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No longer get teleported when reaching map borders.

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This mod simply and deliciously removes the imposed teleport mechanic when you reach the edge of a map.


A few things to keep in mind:

1 - Yes, I know there is another mod that does this, but mine keeps Geralt's comments when reaching these "soft" map edges.

2 - If you get carried away with your exploration in the dead zone, you will eventually fall off the map, but there are usually visual warning of this such as very low textures, floating trees and such...
If you do find yourself falling off the map, the only recovery is re-loading your last save. 

My experience is that this mod makes exploration feel much more natural and you won't get cardiac arrest when you fail to turn back within the split second the game allows before you get kicked back.

Known Issues:

1 - When travelling beyond soft map borders (facilitated by this mod) on horseback and then trying to dismount Roach, you will be unable to (in the same way you won't be able to mount Roach). Even when travelling back to the middle of the map, you will still not be able to dismount - oops! I am assuming this is because part of the game code thinks you already dismounted. The only way to fix this would be to load your last save. So save frequently if you plan to go bush-wacking!!! FIXED in version 2.

2 - You can't save outside the "soft" map edges (what I call dead zones) so makes sure you save as soon as Geralt makes the comment, if you intend to venture forth. FIXED in version 2.


Install as normal and run Script Merger