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This mod is meant to be installed after finishing the main storyline. It changes elements of world to reflect the fact that Radovid is the ruler of the North, due to players decisions in Reason of State quest. It changes (among other things) Nilfgaardian soldiers, flags and decorations to Redanian.

Permissions and credits
[Description might contain spoilers]

The idea

This is a mod I prepared, as I didn't like that my decisions didn't seem to have any impact on the state of the world. Geralt had just effectively changed the course of war and shaped the future of the Continent, yet everything was back to the state from the beginning of the game. This mod makes the world reflect the fact that Redanians won and Radovid is the ruler of the North.

List of changes

  • nilfgaardian soldiers and courtiers were replaced by redanians and temerians
  • Talar and Roche are there, as well as Duke - the temerian nobleman we see in White Orchard in the epilogue
  • Ves is also here, as long as you took Ciri to Emhyr - I ran out of npcs to change, so I also used the nilfgaaardian treasurer, that only spawns if Emhyr tries to pay Geralt
  • the big, square flags are redanian, but the long rectangular flags are Temerian lilies on red field - the new sigil of temeria as part of Redanian kingdom
  • map of the continent has now unified parchment color in stead of showing the terrain controlled by each side
  • the painting of young Ciri is now replaced for Radovid, and Emhyr's painting (in the chamber that requires door unlocker mod to access) is replaced with Foltest - both images from gwent

Velen and White Orchard:
  • as in Wyzima, flags are a mix of redanian and red-temerian
  • soldiers are also a mix of Redanians and Temerians in modified, red uniforms (that are still distinct from redanian)
  • Barons men are replaced with regular redanian and temerian soldiers
  • some of redanian and temerian officers wear full plate armor
  • the quartermaster of army camp in the south is now Donimir of Troy - the Toussaint turney contestant
  • removed chats and scenes that didn't match anymore
  • removed most gallows and hangmans, (but not all of them)

Novigrad and Oxenfurt:
  • Roche's hideout was taken over by a Scoia'teal commando
  • removed chats and scenes that didn't match anymore


This is important: This mod has no way of detecting whether or not you finished the game or what ending did you get! Whenever you put it in your mods folder, it just immediately changes stuff. You can do it at any point in the game, and it will happen. Of course the changes only make sense after you've finish the main story, so I recommend bookmarking this page and only downloading the mod when you need it.

So, yeah, it's completely 'manual' in that regard. I was thinking about automating that in some way, so that it only activates when the correct ending is reached, but I have no idea how to do it. And honestly, I don't really care enough to try to learn.


Roche completly replaces the nilfgaardian player, so you won't be able to win the nilfgaardian's card.

You should keep in mind, that this mod changes models and textures for all purposes. So, for example, if you use a mod to give Geralt a shield, there will be redanian shield named 'nifgaardian shield', etc. And if you use a console command to spawn nilfgaardian soldier, it will probably turn out to be a Redanian.

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Special thanks

to Briarbird for this really helpful tutorial