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I love good armor retextures! There are many of them out there, but only a few are really an actual improvement. ThyLD's "Cavalry Armors Retextures" is one of the mods, that really improve on the original armors. Sadly, the mod doesn't provide users with custom made icons for the new armors. So I took care of it and here it is.

Permissions and credits
I made my custom icons for the first of the Main Files of ThyLD's mod (the one without the Oathbreaker Temeria). Maybe I will also do such a version, if some people would like me too do it. 

So the new icons are basically made for "Cidarian armor", "Redanian armor", "Thyssen armor" and "Oathbreaker armor".

Here is a link to the great original mod, without it, my mod here is of no sense :).

This icon mod is highly compatible, no merging required, as there will be no conflicts. The mod only contains a simple "texture.cache" file and would only conflict with other "Icon" mods that change the above mentioned armors. As there are none at the moment - besides mine here - this mod is 100% conflict free.

Here are the console command for the armors, if anyone wants to try it out:

1. additem('Medium armor 02') = Cidarian armor
2. additem('Medium armor 03') = Redanian armor
3. additem('Thyssen armor') = Thyssen armor
4. additem('Oathbreaker armor') = Oathbreaker armor

Installation: Drop mod into mods folder.
Uninstallation: Take mod out of mods folder.

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