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replaces the texture of the boat sail with a one similar to the one at E3 2013

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found the texture while messing with the boat. though i cant bring the whole e3 boat i thought why not the sail. adjusted it to fit a square sail. also turns out the texture is still used on the bigger boats hence it was still in the game files.

the optional file was done by non other than the infamous tl,dr monarchX. It cleans up the texture a bit more and features an additional normal map. no intensive testing was done. it editeds the boat w2ent, so if you have other mods editing the same file just use the main file or handle it via giving appropriate priorities.

optional file is down sorry. he doesnt seem to enjoy being the tl,dr dude apparently. If you actually spotted a difference, im sorry. But he assured he will do it on his own so yeah. Pretty sure all the mods on nexus will soon get fixed so just be patient

this is just a small texture so pls be kind. if this has already been done im sorry.
credits: hyadum (for packing the mod, my tools are fucked up with textures)