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It changes Yennefer's hair to an early concept one found on the internet.

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28/04/20 I was bored and decided to try messing with Yen vanilla hair. I deleted the shoulder hair ( never liked it ), added curls to her back and made them longer (making it more lore friendly) and also I added a smaller bang to the other side of her face, make it more symmetrical than vanilla version and I think it complements her face well. This is not a concept hair but I didn't feel like creating a new mod page for just a simple edit I did while I was messing around.

This mod changes Yennefer's hair mesh to look similar to a concept hair found on the internet. I really liked it and always wanted to try. I had made a quick version some time ago but it looked kinda weird and also had some heavy clipping problems.

I had some time recently and decided to retry and redo the hair. So here I think I got a much more decent result than the old mesh. Still not perfect obviously.
I also think I managed to reduce the clipping that happened mostly when she turned her head. It's not completely fixed I think but it should be much better.

Also I have made the mesh unique now, so it won't affect any other npc except for her. (While the old version changed some npc hair).

Image of Yen concept hair I'm talking about: