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Adds Vortex support to Script Merger, along with a few other bugfixes. Outdated.

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Outdated. This unofficial patch is now included in Script Merger v0.64+.

An unofficial patch for the essential Script Merger modding utility. Adds compatibility with Vortex Symlink Deployment (for the Vortex versions that support it), support for 3-way merging with DLC bundles, and a few other fixes and tweaks. A full list of changes since the latest official release can be found over at GitHub along with the source code of the program. Also included is the latest wcc_lite tool patched for faster startup, which can significantly reduce the time Script Merger takes to merge files inside bundles.

You must first download, extract, install and run the latest version of Script Merger.
Then extract this patch into your Script Merger folder, overwriting the existing files.

After installing this patch you may need to point Script Merger to the game folder once more to continue managing your mods.

This patch is meant to be a one off thing, but feel free to leave a comment if you find a bug you'd like fixed.

Please include some details on your setup, such as where each folder is located (merger, game and mods), what program you use to install mods, the mod deployment method if you are using Vortex (symlink, hardlink or move) and all the steps needed to replicate the issue.