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A collection of various simple gameplay tweaks for The Witcher 3: fair prices, full experience, jump and sprint in witcher senses, etc. Tweaks are modular and can be used separately.

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The Witcher 3 Gameplay Tweaks

This is a collection of frequently used gameplay tweaks specifically created to be compatible with Unification Patch. Each tweak does exactly one thing and is made as small and simple as possible to ensure compatibility with other tweaks and mods. No menu configuration, no additional install steps - only Script Merger to check and resolve possible script conflicts.

How to install

Install manually or with NMM. Use Script Merger to find and resolve conflict.

How to uninstall

Delete manually or with NMM. Use Script Merger to remove/fix merged scripts.


Basic guide to installing TW3 mods.

List of tweaks

Blizzard Potion Always Active (modBlizzard) - when in combat, activates slowdown effect immediately after you drink Blizzard potion (i.e. no longer requires a kill to activate). Made by request.

Cat Senses (modCatSenses) - adds Cat Vision effect to witcher senses. Made by request.

Fair Prices (modFairPrices) - tweaks merchant type and area price modifiers to get rid of 400% overpricing. Sell modifier is around 50% (30% for generic merchants, varies with item rarity and merchant type). Preserves vanilla economy logic (area, merchant type and item origin dependency). This mod is a slightly altered version of price modifiers used in Ghost Mode, not needed if you're using Ghost Mode as you main overhaul mod.

Fast Travel From Anywhere (modFastTravel) - makes it possible to fast travel without using a signpost by simply opening a map and picking a destination signpost. WARNING! Although the mod respects global fast travel settings (i.e. temporarily disabled by quest), many quests do not disable fast travel, because the player is not supposed to be able to fast travel out of quest area. This means that you should never use fast travel when in the middle of flashback quest, or in confined quest related space like cave or separate building - there are triggers that advance the main quest which wait for you to exit out of such confined spaces on your own and main quest line might break if you use fast travel and those triggers won't trigger in time!

Full Experience For Quests (modFullExp) - always get 100% experience points for quests no matter what. Note that when used on its own this mod will quickly get you overleveled, so using mods like Better Experience Curve is recommended. Also note that for Better Experience Curve mod to work you will need Old Leveling System tweak installed. Not needed if you're using Ghost Mode as you main overhaul mod (see Ghost Mode options menu).

Galloping In Settlements (modGallop) - enables galloping while in settlements. As simple as that.

Igni Destroys Monster Nests (modIgniDestroysNests) - enables blowing up monster nests with Igni sign.

Jump And Sprint When You Need It (modJumpSprint) - enables jumping and sprinting in witcher senses and jumping in shallow water.

Level Up Equipped Items (modLevelUpEquipped) - levels up your equipment to match your current level each time you level up or equip an item. Removes equivalent amount of per level bonus damage from Aerondight when the sword levels up to preserve proper Aerondight mechanic.

No Auto Sword Sheathing/Switching (modNoAutoSheath) - unlike vanilla option, this mod doesn't prevent Geralt from auto-drawing his sword and also prevents him from switching the sword if he already has one in hand. So, Geralt will draw his sword automatically, but will never automatically sheathe or switch the sword. Vanilla option is disabled when this mod is installed, so it doesn't matter whether it's on or off.

No Map Borders (modNoBorders) - disables forced teleport when you go beyond map borders - warning message is still shown so you can see if you're going outside of playable area. Note that special map areas exist on the same map where regular areas exist, so if you decide to travel too far, you might end up in other places you're not supposed to be able to visit outside of a specific quest.

No Falling Damage (modNoFallingDamage) - removes falling damage, so you won't die after accidentally falling off the cliff.

No Forced Alternative Movement (modNoForcedAltMovement) - since the latest patch CDPR decided that Alternative Movement option is so cool, they will simply force it for anyone regardless of their menu settings. If you like the game to respect your personal gameplay settings - this mod is for you.

No Forced Tutorial
(modNoForcedTutorial) - similar to the above one, installing DLC or loading pre-DLC save forces in-game tutorial on regardless of your preferences. This mod disables the tutorial once and for all - it will never ever show up or be turned on by in-game script.

No Gear Level Restrictions (modNoLevelRestrictions) - removes level restrictions for swords and armors.

No Slow Motion On Kill (modNoSlomoOnKill) - removes slow motion effect from finishers and instant kills.

No Startup Movies (modNoStartupMovies) - disables startup movies, i.e. the ones you see before main menu is loaded. Does not disable story recap videos when loading a save.

Reduced Stamina Cost For Sign Casting (modReducedStaminaCost) - halves stamina cost for regular sign casts, so you can cast every sign twice or cast two different signs at once.

Unlimited Durability (modUnlimitedDurability) - disables weapon and armor degradation - all items always have 100% durability.

Unlimited Weight (modUnlimitedWeight) - makes it so Geralt can carry unlimited amount of items by setting all weight values for all items in the game to zero. More of a cheat than a mod. Not needed if you're using Ghost Mode as you main overhaul mod (see Ghost Mode options menu).

Witcher Senses button works as an on/off switch (modWSensesSwitch) - pressing a button once turns witcher senses on until you press the button again to turn it off.

No Zoom In When Using Witcher Senses (modWSNoZoom) - disables camera zoom in while in witcher senses.

Other relatively simple tweaks you might like

Pause and Menu Anytime - Allows to access main menu whenever you need it, even from dialogs and cutscenes/prerendered movies. Allows to pause the game whenever you need it, even in dialogs and cutscenes. Requires additional install steps. Doesn't needed if using Friendly HUD mod.

All Quest Objectives On Map - Shows on map all objectives for all player's active quests.

Toxicity - Clean Face and Screen - Removes toxicity visual effects from Geralt's face and/or toxicity green swirls from screen corners. Very useful for alchemy builds as these effects become annoying when you see them all the time.

No Dirty Lens Effect and Remove Screen Water Droplets - The first one removes dirty lens effect and the second one removes water droplets effect by making corresponding textures transparent. Makes the game more immersive.

Sort Everything - Improves sorting for multiple menus like inventory, quests, etc. Requires additional install steps.

Additional Stash Locations - Improves stash accessibility.

Fast Travel Points Pack - Adds fast travel points to several much needed places.

No Herbs and Enemy Dots on Minimap - Makes minimap more immersive and readable by removing herbs and enemy indicators.

Alternate Light Sources Interaction - Makes it so Ignite/Extinguish interaction only becomes possible if you have Igni/Aard equipped. Chests with candles on them are no longer annoying with this mod.

Other complex mods you might want to try

Friendly HUD - Smart and configurable HUD and improved UI. Lots of QoL tweaks. Requires additional install steps.

Friendly Meditation - Immersive real time meditation. Requires additional install steps.

Preparations - Immersive meditation + immersive alchemy and skills management. Requires additional install steps.

Friendly Stash - makes stash management a little less painful. Requires additional install steps.

All NPC Scabbards - Adds scabbards to all NPCs, improves immersion.

Ghost Mode - Massive game overhaul: lots of bugfixes and tweaks.

Useful fixes

Nitpicker's patch - Lots of visual fixes.

Fix For Avalach Lab Music - Fixes immersion breaking bug with appropriate music not triggering during important scene.

Alternate Aard Water Ripple Fix - Adds missing water ripples when casting alternate Aard in the water.

Russian localization fixes - A lot of improvements for Russian TW3 localization, not needed for other languages.