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Fixes numerous audio bugs and and more.

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Focus Mode Sound Fix
 -- Fixes a bug in the vanilla code where the focus mode sound (the sounds that happens when Witcher Sense is activated) would not work correctly for a period of time after reloading a game.

Place of Power Comment Fix -- Geralt would discover a place of power and say something like, 'Place of power, should draw from it!". Then he would walk by the same place of power five minutes later and... "Place of Power, it's gotta be!".  Now Geralt only comments on the Place of Power the first time he discovers it.

Noisy Sailing Rudder Fix -- Just like this mod

Combat Music Fix -- Just like this mod  (the combat music bug fix proved to cause as many issues as it solved - it has been removed from version 1.2)


Weather Comment
s -- Removes most (but not all) of Geralt's weather comments.  In particular, I removed the comments that made Geralt sound dumb, such as "Looks like rain", five minutes after it started raining...  If the particular weather comment was not immersion breaking, I left it in.  Honestly though, you may go through the whole game and never hear another weather comment from Geralt.

Illusion Comments -- Geralt will no longer comment on (spoil) illusions before you have had a chance to discover them.  He will only comment on the illusion when you examine it with Witcher Sense.  As a side effect,  Geralt will only comment on illusions that show the illusion icon when examined with Witcher Sense.  This covers most illusions, but there are a few in game that do not show that icon. Those he will not comment on at all.

Interaction Distance Increase -- Though some may debate whether this is technically an audio fix, I'm putting it here, so there you go.  This slightly increases the distance Geralt can be away from an NPC or object before the interaction prompt is displayed.  I could never talk to an NPC on the other side of a counter or table without walking clear around to the other side, or bumping into the bar/counter and doing that walk in place thing.  So I increased the range of the interaction prompt from 3.5 to 4.5, and now I can. As a side effect, this makes looting hard to reach crates and chests easier too.

Place of Power FX -- The bright neon sparks, the magical sign icon, and the constant roaring sound effects have been removed.  The audio and visual effects that happen when you activate a place of power are still there.  It's only the latent visual and audio effect that were removed. I find this much more immersive.  

However, I could see how some people might prefer the vanilla FX.  To restore the vanilla FX, delete the file file from the ...\mods\modImmersiveSound\content\scripts\game\gameplay\interactive folder.

Unzip modImmersiveSound and copy it into your <game path>\The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\mods folder.

Remove modImmersiveSound from your <game path>\The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\mods folder.