The Witcher 3
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Removes most repeating background NPC dialogue and noises.

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When I’m walking around, I don’t normally hear people yelling insults, questions or inane comments in my ear every step of the way. It sounds like a miserable experience and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, including Geralt.

So the world of the witcher is now a quieter place. Most of the repeating background NPC chatter has been removed, with the exception of the majority of guard warnings and battlecries, a very occasional insult or comment that seems in character, and a handful of unobtrusive conversations that you can overhear in  passing in less frequented areas, so that the world still seems very much alive but without the incessant, mind-numbing cacophony of useless noise.

Now Geralt can wander the landscape, enjoying the music, ambient sounds and more unique discussions without all of the hacking, snorting, farting, spitting, begging, threats, jeers, catcalls and gossip constantly assaulting his ears.