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I just tried to create a new lore-friendly medallion based on the books' descriptions along with the wolf head design made by Cd Projekt.

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I just tried to create a new lore-friendly medallion based on the books' descriptions along with the wolf head design made by Cd Projekt.

Inspired by these quotes :

- "Velerad snorted with anger. 'You carry the witcher's emblem?' The stranger reached into his jerkin once more and pulled out a round medallion on a silver chain. It pictured the head of a wolf, baring its fangs."
The Last Wish, The Witcher, Andrzej  Sapkowski

- "The rider turned after unloading his horse; the medallion (in the french translation, it is specified as "round") suspended on his chest by a silver chain began to shudder; [...]
[...]Yurga noticed the wolf with bared fangs depicted by the medallion."
Something more, Sword of Destiny, Andrzej Sapkowski

All armors and characters at any time in the game should be covered, if it's not the case, just tell me, I'll do my best to correct it.

All armor mods should be supported. From what I know they all use vanilla medallions, except "Shields" and "More Robes". 

And I was not able to see how it looks in the fnal scene during the worst ending, so if someone can provide me with a save in order to see if it looks good or not, I would be grateful :) 

If you are using the Witcher 1 style HUD Medallion mod by the fantastic erxv, be sure to check out my mod Witcher 1 style HUD Book Medallion.

You can now have my custom medallion appearing in your favorite HUD with HUD Book Medallion.

Changelogs :

0.6 : I made new textures in order to make it look more worn,  because you know, Bonhart killed its first owner so it should be quite old by now.

0.7 : Implemented the Cat Medallion for Ciri and Gaëtan, smaller, better UV map, better textures as my skills in UV editing are growing slowly.

0.8 : - wolf : reduced size by 25 %, reworked UV map, and all textures.
        - cat : reduced size in order to match the new wolf medallion.

1.0 : - Implemented the Viper Medallion for Letho.
- "Shields" and "More Robes" mods now fully supported.
- All medallions are a little less shiny now. 

1.1 : - Reworked all textures. Huge improvements in my opinion. Maybe not shiny enough... 

1.2 : - Slightly increased shininess.
- Improved Viper medallion textures.
- Added support for an armor I forgot last time in "shields" mod 
- Added support for the quest "where cat and wolf play"

2.0 : - Reworked all models. Reduced number of vertices by 90% to 80% for all models while adding some details. Lighter. It should offer better performance.
- Reworked diffuse maps and added some more shininess once more. 
- This should be the last version. I will finally work on something else.