as a base like the other levels; this increases quality and correctly alignes all old non-HoS roads [KamehamehaNudel]
- Added missing lake and pier pieces south of Bald Mountain
- Added missing pond north of Midcopse
- Added missing crop barn in the fields south of Novigrad
- [0.2] Massive overhaul of the HoS areas of Oxenfurt Academy
- [0.2] Massive overhaul of the Bald Mountain area (paths, bridges, objects, Thecla's "coin pond") [Lieste]
- [0.2] Added paths in the center of Carsten that were visible on the minimap but not on the worldmap
- [0.2] Removed non-existent path south-east of Carsten [bfra82]
- [0.2] Added 3 missing roads around Vikk Watchtower
- [0.2] Added fountain and removed non-existing water near the notice board south of St. Gregory's Bridge in Novigrad
- [0.2] Removed non-existent paths around Lindenvale [lanskrim]
- [0.3] Corrected small path north-west of Crow's Perch
- [0.3] Added 2 missing ponds east of Vikk Watchtower
- [0.3] Added missing henhouse near Garin Estate
- [0.3] Removed non-existent path and added missing bridge south of Dragonslayer's Grotto [F4UST88]
- [0.3] Corrected paths around the Passiflora in Novigrad [F4UST88]
- [0.3] Added missing waters around Bowdon
- [0.4] Removed non-existent water near Crookback hut south-west of Downwarren [AndyRad]
- [0.4] Added missing islands on Pontar crossing south of the Eternal Fire Chapel and made southern shore a bit more accurate [MindKiller66]
- [0.4] Removed and corrected paths around Grotto [Fanboy88]
- [0.4] Removed non-existent paths in Crow's Perch [Benna96]
- [0.4] Corrected lake dimensions near Blackbough [Gondzza]
- [0.5] Added missing water north of Byways [capri2909]
- [0.5] Corrected paths, added missing bridges and added 2 missing rivers west of Downwarren
- [0.5] Added missing waters in forest south-east of Lindenvale
- [0.6] Massive overhaul of the Crow's Perch moat and immediate surroundings [SerAntcher]
- [0.6] Checked and corrected all paths in Crow's Perch after second community report related to them [SerAntcher]
- [0.6] Removed non-existent river and made river end south of Draken Hollow Outpost more accurate [capri2909]
- [0.6] River sections south-east of Draken Hollow Outpost are no longer marked as roads
- [0.6] Added missing waters south of Devil's Pit [capri2909]
- [0.6] Added missing waters north-west of Marauder's Bridge [capri2909]
- [0.6] Added missing waters north-west of Nilfgaardian Army Camp [capri2909]
- [0.7] Massive overhaul of the northern Farcorners district of Novigrad (waters, paths, piers, objects)
- [0.7] Added missing path near Hierarch Square
- [0.8] Massive overhaul of Temple Isle (waters, paths, objects) [SerAntcher]
- [0.8] Added missing paths, water and pier in forest north of Novigrad
- [0.8] Added missing paths and removed non-existent path and water north and south of Sarrasin Grange
- [0.8] Removed non-existent water around pavilion south of the Passiflora in Novigrad
- [0.8] Added missig path section north of Yantra [Fanboy88]
- [0.8] Thickened path east of Yantra
- [0.8] Added missig pier east of Yantra [Fanboy88]
- [0.8] Removed non-existent water and added missing path leading to Hidden Treasure south-east of Hunter's Cottage [Fanboy88]
- [0.8] Minor path adjustment east of Est Tayiar
- [0.9] Added missing waters, bridges, objects and river shoreline adjustments in and around Deadwight Wood [Fanboy88]
- [0.9] Removed non-existent water in Vikk Watchtower [Fanboy88]
- [0.9] Added missing path and removed non-existent path west of Vikk Watchtower [Fanboy88]
- [0.9] Added missing paths, bridge and stone walls near Zuetzer Castle [SerAntcher]
- [0.9] Added missing waters north-west of Aeramas' Abandoned Manor [SerAntcher]
- [0.9] Added more missing waters south of Bowdon [SerAntcher]
- [0.9] Removed non-existent path south of Border Post [SerAntcher]
- [0.9] Corrected and added missing paths around Herbalist's Hut [SerAntcher]
- [0.9] Small road adjustments north-west of Portside Gate in Novigrad [SerAntcher]
- [0.9b] Added missing path west of Mulbrydale [hosee12]
- [0.9b] Removed non-existent paths and corrected some paths in and around Oxenfurt [SerAntcher]
- [0.9b] Added missing bridge and waters south-east of Drahim Castle [SerAntcher]
- [0.9b] Added missing bridge north of Gustfields Farm [Fanboy88]

- [0.8] World map zoom levels 3 (second closest zoom), 2 and 1 (farthest zoom) now use new compression method to slightly increase quality

- [0.9] Checked and corrected all paths on the island
- [0.9] Added missing waters and bridges west and east of Urialla Harbor
- [0.9] Added missing pier on the shore west of Yngvar's Fang
- Corrected entrance path to fort ruins east of Fyresdal
- [0.5] Added missing bridge north of Fyresdal
- [0.6] Added missing paths north of Gedyneith [SerAntcher]
- [0.6] Added missing path leading to watchtower ruins north-east of Rogne [F4UST88]
- [0.8] Removed non-existent walls on path leading up to Kaer Muire [SerAntcher]
- [0.9] Removed non-existent water north west of Kaer Trolde Harbor [SerAntcher]
- [0.9b] Added missing river south-west of Fayrlund [capri2909]
- Removed weird ice floes north of Faroe Isle
- [0.8] Checked and corrected all paths on the island [SerAntcher]
- [0.5] Corrected river and minor path adjustments [SerAntcher]
- [0.6] Added missing path in Larvik [F4UST88]
- [0.7] Added more missing paths in Larvik
- [0.9] Checked and corrected all paths on the island
- [0.9] Added missing house north of Lofoten
- [0.9] Added 3 missing piers around the island
- [0.6] Added missing pier in Svorlag
- [0.6] Removed non-existent path in Svorlag [SerAntcher]
- [0.9] Checked and corrected all paths on the island
- [0.9] Added missing piers on the lake and coast north of Svorlag
- [0.3] Removed non-existent path west of Clan Tordarroch Forge [lanskrim]
- [0.6] Corrected intersection north of Clan Tordarroch Forge [SerAntcher]
- [0.6] Corrected river and removed non-existent path east of the Abandoned Village [SerAntcher]
- [0.6] Corrected paths leading through abandoned shipyard
- [0.6] Corrected waters in gorge south-west of Marlin Coast
- [0.6] Removed weird building outlines in waters north-west of Marlin Coast
- [0.7] Corrected and removed non-existent paths north of the Abandoned Village
- [0.7] Added missing land bridge that connects Tor Gvalch'ca to the main island
- [0.8] Checked and corrected all paths on the island after third community report related to them [SerAntcher]
- [0.8] Added missing pier on the most northern shore north-west of Marlin Coast
- [0.8] Removed weird building outlines west of Marlin Coast
- [0.8] Added missing house in Dorve Ruins
- [0.8] Added missing stairs and broken bridge north of Dorve Ruins
- [0.8] Bridge crossing gorge west of Marlin Coast is now correctly marked as broken

- [0.6] Added missing main entrance bridge
- [0.6] Added missing paths west and south of Kaer Morhen [SerAntcher]
- [0.6] Added missing river north of Kaer Morhen [SerAntcher]
- [0.6] Added missing path and bridge north of Kaer Morhen
- [0.6] Corrected lake shore lines north-west of the Lakeside Hut [SerAntcher]
- [0.6] Extended path north of the Iron Mine
- [0.6] Added missing path north of the Ruined Watchtower
- [0.6] Marked broken mining equipment at the end of the path north of the Ruined Watchtower
- [0.8] Removed inaccessible path outside the play area east of Kaer Morhen [Fanboy88]

- Added missing pier
- Added missing lighthouse
- Removed weird square shaped artifact on the northern shore
- Removed the one and only ship wreck that was drawn on the map for consistency

- [0.3] Removed King Cormorant's raft in the waters south of Palace Gardens that only briefly appears during the quest "The Beast of Toussaint" [florensie]
- [0.4] Added missing path north of Basane Farm [Shika93]
- [0.4] Removed non-existent waters around Basane Farm
- [0.4] Added missing river sections north and south of Francollarts
- [0.5] Added another missing river south-east of Francollarts
- [0.5] Added 2 missing piers north-west of Dun Tynne Castle
- [0.7] Added missing river section north-east of San Sebastian
- [0.7] Marked missing rooftop and stone wall west of San Sebastian
- [0.7] Removed weird square shaped artifacts east of San Sebastian
- [0.7] Added missing river section and corrected paths west and north-west of Beauclair Palace
- [0.7] Added missing water in fountain east of the Gran'place
- [0.7] Added missing river section and stone walls north-west of the Tourney Grounds
- [0.7] Added missing water near Termes Palace Ruins
- [0.7] Added and corrected paths near Seidhe Llygad Amphitheater
- [0.7] Added missing path section south-west of Corvo Bianco Vineyard
- [0.7] Added missing stone wall east of Metinna Gate
- [0.7] Removed non-existent bridge on the north-eastern shore of the "Lady's Lake"
- [0.8] Added missing river south of Mont Crane Castle
- [0.9] Added missing forest paths south of Fort Astre Ruins
- [0.9b] Fixed river shorelines and removed non-existent bridge north-west of Flovive [Clue464]
- [0.9b] Corrected paths south-west and east of the "Lady's Lake" [capri2909]
- [0.9b] Corrected lake shore lines west of Arthach Palace Ruins [SerAntcher]

This mod isn't compatible with the E3 UI and HUD mod. I tried to make a compatible version but the E3 map has such a unique style that is hard to recreate. So unless the E3 HUD creators wanna use my textures as a new base and re-apply the style themselves it's impossible for me to make a compatible version.
However if you try to install E3 HUD with World Map Fixes you will not see any changes or incompatibilities as E3 HUD will overwrite the WMF textures because it uses new directory paths for the map textures that are different from vanilla.

WMF should however be compatible with everything else like All Quest Objectives On Map, Colored Map Markers, Fast Travel from Anywhere, W3EE etc. as it only replaces a few loose textures in .JPG format that aren't tied to any .redswf or other similar files usually used by these mods.

Place the "modWorldMapFixes" folder into the Witcher 3 mod directory, for example
"\Steam\steamapps\common\The Witcher 3\mods"
for the Steam version.

If you are updating from a previous version simply overwrite the existing "modWorldMapFixes" folder with the new one.

Version 0.9b is the final version and community reports are officially closed. There's just too much wrong with the maps to fix it all and I haven't seriously played the game myself in almost a year.

List of users who have reported inconsistencies in alphabetical order:

AndyRad - Benna96 - bfra82 - capri2909 - Clue464 - F4UST88 - Fanboy88 - florensie - Gondzza - hosee12 - KamehamehaNudel - lanskrim - Lieste - MindKiller66 - SerAntcher - Shika93