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Geralt is a witcher, not a clown. Right?

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I hated that a couple steps or even a 6 inch drop-off would often cause Geralt to fall and roll head over heels.  That just made him look silly!  Even the drowners were laughing.

So here's a small tweak that fixes the worst of that.  Now instead of rolling down the stairs, Geralt will do a quick little stutter step and keep on moving.  

We can't get a perfect fix.  That could only happen by actually fixing the steps and walk paths down certain ones, so the game didn't believe Geralt was falling onto a slope.  But this fix is much less immersion breaking than the vanilla game.  

Try it yourself on a set of problematic steps. Feedback is welcome.

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Many thanks to Separasiv for making this YouTube video of the mod!