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It changes Yennefer's hair to an early concept one found on the internet. Next gen Compatible.

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Yennefer Concept Hair

Everything started when I first saw this image online. Since then I always wanted to get something that looked remotely similar to it.
Sadly no leftovers in the game files so I just took the curly vanilla npc hair and then did some Blender stuff on it by adding the front bang myself and then moving hair around and making it longer to fit my taste better while trying to keep clipping to a minimum. I might remake/improve it from time to time if I feel bored and think I can do better in that time. Other than that, I'm fine with how the mod currently looks.

I also made a lore friendly-er vanilla hair by adding curls to it and make the front more symmetrical. Didn't feel like creating a new mod page for that so I just used this one. It is NOT a concept hair, just something I "just did for fun".

How to install:
-Download whichever version you prefer
-Extract and paste the folder inside your witcher3/mods folder. If you don't have one, create it.