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Fixes inconsistencies between the 3D game world and the 2D world-/minimap.

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While exploring the world and eventually arriving at Bald Mountain I noticed while looking at the minimap and then the world map that the lake that is just to the south was completely missing. Thinking that mistakes can be made I went on, only to later discover another case in Skellige where the path leading to the entrance of an abandoned fort was completely out of place, the path on the map leading through trees into the fort wall while the actual path and entrance were on the north side of the fort.
After encountering more and more inconsistencies I decided to fix those, trying to make The Witcher 3 more perfect than it already is and here we are.

Having worked on these fixes for a while now I determined that these inconsistencies are the result of the developers having the following problems:
- Problems determining water levels IMG1 /  IMG2
- Not painting in the specific details IMG1 / IMG2
- Not painting details on adjacent textures IMG1 / IMG2
- Problems determining exact path locations IMG1 / IMG2

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This mod isn't compatible with the E3 UI and HUD mod. I tried to make a compatible version but the E3 map has such a unique style that is hard to recreate. So unless the E3 HUD creators wanna use my textures as a new base and re-apply the style themselves it's impossible for me to make a compatible version.
However if you try to install E3 HUD with World Map Fixes you will not see any changes or incompatibilities as E3 HUD will overwrite the WMF textures because it uses new directory paths for the map textures that are different from vanilla.

WMF should however be compatible with everything else like All Quest Objectives On Map, Colored Map Markers, Fast Travel from Anywhere, W3EE etc. as it only replaces a few loose textures in .JPG format that aren't tied to any .redswf or other similar files usually used by these mods.

Place the "modWorldMapFixes" folder into the Witcher 3 mod directory, for example
"\Steam\steamapps\common\The Witcher 3\mods"
for the Steam version.

If you are updating from a previous version simply overwrite the existing "modWorldMapFixes" folder with the new one.

Version 0.9b is the final version and community reports are officially closed. There's just too much wrong with the maps to fix it all and I haven't seriously played the game myself in almost a year.

List of users who have reported inconsistencies in alphabetical order:

AndyRad - Benna96 - bfra82 - capri2909 - Clue464 - F4UST88 - Fanboy88 - florensie - Gondzza - hosee12 - KamehamehaNudel - lanskrim - Lieste - MindKiller66 - SerAntcher - Shika93