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Changes Geralt's Hair Physics when playing at 60fps to something resembling the vanilla behavior at 30fps.

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This mod tries to compensate for a peculiarity in the game which makes Geralt's non-Hairworks hair not bounce as much when playing at any framerate higher than 30fps. All hairstyles (including DLC) supported.

It's meant for ~60FPS. At lower framerates, the physics will be exaggerated.

Optional files are compatible with Feregorn's Geralt Cinematic Hair

A while ago I accidentally capped my framerate at 30fps, and noticed that Geralt's hair moved and bounced much more believably. I had seen Geralt's hair move because of his bodily motion and inertia in the infamous E3 2014 demo, but thought the hair physics had since been toned down for the final release.
Turns out: I was wrong.

The mod works by editing the nodeMasses values inside the .w3dyng files of Geralt's hair, as well as the wind values inside the corresponding .w2ent files for his hair.

Thanks to Jimmyban22 for making the comparison video.

Extract with winrar, then copy "modHairPhysics60fpsFix" into your mods folder.

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Credit and thanks:

Creators of WolvenKit and W3Edit